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When only the best will do. AEV has been manufacturing high quality Jeep products for over 15 years. When the 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK was released, AEV was the ONLY brand with the technical expertise to design and manufacture a proper lift kit. Since then, they have been known for producing the highest quality Jeep products available on the market including, bumpers, wheels, accessories and more for your Wrangler.

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  1. American Expedition Vehicles Snorkel Kit 40306160AA

    AEV 40306220 Snorkel Kit


    This durable, high-performance AEV snorkel kit is ideal for deep water crossings and highly dusty environments

    • Provides a clean source of air
    • Exact fit to the JK body contours.        
    • Utilizes all factory bolt holes.

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  2. AEV Heat Reduction Hood

    AEV 40303001AJ Heat Reduction Hood (with black mesh)


    This Heat Reduction Hood is manufatured from all steel and combines enhanced cooling capability with a racy style.

    • Reduces under hood temp
    • Side mesh opening fits AEV's Snorkel

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  3. AEV Snorkel Pre-Filter On Jeep 40306108AA

    AEV 40306108AA Snorkel Pre-Filter

    AEV’s Snorkel Pre-Filter Assembly is designed to draw in air and keep dust and debris out of the air charge by ejecting it out of the Pre-Filter. This rugged Pre-Filter, well suited for dry, dusty desert terrain, is maintenance free and self-cleaning and will last for the life of the snorkel.
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