• Vehicle of the Week - 1979 Jeep CJ-7

    1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-three-quarterFor those AMC-era purists out there, there's nothing like a CJ-5 or 7; sure, the older model Wranglers featured AMC parts and the famous AMC designed 4.0L Inline-6 and 2.5L 4-banger, but there's still that Chrysler emblem on the mirrors, reminding those traditionalists among us that AMC is a thing of the past. With the newest model Jeep, the Wrangler JK, completely doing away with the AMC Inline engines and parts for good, as well as the tried and true frame and tub layout present since the Second World War, there's some among us that prefer the old way of doing things. There's just something about that classic shape of the front clip, the narrow and trim body lines of the CJ-series, and some may assert the early Wranglers as well, that hark back to an earlier, more basic time. In this age, leather seats, abundant electronics, and air conditioning were rare or unheard of, 15-inch wheels and straight-drive transmissions came standard, and the Jeep still resembled something from the original 1954 revision, modeled after the military Willys M38A1.1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-frontFor those of you who enjoy classic vehicles, who miss the stamped raised "Jeep" lettering on the side of the tub, or with whom words such as Mopar and Chrysler still don't sit quite right next to Jeep, this one is for you. This 1979 Jeep CJ-7, restored a few years back, is in beautiful condition, rolling on factory 15-inch wheels and 31x10.50r15lt tires, it has a clean, stock appearance, and could have just rolled off the showroom floor. There are a few minor blemishes here and there, but this Jeep is in great shape for a 36-year old classic. This '7 spent it's life after restoration in a garage, being driven as a sunny-day weekend vehicle, and never taken out in the rain or snow.1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-interior

    1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-factory-radioThis CJ-7 features the 4.2L Inline-6 mated to a 3-Speed manual transmission, and has a flawless factory hardtop and full doors. There are a few unique factory options, such as a tilt steering wheel, tachometer, and dash-mounted clock. The CJ also features factory front disk and rear drum brakes. A rare Cobra 47XLR is mounted to the uncut dashboard, and features AM/FM, as well as being a CB radio, with the mic being stored in the glove compartment. A modern Kenwood radio is present underneath the dash, and the factory roll bar has aftermarket padding installed.cj7-1The engine compartment is in immaculate condition, and the 4.2L Inline-6 is painted a nice aqua-blue color; it features a Weber 2-Barrel carburetor, Motorcraft ignition system, and power steering. The narrow-track axles are the factory AMC-20 in the rear, and the front Dana-30. The Dana-30 has Mile-Marker locking hubs and an aftermarket steering stabilizer, ensuring that wear and tear on the front end 4-Wheel Drive components is kept to a minimum, and road impacts felt through the 31-inch tires are absorbed, respectively. This CJ also has the factory swing out tire carrier and fold down tailgate, perfect for a small fold out work area or tailgating.1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-side-interior

    1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-tailgateIf you're interested in this one-of-a-kind classic Jeep CJ-7, give us a call at 828-406-3031, it is currently on consignment for $11,500.00, and would make a great addition to any collection, or for the owner that is looking for that unique and beautifully restored classic. This CJ-7 would be at home in the mountains, cruising around the beach, or around town. For additional images, check out the gallery below. This Jeep is certainly a head turner, and it'll go fast; call RubiTrux today!1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc



  • Product of the Week - Alpine X009-WRA

    alpine-audio-x009-wra-restyle-kit-installed-wrangler-jk-unlimited-side-shotThis week, we're taking a look at the Alpine X009-WRA Jeep Wrangler JK In-Dash Restyling System. This new product from Alpine fits the 2012 to present Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited models, and will give your factory dash a unique look, by completely replacing the factory head unit with a 9" touch screen and custom surround. This unit seamlessly integrates with the dashboard on your Jeep Wrangler JK, giving it a nice factory look; you'll wonder why this wasn't OEM!alpine-audio-x009-wra-restyle-kit-installed-wrangler-jk-unlimited-zoom-outThe X009-WRA provides navigation and bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ability to monitor certain vehicle functions, such as tire pressure and engine codes. This new head unit also works with all of the factory options, in addition to adding new features, such as the ability to connect your smartphone to the stereo system in your Jeep; tune your stereo and more, from the Alpine TuneIt App, integrated into this system for ease-of-use. Simply download the app on your smartphone, and you're ready to go!alpine-audio-x009-wra-restyle-kit-installed-wrangler-jk-unlimited-navigationThe Alpine nav unit also features customizable shortcuts, making quick navigation a breeze, as well as a built-in digital HD radio tuner; the X009-WRA also comes ready for satellite radio and a variety of Drive Assist camera systems, sold separately. The Alpine X009-WRA has top-of-the-line audio through featuring a 24-bit DAC and optical digital output for the best sound quality from all of your digital media collections.alpine-audio-x009-wra-restyle-kit-installed-wrangler-jk-unlimited-navigation-radio-split-screenIf a larger screen for your navigation unit is what you're after, the X009-WRA comes preloaded with NAVTEQ 3D map data for both the United States and Canada, and the 9" screen and 3D navigation gives you plenty of room to navigate by, or to run both touch-screen radio and navigation on the same screen at once. So what are you waiting for, upgrade your stock head unit to an Alpine X009-WRA In-Dash Restyling System today, and give your Jeep the top-of-the-line navigation system it deserves!

  • Product of the Week – Jeep JK BootBars

    Grabar-BootBars-black-app -04From the makers of the popular GraBars, check out these new BootBars! On older model Jeep CJs and Wranglers, the outer edge of the tub provided the perfect surface for the driver and front passenger to brace their outside foot while on the road. However, on the newest generation, the Jeep Wrangler JK and 4-door JK Unlimited, this lip has been removed for ergonomic reasons, which means that the body of the new Jeep Wrangler does not extend up past the floor, save for the smallest lip.Grabar-BootBars-blackThis complete redesign posed a unique problem; for some, this means an uncomfortable leg angle and footrest when compared to the older Jeeps. For others, a more outbound footrest is desirable; for example, like the ones found on a motorcycle. If this is you, and you want a new foothold, or if you simply want a footrest to complement the handhold provided by your set of GraBars, look no further!Grabar-BootBars-pinkThese BootBars are for the newest generation Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited, and feature the same durable dual layer rubber grips found on the GraBars, and come with a lifetime warranty. Nuts and bolts are included, and the BootBars come powder-coated; they even feature a drawstring carry bag, perfect for storing the BootBars in your center console or glove compartment when you put the doors back on your JK. Just like the GraBars, BootBars can be ordered with black, red, and pink colored grips!Grabars-BootBar_101Check out our selection of BootBars here, as well as the ever-popular GraBars product line. Order yours today, from RubiTrux.com!

  • Product of the Week, Bad Boy Buggies

    bad-boy-buggies-group-shot-boone-2For our Product of the Week, we're covering our new inventory of Bad Boy Buggies! If you've driven by the shop over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed what appeared to be lifted golf carts outside by some of the Jeep Wranglers. Don't let the appearance fool you, however, these little vehicles are not golf carts. Offered in a variety of configurations, from independent suspension, electric motors, or hybrid electric/gas, to name a few options, these vehicles are tough, quick off the line, and best of all, silent – perfect for that hunting or outdoor expedition - and we're your new dealer, located right in Boone!bad-boy-buggies-group-shot-booneA lifted golf cart may be a common sight down at the beach, but what happens when you need to go offroad? How about lessening your area of disturbance while out hunting? Bad Boy Buggies feature IFS (independent front suspension), while IRS (independent rear suspension) is an option, depending on what vehicle you choose. These buggies are four-wheel drive, and come standard with knobby swamper tires and black powder coated “wagon-wheels”; the batteries, situated just under the front seat, add a good amount of weight to the buggies, increasing traction (just in case you've doubted the ability of this vehicle in the mud; we can assure you, it'll dig with the best of 'em) - seatbelts and headrests are also featured on the 4WD Sport models. There is also a work series by Bad Boy Buggies, featuring the XD model with a hybrid 22hp diesel and electric engine and 1,600lbs max load, for those wanting a 4x4 buggy oriented towards heavy lifting and the job site, rather than a silent expedition in the woods.

    bad-boy-buggies-recoil-is-4x4-passengerBad Boy Buggies also offers a sport series model with a hybrid gas and electric engine, known as the Ambush IS 4x4; a neat feature of this vehicle is that while the gas engine is running, you can charge the batteries, ensuring around the clock operation. A long-wheelbase model, the Recoil IS 4x4 Crew, can seat four, while sporting a dump-bed on the rear of the buggy, while the HDe 2WD model is more family oriented, featuring two front facing seats, and a rear bench seat in the back. For more information, and to check out the specs of these awesome 4x4's, check out our new Boone Bad Boy Buggies website. We're still bringing everything up to date, so if you see something that you have any questions about, let us know!bad-boy-buggies-recoil-is-crew-passenger4x4's, even electric buggies, aren't complete without accessories. Like lift kits and big tires on Jeeps and 4x4 trucks, these Bad Boy Buggies can be kitted out for the job and terrain at hand. We've got everything from new wheel and tire combinations, gun racks, hard cases for rifles, marine speakers, Warn winches, and even LED lighting! Whatever your need, give us a call, we're constantly on the lookout for more accessories to ensure that your Bad Boy Buggy will meet the job at hand, whether out hunting in the woods, or hauling a cooler of drinks and food across the campground.bad-boy-buggies-white-frontSo next time you're in town, drop by the shop and check out these Bad Boy Buggies, as well as the line of accessories that we carry, and let us know how we can build one for you! Whether you're looking for a two-seater model, a Crew version, or the 2WD HDe, we can outfit one of these capable vehicles for you!bad-boy-buggies-group-shot-boone-3

  • 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport Line-X

    jeep--wrangler-tj-linex-anvil-mud-grappler-driver-frontYou may remember from our last update that we've had several unique Jeep Wrangler TJs roll through the shop here at RubiTrux over the past week or so. Last week we covered the 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sahara with the 34” Super Swampers; this week, we had a black 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport come in for a 2.5” lift, Line-X treatment in the Anvil color, which is a current 2015 factory color option for Jeep Wrangler JK and Unlimited JKU models, as well as a new wheel and tire combination. The wheels are 2015 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon take-offs, and the tires are Nitto Mud Grapplers. In addition to these upgrades, this TJ also has a hardtop, full-doors, and flat Bushwacker Fender Flares.jeep--wrangler-tj-linex-anvil-mud-grapplerWith this TJ having the Sport package, instead of the Sahara, it lacks some of the factory options, such as the unique colored interior and seating found on the Sahara, but it still features the same legendary 4.0L Inline-6. For those of you unfamiliar with early TJ models, the basic three were the SE, which came with a 2.5L Inline-4, the little brother to the Inline-6, the Sport, which had more options, as well as the 4.0L Inline-6, and the top of the line Sahara, which featured the aforementioned unique interior and appearance package, and, of course, the 4.0L. These models came standard with manual transmissions, but could be equipped with automatic transmissions, as well as different combinations of full-doors, hard tops, half doors, or soft tops, depending on the model in question.jeep--wrangler-tj-linex-anvil-mud-grappler-passengerIn short, this is a 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport, with quite a few options from the factory, such as the full-doors and hard top combination, although the mirrors have been switched out with late model TJ parts at some point. These options go really well with the Line-X treatment, in that the entire vehicle could be coated. This cuts down on road noise, and also translates into less upkeep with cleaning the vehicle. Also, the Line-X features UV protection, and is impervious to fading, as well as brush and most debris encountered in the woods or on the trail, save for a large tree or rock, so the finish will remain the same for years to come, even with off-road use. The mild lift and upsized mud tires means that this Jeep will have no problem climbing into or out of various situations and scenarios, although for more serious offroading, we would recommend lockers of some sort, as well as upgrading or replacing the Dana 35.jeep--wrangler-tj-linex-anvil-mud-grappler-driverTo wrap this update up, we started with a customer's clean, low mileage 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ, and with the mild lift and Line-X treatment added, as well as the Nitto M/T tires, this Jeep is set to conquer a variety of terrain, on-road or on the trail, while remaining scratch-proof, fade-resistant, and easy to clean. We think the owner will enjoy this unique build, as well as many more years of service provided by the reliable AMC designed Inline-6, body and paint protection by the Line-X, and the touch of modern style from the 2015 take-off Rubicon wheels! As you can see in the background, we've got some new 4x4 vehicles at the shop, so stay tuned for more!

  • 1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sahara

    jeep-wrangler-tj-green-sahara-tsl-super-swamper-low-passengerThis week at RubiTrux, we've had a few TJ's come through the shop. This 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sahara was brought in by the second owner. The customer purchased this TJ from an elderly couple who towed it behind a motor home for most of it's life. We estimate that it has around 40,000 running miles, and while the frame and undercarriage have some surface rust, with it's prior life being in the mountains, we consider this TJ to be in pristine condition. The inside of this vehicle is very clean, and with care, this Jeep will provide many more years of reliable service.jeep-wrangler-tj-green-sahara-tsl-super-swamper-frontThis TJ came to us in stock form, with no aftermarket upgrades, making it a perfect platform for a RubiTrux build. The upgrades to this Sahara include a 3.5” Rubicon Express lift kit, Warn front and rear bumpers, and a Warn tire carrier. The reason this Jeep Wrangler TJ is so unique however, is the wheel and tire combination. Mounted on classic 15x8 Mickey Thompson wheels are 34x9.50 Super Swamper TSL tires.jeep-wrangler-tj-green-sahara-tsl-super-swamper-tireThe owner already has a CJ-5 equipped with Super Swamper TSL “pizza-cutters”, and wanted to couple the off-road ability of this classic Jeep with the amenities of the late 1990's Jeep Wrangler TJ platform. Being an older model Sahara, this TJ has all of the bells and whistles, including the 4.0L Inline-6 engine, which commonly runs well over the 300k mileage mark. In short, although this Jeep is straight out of 1999, in our opinion, it has just finished the break in period, and the bulletproof Inline-6 will provide countless miles and hours of service yet to come.jeep-wrangler-tj-green-sahara-tsl-super-swamperUp until 2007, with the introduction of the Jeep Wrangler JK, the older Jeep CJ series, as well as the first two generations of the Jeep Wrangler, shared some key similarities, especially in regards to size and the general layout of the tub, fenders, and frame. The two big differences that come to mind are the square headlights of the YJ, and the coil sprung suspension of the Jeep Wrangler TJ. With that in mind, this Jeep TJ will provide a roughly similar platform to the CJ-5, albeit with a more comfortable ride, air-conditioning, and the power of the fuel-injected Inline-6. We hope that the owner enjoys this build, and we wish him the best in continuing the Jeep tradition, whether sporting a CJ-5 from the 1970's or a Jeep Wrangler TJ from 1999!

  • Anvil JK-8 Rubicon

    jeep-wrangler-jk-8-anvil-driver-side-frontThe JK-8 Rubicon, mentioned in a previous post arrived back from paint late last week. Since then, it has had a 2.5” AEV Lift Kit added and 35” BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires. This JK-8 is not slated to become a farm truck like the 2015 Tank model, however, it is just as capable, and comes with all of the Rubicon options, such as the 4:1 Rock-Track Transfer Case, Dana 44's and Electronic Lockers. However, the 2.5” lift and 35s will allow for more ground clearance than the Tank model, which was shipped out with a simple leveling kit and the stock 32” M/T tires.jeep-wrangler-jk-8-anvil-passenger-sideOnce the vehicle returns from paint, it proceeds straight to the garage bay. The lift kit is then installed; also on the build sheet are Llumar window tinting, and a trailer hitch. With the stock tow rating of the base JKU, this JK-8 can tow all sorts of small trailers, hauling dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, or small boats with ease. In addition to the towing capabilities, the JK-8 also features a 44-inch by 50-inch steel bed, perfect for stowing tents, folding chairs, or other camping gear. Meanwhile, the removable freedom panels and half-cab top ensure that the driver and occupant of the JK-8 can still enjoy the classic open air experience of the Jeep Wrangler.jeep-wrangler-jk-8-anvil-driver-side-rear-quarter-bedThe JK-8 Pickup Conversion is an official MOPAR kit, and features the stamped sheet metal body panels for the new truck bed, the steel bed itself, freedom panel assemblies, a fiberglass half-cab hardtop with a sliding rear window, a fiberglass bulkhead, and unique JK-8 badges. After the kit is installed, the truck bed is Line-X'd, and a fold down tailgate, while not part of the kit itself, is certainly optional.jeep-wrangler-jk-8-anvil-front-passenger-sideIf you are interested in converting your JK Unlimited, or ordering a JK-8 through us, be sure to contact Reggie Perry direct at 828-406-3031. Conversions start at $13,500, plus add-ons. Whether you're looking for the classic CJ-8 Scrambler resemblance, or the utility of a truck bed in your Jeep, the JK-8 is for you! Call today, and don't forget to check out our prior builds here!

  • Product of the Week – GraBars

    This week, we're showcasing a new product line from GraBarsUSA! Aptly named, these GraBars bolt on grab handles are a great addition to your Jeep Wrangler. Mounted at the top corners of the windshield frame, or at the factory roll bar forward of the rear seat, they are perfect for an assist while entering or exiting from the vehicle, and also provide a solid object to hold onto while offroad and on the trail!RedGrabarsCab1GraBars are available for both YJ and TJ Wranglers, as well as the newest generation, the Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited 4-door. GraBars mount to existing OEM holes, and require no drilling for installation. However, if you have the plastic trim around the top and sides of the windshield, present on later-model TJ's and the current generation JK and JKU, slight modification may be required. On the JK and JKU, GraBars are offered for both front and rear occupants, as seen in the third image down. All GraBar variants, including those for the older generation Wranglers, can be ordered with dual layered black, red, or pink rubber grips.FrontBlack2FrontPassPink1GraBars are made right here in the USA, and are constructed from 3/4” solid steel, not tubing, feature a lifetime warranty from defects and workmanship, and come with 12.9 Strength Black Oxide Steel Bolts (for the OEM mounting points). The GraBars powder coat includes UV protection, so even with the top off for days on end, rest assured, that the finish will not be faded or otherwise damaged by the sun.RedGrabars12With many owners choosing to add lift kits and larger, offroad tires to their Jeep Wranglers, GraBars provide a high quality, easy to reach handle that greatly helps in climbing into or out of your ride. Of course, they work just as well with a stock vehicle, and even better, when used in conjunction with a set of side rails or steps, give you the ultimate hand and footholds for your Jeep. Check out our entire line of GraBars products at RubiTrux.com today!BackerBoard2



  • Line-X Exterior Protective Coating

    Here at RubiTrux, we offer the option of having the exterior of your build coated in Line-X. This gives your vehicle a unique look, plus the added resistance to scratching or marring the appearance of your ride on the trail. Cleaning the vehicle is a snap, just pressure wash the exterior; no need to worry about waxing, or a chipping clear coat or fading paint job down the road. The current make of Line-X features UV protection, meaning it will not fade, crack, or peel over time.custom-line-x-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-angleOn the exterior, we can add Line-X to the body, hard top, or fenders of your build; with the Line-X, everything is still removable and interchangeable, so if you want to switch out the fenders at a later date, or add a soft top instead of the factory hard top, it will not negatively impact the Line-X coating. If you want the interior floor pans Line-X'd as well, this is certainly an option, although many customers choose to retain the factory OEM carpet set over the more spartan interior afforded by the Line-X.2014-black-linex-front-angle-3146022015-custom-jeep-wrangler-jk-line-x-anvil

    As seen above, for the Jeep to be coated, the stock vehicle must be completely stripped down, and then reassembled afterwards. We can paint match to all factory Jeep colors, should you wish to retain your OEM paint code. Above, the factory Jeep colors of Anvil (bottom), and black (top), are shown. Afterwards, the vehicle is brought back into the shop, and the lift kit, tires, bumpers, and all of the off-road accessories are added.custom-line-x-jeep-wrangler-anvil-sideWhether you are looking to protect your Jeep from brush and rock rash on the trail, or from an errant bicycle or piece of lawn equipment while parked inside the garage, a full Line-X protective coating has you covered! If you're in town, stop by and check out our inventory, we usually have a Line-X Wrangler in stock; ask about pricing and options over the phone, or at the shop, today!


  • 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade 4x4

    This week at RubiTrux, we're going to start by showcasing one of our used vehicles, the 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade 4x4. The previous owner traded this in on one of our builds, and had over 40k invested. The entire front end and suspension have been reworked, allowing the Liberty to fit 35" M/T tires. Total lift is about 5", with a Jeepin' by Al 2" K Member Cradle Drop, new front steel upper A Arms, and a Tri-Angulated 4 Link at the rear axle.To help turn the 35" Tires, the Liberty has been regeared to 4.88; the lift kit is also equipped with Bilstein 5100 shocks. To provide more traction offroad, ARB air lockers, front and rear, as well as an ARB Air Compressor, were added. Skid plates, bumpers, and rock rails  protect the underside of the Liberty, as seen below. custom-jeep-liberty-front-skid-plate-on-liftThe armor package includes a front steel brush guard skid plate, an engine guard skid plate, and an engine/transmission skid plate, by 4xGuard, as well as a Skid Row Fuel Tank Skid Plate, and steel differential covers, by ARB and Jeepin' by Al.The rear of the Liberty features a Rock Lizard Zombie Apocalypse Rear Bumper, and the Rock Lizard Gecko Sport Roof Rack is also visible. Rounding out the Rock Lizard accessories, the Monitor Front Bumper and Winch Plate, as well as the Rock Sliders, can be seen below. Also to note, there is a Line-X protective coating on the bumpers, sliders, armor, and the bottom of the running frame. The rear axle has been pushed back 2" for flex, and there is custom fabrication in the front wheel wells, allowing ample room for the 35s.custom-jeep-liberty-liftedThe liberty also features a towing package, JBA steel brake lines, front and rear, MOPAR KJ brakes, drums, and rotors, lighting by PIAA and Rigid Industries, and an Alpine sound system, as well as a Kenwood Bluetooth microphone and backup camera. The interior also has Wet Okole front seat covers, and Bandic Blu premium switches for all of the accessories, seen below.The above add-ons and more make this a truly unique vehicle. This Liberty has only 138k on the clock, and with over 40k invested, is a great deal for the next lucky owner at  $15,500.00. This 4x4 is certainly a head turner, and is in great condition. Come by and check it out today, only at RubiTrux!

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