2016 6.4L HEMI Brute Double Cab Conversion Black

  • 6.4L HEMI Conversion
  • 650 hp Arrington Performance Upgrade
  • 4.56 Gear Ratio Upgrade
  • AEV 4.5" DualSport SC Suspension
  • AEV Front And Rear Bumopers
  • Vision X Vortex LED Headlights
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Lets talk about the most aggressive Brute Double Cab that we have ever built. This Jeep started as a standard 4 Door Rubicon with a 3.6 Pentastar engine. After a 9 month wait at AEV shop in Michigan, the newly converted Double Cab headed our way. For most applications the 3.6 is a perfect engine, but we knew this beast had to have a HEMI. After we let Arrington Performance get their hands on the 6.4, we ended up with a 650 horsepower fire breathing monster. Check out the list of upgrades that we installed below!

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