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  • New 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicons Have Arrived at RubiTrux

    New 2015 Jeep Wrangler RubiconsTo our surprise, the new 2015 Rubicon's have arrived early! We received a Black one and a Billet one this week. They are both already sold and we haven't even touched them yet.

    Everyone's asking what is different...

  • AEV's Best Programmer for your Jeep Wrangler JK

    If you have been looking for a programmer for your Wrangler JK then look no more. AEV has got it covered for you. So, let’s talk about AEV’s Pro-Cal Module. If you have read anything about the Pro-Cal you already know it is a “Power-House” that fits right in the palm of your hand.
    This hand- held has the ability to correct the speedometer, and the gear ratio for those added larger tires. Remember when you do not adjust the speedometer you will experience a major difference in the performance in stability control, transmission shifting and engine performance. Not only does the Pro-Cal correct the speedometer, now you can modify the tire pressure monitoring system too! This helps with the use of aftermarket tires without triggering the dash light.
    With Pro-Cal you can activate the daytime running lamps, “One Touch” turn signals, clear engine codes and also enable temporarily increased idle speed for winching and on board welders.
    Pro-Cal has easy to use DIP switches. You can quickly dial in a code for the desired recalibration. Once the DIP switches are set, simply plug the module into the vehicle’s OBDII, and in 5-15 minutes the whole process is done! Plus it is just as simple to restore your JK’s factory settings back to their original state with the Pro-Cal too.
    So, if you are searching for a very affordable programmer. You just found it in AEV’s Pro-Cal Module. Please check it out on our site!

  • The Best Lift Kit for a Wrangler JK

    I have been in the Jeep industry for many years. There is still one thing that I find unbelievable. Why would someone purchase a $35K to $45K vehicle and then put a $500 lift kit on it?

    Let's see, after rims and tires, your total vehicle investment went from $50,000 to $49,500. was that 1% savings worth the crappy ride quality? There is a reason that all our "shop" vehicles have AEV lift kits. They are simply the best.

    Please don't take this the wrong way. If you want the ultimate off-road machine, there are other lift kits to consider. However, if your Jeep will spend 95% of its time on-road, your should consider an AEV kit. With their scientifically tuned, progressive rate springs and Bilstein shocks, the ride quality is second to none.

    Do yourself a favor, at least drive a Jeep with an AEV lift kit before making your final decision. If you can't find one, come by our shop, we have several...

  • AEV Lift Kits, the BEST you can get...

    If you are thinking about lifting your Jeep Wrangler JK, you need to consider an AEV lift kit. I have been building Jeeps for over 20 years. I have also sold millions of dollars in "basic" Jeep lift kits. There is a MAJOR difference between a basic lift kit and one that is done right. A basic kit will lift your Jeep, that is about it. It will also, most likely, screw everything up in the process. I don't understand why someone would buy a $40k vehicle and then "upgrade" it's suspension with a $500 lift kit.

    My advice to you is to drive a Jeep with an AEV lift kit and then drive a Jeep with another brand. Then, you can make the decision.

    AEV does things right. EVERY one of our customers say that their Jeeps ride BETTER than stock with the AEV lift kit. We work with an alignment shop that understands Jeep geometry and also use the AEV ProCal to get everything in "check."

  • Two Brothers and Two 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicons

    2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in Billet
    This week, we finished 2 brand new Rubicon builds, one black and one billet. At a glance they may look like the same builds, just different colors. This is only partially correct. Both Wranglers are using the AEV 4.5" DualSport SC lift kits. They both have 20" Fuel wheels and 37" Toyo tires. They both even have AEV rear bumpers with tire carrier.

    However, the billet one uses an ARB front bumper where the black one uses a matching AEV. Although they both have similar lighting, the black one uses the Rigid 50" LED bar.

    2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in Black
    Under the hood, they are identical. Both Wranglers use the proven power package of a Banks cold air intake, AFE Y-pipe, Borla cat-back exhaust and Bully Dog GT for Jeep tuners. For vehicles with 37" tires, the power upgrades have these vehicles performing as good as they look!

  • An FJ Cruiser That’s Red Hot


    Toyota’s classic off-road sport utility lends itself well to a few upgrades. Well, maybe more than a few. You are definitely ready to hit the trail in this one – and  you’re well prepared if you should wander off of it.

    The factory-equipped Trail Teams edition already has a great package, which includes front and rear lockers. High Country 4×4 Center upgrades include:

    • Fab Fours Front and Rear Bumpers
    • 9.5 cti-s Winch from Warn
    • 6-inch Pro-Comp Coil-over Lift
    • Bushwacker Pocket Flares, painted to match
    • RBP (Rolling Big Power) 20-inch Wheels
    • 35-inch Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain Tires
    • In-dash Back-up Camera

    This Toyota is ready for the woods or the open road, and you definitely won’t be meeting yourself around every corner.

  • It’s Summer Time…Are You Ready?

    [ngg_images gallery_ids="8"]

    The weather is getting warmer and people are venturing outside to enjoy a bike ride, a hike, a little paddling, or a ride on a trail. With the warmer weather, there are a few vehicle maintenance steps you should take to ensure optimal performance.

    First, you should check your tire pressure. Proper tire pressure will help your gas mileage. In warmer weather, the air in your tire expands, so you may have more pressure than you think. Make sure to look at the recommended pressure on your tires and modify if needed.

    If you own a Jeep Wrangler, it’s time to check your tops. Are they in good shape, need cleaning or repair? When changing from your hard top to your soft top, it’s easier to do on a warm day because it will stretch over the bows without as much effort. Bestop makes a kit to help with maintenance – a cleaner for the top, a cleaner for the windows, and a protectant to extend the top’s lifespan.

    For those of you that enjoy a more open cab, you may want to consider a bikini or a safari top. Bikinis cover the front to passengers, and safaris cover the entire cab. High Country 4×4 Center has these in stock or can get one in just a day if the inventory is running a bit low. To protect your gear, a duster deck cover comes in handy to keep the back seat and storage areas dry during those pop-up summer showers.

    To truly enjoy the summer, you need a convenient way to carry all of your gear. Stop by for systems to help you take along your bikes, kayaks, canoes, and even extra “stuff” in a tray that fits right into your hitch. You’ll also want to take along a cooler filled with water, snacks, and your other favorite beverages to help you cool off – a Yeti cooler will help with that, and it’s as tough as the trail.

  • One Phat Ford F-450


    This is one bad Ford F-450. We started out with the 4-inch lift from FabTech and upgraded the shocks to Dirt Logic. The tires were upgraded to Nitto Trail Grapplers, 285/70/17….Wow! Then we added the Warn Generation II grille guard/winch mount combo with Warn 12k winch. The finished product was awesome – looks great and works hard, too!

  • JK-8 Conversion


    This 4-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited has just undergone a Jeep JK-8 conversion performed by our RubiTrux division. It has been transformed from 4-doors to a Jeep truck with a removable half cab.

    Other add-ons installed by the RubiTrux division are many and include:
    AEV Front and Rear Bumpers
    Warn 9.5 cti Winch
    Katzkin Heated Leather Seats
    4.5-inch Nth Degree Lift
    AEV Hood
    IPF Lighting
    AMP Powersteps
    37-inch BFGoodrich KM2 Tires
    Ion 17-inch Wheels
    Re-geared from 3.73 to 5.13
    WeatherTech Floor Liners
    Jeep Gas Door Cover
    LED Light Kit
    Rugged Ridge Grille Inserts
    Light Guards
    Tinted Windows
    2012 Jeep Media Center with Navigation
    Back-up Camera

    The coup de grace for this edition will be a scheduled motor upgrade to a 5.7 Hemi VVT, which will make it a one-of-a-kind, 400-horsepower Jeep truck.

  • About Us

    High Country 4×4 Center was established in July 1997 and is owned by Reggie Perry, Inc. Our goal is to make sure that our customers get the most out of their truck, SUV, or Jeep. Today’s 4×4 vehicles are more advanced than ever, and with our help can become capable of performing beyond most people’s imaginations.

    Many of the products we sell help to protect your investment, such as floor liners and seat covers. Other items can enhance the off-road ability and/or workability of your vehicle, such as suspension lifts, winches, and camper shells.

    Whether you’re a soccer mom wanting to protect the interior of your SUV, a contractor wanting a more functional truck, or an extreme off-roader wanting to hit the trails, we’re here to help.

    After purchasing your accessories, the next step is properly installing them. If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, our professional installers are here to help. We install everything we sell. Our labor rates are competitive, and all work is guaranteed.

    When visiting High Country 4×4 Center you can’t help but notice our huge Jeep division. RubiTrux Conversions was established in 2005 to specialize in the ever-expanding Jeep accessory lines. Jeep Wranglers are the most modified vehicles in the world, and RubiTrux Conversions is an industry leader. We build and deliver Jeeps to a nationwide customer base. For more information, you may want to visit

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