en-US Go 4x4 It RubiTrux and High Country 4x4 Blog Wed, 27 May 2015 15:49:36 +0000 http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/?v= http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/ Project: VANDAL, Part 8 project-vandal-jeep-jk-rubicon-unlimited-darren-build-top-doors-on-front-passenger-viewAs hinted in the last update, Project: VANDAL is in the final stages. The hard top and doors have been installed, in addition to the tire carrier and rocker guards; currently, interior work around re-installing the dashboard and running the wiring for all of the lights and accessories is in progress. Rigid Industries LED lighting at the windshield, grille, bumpers, and Oracle LED equipped side mirrors, ensure that VANDAL will have no trouble at all during evening or nighttime operation, while the new GenRight tire carrier, below, will easily support the large 40" spare tire.

project-vandal-jeep-jk-rubicon-unlimited-darren-build-top-doors-on-rear-tire-carrierNow that VANDAL is in the home stretch, add-ons and modifications will be adjusted, double checked, and final preparations will be made to get this rig on the street. Off-road performance will be tested, as per the customer's request, to ensure that VANDAL operates to specs without any issues; this will also allow time for any last modifications or adjustments needed before the customer gets the keys. Stay tuned for the next installment of Project: VANDAL, featuring both clear and amber Rigid Industries LED rock lights, a roof-rack for the factory hard-top, and more!


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Project: VANDAL, Part 7 close-up-dana-60-differential-cover-jeep-logo-project-vandalProject VANDAL is nearing completion, with rocker guards, skid plates, and a rear tire carrier being installed this week. For this update, a few of the smaller details of this build have been covered. Although HEMI engines and Dana-60 axles are eye-catching, the little details are important, and help to make Project: VANDAL just as much as the powertrain, because when you're on the trail, all the engine and axles in the world won't help if you run out of gas or have your differentials bashed in. Above, the Jeep differential cover on the Dana 60 axle provides heavy-duty protection for the 5.38 gears and lockers, while below, this GenRight skid plate protects the GenRight 20 gallon fuel cell at the rear of VANDAL.

close-up-gen-right-crawler-logo-project-vandalBelow, the rear bumper, also manufactured by GenRight, protects the tail end of the Jeep from trail hazards or careless drivers on the road. In addition to featuring a hitch and D-ring mounts, the GenRight bumper also has two Rigid Industries backup lights, in the second image below, which were added to provide additional illumination at the rear of the vehicle in low light situations.close-up-of-gen-right-logo-on-rear-bumper-project-vandal

close-up-rigid-industries-rear-bumper-mounted-lights-for-gen-right-bumper-project-vandalclose-up-warn-locking-hubs-project-vandalTowards the front of the vehicle, Warn premium locking hubs allow for savings in gas mileage, in addition to slowing wear and tear on the front differential during everyday operation, with the locking hubs disengaged. Below, the PSC hydro assist ram will help with turning the large 40" mud tires, whether on the road or the trail.
close-up-psc-steering-hydro-assit-ram-project-vandalMeanwhile, the MetalCloak bumper protects the front of the JKU; in addition to housing the Warn winch, the stubby design of this bumper allows for an increased approach angle offroad, especially with the 40" Interco SS-M16 Mud Terrain Tires, shown in the images below.close-up-metal-cloak-front-bumper-m-logo-project-vandal



close-up-interco-40-1450-tires-project-vandalThe Rock Krawler 5.5" Stage II Rock Runner long arm kit lets VANDAL fit the 40" tires with ease, while keeping the Jeep removed from rocks, stumps, or other obstructions on the trail. If VANDAL does come into contact with a foreign object, the MetalCloak fenders and rocker guards will protect the body from damage, in addition to acting as step bars and grab handles during cleaning, maintenance, or entering and exiting the vehicle, respectively.


close-up-rock-side-rocker-armor-tube-fenderProject:VANDAL is fast becoming a formidable machine, equipped to tackle and succeed in a wide variety of conditions, both off road and on. Stay tuned for the next update, where we'll cover the new aluminum skid plates, hard top, full doors, roof rack, LED lighting, and more!








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Project: VANDAL, Part 6 darren-build-doorless-fenders-bumpers-windshield-on-front-passenger-angleFor this update, Project: VANDAL is entering into the final stages. The 40" Interco SS-M16 Tires have been added, along with the MetalCloak Tube Fenders, windshield glass (from the last update, where the windshield and lights were simply fitted into place), and the Rock Hard Ultimate Bolt-In Sport Cage. The Rock Krawler coilovers can be adjusted to allow for 3" higher ride height, and the MetalCloak Tube Fenders ensure that there is enough wheel-well to flex out the 40's. The tops of the tube fenders have been painted to match the body, while the undersides and tubing itself has been left black.

darren-build-doorless-fenders-bumpers-windshield-on-front-driver-side-angleThe Rock Hard Ultimate Bolt-In Sport Cage (seen above, through the windshield, and below), provides protection for the driver and front seat passenger in the event of a rollover, eliminating the structural weak-point in the factory roll bar system at the windshield and spreader bars. The area where the spreader bars and windshield bolt together is an inherent weak-point, and is present on all Wrangler models; while an improvement over the old CJ system (which utilized no spreader bars), the factory system still leaves much to be desired; enter the Rock Hard Ultimate Bolt-In Sport Cage.


Above, the heavy duty tubing and strong bolt-in design of the Rock Hard sport cage, featuring proprietary locking collars, allows the driver and occupants peace of mind when wheeling over even the toughest terrain! This sport cage, coupled with the MetalCloak fenders and body armor (painted to match), means that VANDAL will be more than adequately protected from rocks, trees, or other obstacles, while on the trail.darren-vandal-build-40s-fenders-windshield-in-place-rear-passenger-side-angleAbove, the Rugged Ridge half doors are a great option for both on and off-road use. While off-road, the factory full doors may obstruct the field of view from inside the vehicle, or become damaged on the trail, proving an expensive fix. With these half doors, visibility is greatly increased, and the classic design allows for the open air experience of the Wrangler while retaining the lower doors, protecting and keeping children, pets, or cargo inside the vehicle!darren-build-doorless-fenders-bumpers-windshield-on-front-passenger-angle-highStill to come, the top, doors, minor interior work, and more! As Project: VANDAL nears completion, keep an eye out on the blog for future updates!



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Project: VANDAL, Part 5 project-vandal-front-pass-angle-assembled-grille-hood-lights

Significant progress has been made with Project: VANDAL over the past week; the wiring under the hood has been routed for all of the sPods, LED light bars, and accessories.  Also, the hood, grill, windshield frame, and lights have been fitted to the vehicle, providing a look at what is to come when VANDAL is complete.








In addition to the front end, the tailgate has also been reassembled and installed back onto the Jeep, below. The MetalCloak body armor panels (note to the left and right of the tailgate, where holes have already been drilled) will be added once they have been painted to match. From there, the flat fenders, also MetalCloak, will be installed, and then interior work can begin. The top side of the flat fenders will be painted to match the body, while the tube/underside will be left black.  We're nearing the finish line with Project: VANDAL, stay tuned for the final few updates, coming soon!


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Project: VANDAL, Part 4 vandal-body-on-frameThis week, Project: VANDAL is starting to look like a Jeep again! The body has been lowered back onto the frame, the Rock Krawler heavy duty steering has been installed, and we now have a skid plate in place, to protect the vulnerable evap canister. VANDAL is also getting a PSC hydro assist ram for the front end; in the top picture, the line for this assembly is visible, just to the left of the front differential.

vandal-front-suspension-front-side-angleAbove, Rock Krawler's new heavy duty tie rod and drag link have been installed; we've also replaced the stock drag link end at the steering box with a more beefy one from Moog, and added an adjustable track bar from Rock Krawler to further complement this setup. The heavy duty steering and hydro assist are a must-have, and will help to turn the 40" mud terrain tires on the trail.vandal-front-suspension-setup-rock-krawler-55

Below, the Borla exhaust and QTP electric exhaust cutout are shown. The Borlad exhaust, as seen from the top down in the previous installment of this series, is a Dakota Customs exclusive that has been modified to fit around the Rock Krawler long arm suspension. The evap canister skid plate is shown to the left of the muffler. This skid plate is manufactured by Rugged Ridge, and is designed to protect the vulnerable evap canister. Located under the hood on older model Jeeps, the JK/U generation features an evap setup on the underside of the vehicle. This causes the canister to be placed within the reach of rocks or other obstructions on the trail, necessitating the skid plate to ensure the longevity of this piece of equipment, especially for an offroad vehicle.

vandal-electric-exhaust-cutout-closeupvandal-borla-exhaust-cutout-skidplateCheck back soon for the next update on Project: VANDAL here at RubiTrux, featuring skid plates, the PSC hydro assist ram, and more!

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Project: VANDAL, Part 3 darren-build-hemi-transmission-suspension-axles-on-frame-closeupProject: VANDAL is coming along great here at the shop, with the HEMI motor now installed and bolted up to the transmission! The GenRight Fuel Cell had to be slightly modified to fit, as seen below, and the Borla exhaust had to be customized to fit around the control arms of the Rock Krawler long arm kit.

darren-build-gen-right-tank-closeup darren-build-hemi-transmission-suspension-axles-on-frame

The exhaust system for VANDAL is a custom Borla setup, including the headers, and features a Quick Time Performance (QTP) electric exhaust cutout. This exhaust cutout allows the driver to control the volume and power of the setup from inside the cab, at the flick of a switch! The entire exhaust system, including the QTP cutout, is stainless steel, and the cutout itself features a CNC machined valve body and a 12v motor, providing 1.5 lbs of torque to operate the QTP cutout.

project-vandal-electric-exhaust-cutout project-vandal-exhaustThe rear bumper has been fitted while the body is still off of the frame, along with the above exhaust system, HEMI, and GenRight fuel cell. The rear bumper is also GenRight, and features backup lights, with additional Rigid Industries 2-bulb LED lights mounted to either side of the stock lights, as seen below. This will ensure adequate visibility at the rear of the vehicle, either on the trail, or backing out around town at night. Check back soon for further updates on Project: VANDAL!


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Project: VANDAL, Part 2 dana-60-axles-on-frame-transmission-progressOn this update, the 2015 Rubicon has had both Spicer Ultimate Dana 60 axles and the Rock Krawler 5.5" Stage II Rock Runner long arm kit installed, and the new brackets have all been added and painted. The transmission has been re-installed, and the new custom HEMI is ready to be dropped in! The wheels and tires shown here are just rollers, but give a nice idea of how the Jeep will sit when complete, in addition to showcasing how wide the 8-lug Dana 60 axles are in comparison to the stock Rubicon Dana 44s.

rear-axle-installed The 6.4L HEMI engine for this build, below, customized by Arrington Performance, was stroked and bored out to 7.3L. The engine features all new internals, and has an average horse power rating of 649, with a peak of 702 horsepower at 5800 rpms, and provides 655 pounds of torque. To help ensure that the engine receives adequate amounts of fuel on lengthy off road excursions, a 20 gallon GenRight fuel cell will be added. Meanwhile, the 5.38 gears inside the Dana 60 axles will assist the engine in turning the 40" tires, and the factory Rubicon locker switches will hook right up to the new axles, allowing for a no hassle installation! engine-removed-from-crate

Stay tuned for more in the next update!

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 21:34:48 +0000 http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/customer-build-2015-jku-rubicon-part-2/ http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/customer-build-2015-jku-rubicon-part-2/ evan@rubitrux.com (Evan Graham) Evan Graham
Project: VANDAL, Part 1 2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-brackets-coilovers-long-armThis week at RubiTrux, we have a brand new 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon in the shop. This Jeep is getting a number of upgrades, including a long arm lift kit, Rock Krawler coilovers, Dana 60 axles, a HEMI conversion, and 40" tires, in addition to the "regular" goodies, such as bumpers, armor, and skid plates. This is going to be one monster of a Jeep, and built to wheel the toughest trails around!2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-body-removal-frameTo start, the body is removed from the frame, this allows easier access to pull the engine and transmission. The Rock Krawler long arm lift kit and Dana 60 Axles will be installed while the body is removed, in addition to the aforementioned HEMI installation. The Rock Krawler kit also requires the removal of the gas tank in order to install one of the rear long arm brackets; this proves much easier with the vehicle on the ground and the body removed, rather than lowering the gas tank with the entire JKU on the lift. The transmission, while certainly able to handle the power of a HEMI conversion, was removed to allow for the installation of the new crossmember supplied with the Rock Krawler kit.

2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-engine-removal-frame2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-engine-removal2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-transmission-removal-frameOnce the engine and transmission are pulled, the stock suspension brackets are removed from the frame. Since the Dana 60 axles are designed for a bolt-in application on a stock Jeep Wrangler JK/U, the brackets will be removed from the axles as well, as they are no longer applicable. Afterwards, all new brackets for the long arm and the coilovers are test fitted to the stock frame and D60 axles. In addition, the new crossmember and the connecting long arms are installed, as seen in the background of the center picture below.2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-brackets-coilovers-long-arm

2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-brackets-grinding-old-brackets 2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-brackets-frame-Dana-60 2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-bracketsStay tuned for the next update, for final installation pictures of the long arm kit, the new brackets, and Dana 60 axles! Next up, the HEMI will be installed, and the body can be lowered back onto the frame!



Fri, 20 Mar 2015 23:20:51 +0000 http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/customer-build-2015-jku-rubicon-part-1/ http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/customer-build-2015-jku-rubicon-part-1/ evan@rubitrux.com (Evan Graham) Evan Graham
2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Customer's Build, Part 3  

front-shot-poison-spyder-bumper-hood-upOn this update, the customer's build gets some finishing touches; the hard top has been added, and the interior is reassembled. The stock JKU hard top has been wrapped in matte black, to match the original body of the Jeep. The texture of the bedlined Poison Spyder bumpers, rocker knockers, and body armor contrast nicely with the smooth matte finish of the body wrap, while also protecting the body from dings and scratches on the trail!

poison-spyder-armor-driver-rear-gas-doorpassenger-rear-panel-posion-spyder-armor-matte-black-wrappoison-spyder-rocker-knockers-armor-matte-black-jkuThe Poison Spyder Crusher Flares add plenty of room to flex out the 37x13.50 tires, and the white spyder logo is a nice touch among the matte black wrap, bedlined Crusher Corners, and fenders. The Trail Cage has also been fully installed, and fits nicely with the windshield folded up and hardtop installed, as seen below. This will provide ample protection in the event of a rollover to the occupants, extending the protection of the factory roll bar to cover the front two seats. For more information and pictures, check Part Two of this build from last week!

passenger-side-trail-cage-windshield-up-top-onWith the addition of the Poison Spyder Armor and Trail Cage, this JKU is certainly ready to hit the trails or cruise around town! The stubby bumper, flat fenders, and 37-inch tires allow for an awesome approach angle on the front end, while the rear corner Crusher armor and rock sliders protect the rest of the JKU from body damage. Moreover, the Warn winch ensures that this beast will pull itself and others out of trouble time and time again on the trail. This build is in it's final stages; stay tuned for more, including the Poison Spyder Rear Bumper with tire carrier, on the final build post, coming soon!

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 20:51:45 +0000 http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/2012-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-customers-build-part-3/ http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/2012-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-customers-build-part-3/ evan@rubitrux.com (Evan Graham) Evan Graham
2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Customer's Build Part 2 poison-spyder-jeep-jku-trail-cage-install-editThis week, the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is receiving a Poison Spyder Trail Cage and complete Second Skin sound deadening treatment. With the trail cage installed, the inherent weak point in the Jeep Wrangler roll bar system, the connection of the spreader bars to the windshield, is eliminated. The new trail cage does this by fastening to the original factory roll bar towards the middle of the Jeep, and anchoring to the floor beneath the dashboard at the front of the vehicle.

Edit-poison-spyder-jeep-jk-trail-cage-2The spreader bars were first introduced in the Jeep Wrangler YJ model (1987-1995), as an improvement over the older CJ generation roll bar (featuring no spreader bars). While this addition was an improvement, the windshield still tended to collapse inwards quite a bit in the event of a front end rollover. The Poison Spyder trail cage corrects this by removing the spreader bars altogether, and replacing them with the bolt in trail cage, pictured above. Optional crossbars and grab handles, shown here, allow more protection and function for your ride, while maintaining a clean and obstruction free view for the driver and passengers.

poison-spyder-jeep-jku-trail-cage-install-front-topThe middle support of the Poison Spyder trail cage is also suitable for mounting accessories, such as a CB radio, for example. With this mounting point, a radio or overhead console can be kept out of the way, but still remain easily accessible on the road or the trail!

poison-spyder-jeep-jku-trail-cage-above-editIn addition to the trail cage, this Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is also getting a full Second Skin sound deadening treatment, shown here in progress. This ensures that the interior will remain quiet even at highway speeds, so that conversations between passengers, or news and music over the radio, remain uninterrupted.

matte-black-jeep-second-skin-install-in-progressStill to come, this Wrangler Unlimited will be getting a full audio system upgrade, so stay tuned for more!


Wed, 18 Feb 2015 20:28:55 +0000 http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/2012-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-customers-build-part-2/ http://www.rubitrux.com/go4x4it/2012-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-customers-build-part-2/ evan@rubitrux.com (Evan Graham) Evan Graham