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When only the best will do. AEV has been manufacturing high quality Jeep products for over 15 years. When the 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK was released, AEV was the ONLY brand with the technical expertise to design and manufacture a proper lift kit. Since then, they have been known for producing the highest quality Jeep products available on the market including, bumpers, wheels, accessories and more for your Wrangler.

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  1. American Expedition Vehicles Roof Rack 10307010AA

    AEV 10307010AA Roof Rack Platform


    This high-quality roof rack is the ultimate answer to rooftop cargo transport. It's sturdy, durable and corrosion resistant.

    • Measures 76" X 55" and mounts directly to the roll bar
    • Adds less than 4" to the overall vehicle height
    • Wide floor planks with traction ribs for and easy to walk on/easy to sleep on surface
    • Features "T-slots" for securely mounting just about anything

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  2. American Expedition Vehicles Rail Kit for Roof Rack 10307020AA

    AEV 10307020AA Full Rail Kit for Roof Rack


    The AEV Rail Kit is designed specifically as an addition to the AEV Roof Rack for increased functionality.

    • Perfect tie off points
    • Non-corrosive
    • Black powdercoat finish

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  3. American Expedition Vehicles Roof Rack Bolt-Eye Tie Down Kit 10307021AA

    AEV 10307021AA Roof Rack Tie Down Kit


    Designed for the AEV roof rack, these tie down bolts provide a safe and secure hold for your cargo .

    • Installs directly into your AEV roof Rack
    • Heavy Duty Construction

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