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  • Winching Basics For Off-Road Recovery

    We all have to start somewhere, right? If you're starting to venture off-road with your new Wrangler JK, don't venture far without a winch. Make learning the winching basics a top priority, and practice it before you get yourself into a real compromised situation. While there are many winch options out there, we prefer the Warn brand for it's strength, reliability and durability. Warn offers several models from base to high-end. But if you can swing it, we recommend the Warn Zeon model hands down. Click here to find out why.

    Prepare For The Unexpected

    Consider upgrading your winch hook and investing in a recovery kit to make sure you get safe, reliable performance out of your winch time after time. By outfitting yourself with the proper recovery tools and accessories, and applying correct basic winching practices, you can safely and confidently navigate obstacles, and forego a lengthy frustrating recovery when you finally do get stuck.

    While most winch systems come with a conventional hook, we recommend upgrading to a ProLink by Factor 55. This closed system keeps the winch line from slipping out of the hook. The ProLink fastens to the end of your winch line, then a D-Ring mates the ProLink to the tow strap. The ProLink is available in a variety of colors to best match your build. Factor 55 features a full line of winch accessories. You can check them all out HERE.


    1. Winching Basics: Locate Your Tow Points

    With many aftermarket bumpers, there are multiple winch points. The Jeep pictured below is outfitted with a full Maximus-3 build package. There are D-Ring mounts below the winch hook (shown in red), and tow hooks by the bumper hoop (also in red). On most Wrangler JK's, there are two tow hooks in the front bumper, and one in the rear. These points are great for pulling out a stuck JK with your winch. Do not attach a winch line to the OEM roll bar or any external sheet metal. Factory tow points located on the bumper and frame are the best places to hook up a winch.

    2. Winching Basics: Attach To The Anchor Point

    If you need to winch yourself out, you'll need to find something solid, like a tree or another vehicle to attach to. This is when a tow strap or tree strap comes in handy. For example, a stock vehicle may not have a tow hook, or your winch line may cut into the tree and damage it when you winch off of it. A wide, reinforced recovery strap is a much safer and more responsible option than using your winch line. Remember to forever tread lightly on land and water. Make every effort to protect the trees and land along your path and around your recovery area. View the TREAD principles for responsible four-wheeling.

    The ARB Recovery Kit, featured below is a useful accessory to have on hand. It includes D-Rings, recovery straps and a snatch block. A snatch block is used to change the direction of your winch cable when the anchor point is offset. And it gives you extra pulling power. Click here to learn how to use a snatch block.

    ARB Recovery Kit

    On Using A Land Anchor

    If there are no solid points to attach your winch to, your alternative is to use a land anchor, like the AEV Pull Pal shown below, for example. These anchors can be planted in clay, sand, soil or snow. In this case, you would plant the land anchor firmly into the ground and directly attach the winch hook and cable to the anchor handle. If you plan to get into serious off-roading or you're going to be wheelin' in the desert, you'll definitely want to invest in a top-quality winch anchor and learn how to use it properly before you go.

    Pull-Pal Winch Anchor - Winching Basics

    3. Winching Basics: On Tightening The Winch Line

    Once you've attached the winch to the winch anchor point or land anchor, turn on the vehicle. Using your winch remote, press the spool button to gently tighten the winch line. Don't over tighten. 

    4. Use Gloves, Dampener And Caution

    Use extreme caution when winching out your vehicle or a friend's. When pulling out your line, or spooling your winch in, keep your line as straight as possible and beware pinch points. Wear gloves and keep a safe distance while winding. Your fingers and hands can be crushed if pulled into the winch.

    Make sure all bystanders are clear before you begin a recovery operation. Stand clear of the winch line! It's under an enormous amount of tension. And cables are known to snap. This can prove deadly if you're standing in the wrong spot.  Also, consider using something like a jacket or towel to place over the winch line. If the line does snap, this will help dampen some of the force, keeping bystanders a bit safer.

    5. Place Vehicle In Neutral: Spool, Monitor, Straighten

    Place the vehicle in neutral and press the spool button on your winch remote. As the vehicle begins to move forward, monitor the towel or dampener, keeping it in the middle of the line. Stop or steer the vehicle, if you need to, to make sure your line is spooling straight and even. Once your vehicle is fully recovered, you're ready to unhook and stow your tools. Then, give your friends a high-five!

    Be Safe Out There!

    Remember, the key to every off-road trip is safety first. If safety isn't top of mind, serious injury to people and vehicles can and will occur. It's just the nature of our dangerously fun and favorite past time, ' four wheelin.' Play it safe and don't go off-road alone. Learn and practice the winching basics before you need to put them into serious action.

  • Wrangler JK - Mirror Options

    Worried about the lack of mirrors when you take the doors off your Wrangler JK? Check out these mirror options. They're ideal for summertime use around town or on the trail. These mirrors will let you maintain visibility and safety while making the most of your Jeep!

    4 Mirror Options For Safe Summer Fun!

    On older Jeep vehicles like the CJ-7, the mirrors are usually seen mounted on the windshield brackets. However, the JK features large plastic mirrors. The JK is much larger than an early Wrangler or CJ-7. Thus, mirrors are helpful on the highway or parking around town. Also, some states are very strict about mirror laws. So if you're running doorless or with aftermarket half doors, here are four options you should consider. 

    Rugged Ridge - Quick Release

    The true "door off" mirror option are the Rugged Ridge Quick Release mirrors. These mirrors are similar to the old CJ mirrors. Affixed to the windshield frame, these mirrors will work with doors on or off. Installation is a snap, and you can use the quick release feature if you want to remove these in a hurry! Comes in a satin black finish. Priced at $62.99.

    Rugged Ridge Door Mirror Kit

    These mirrors are the Rugged Ridge OEM "replica" mirror kit. These mirrors are nearly identical to the OEM Jeep mirrors. If you're running Rugged Ridge or MOPAR half doors for the summer, these mirrors are a great option. UV protected black plastic housing. Note that doors are required. This kit DOES NOT fit to your windshield frame. Priced at $180.99.

    Body Armor Trail Door Mirrors

    These mirrors are designed for the Body Armor trail doors. Trail doors are an aftermarket half door, great for the summer, but lacking in an OEM Jeep mirror mount. If you like the classic YJ/TJ Wrangler mirrors, check these out. Simplified design for easy storage, folds flush to the door. Furthermore, they're easily adjustable! Priced at $147.78.

    Body Armor Mirror Options

    Oracle Mirrors With Illumination

    These mirrors by Oracle are great for replacing the mirrors on your full doors, or if you're running half doors for the summer and want more illumination. Producing 2200 Lumens, these mirrors are great for lighting up peripheral areas beyond your headlights' reach. Check out the range of illumination and our Project VANDAL pictures at! $420.75.

    Oracle Mirrors

    Go Fully Equipped!

    Don't go ill-equipped without mirrors for your half-doors or doorless rides this summer. Whether it's to comply with your state law or just for added safety, these aftermarket mirror options can save you and your Jeep. Got questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 828-675-8789. 

  • Advantages of Exterior LINE-X Coating

    Why Choose LINE-X Exterior Coating?

    If you've ever worried about scratches or dents on your vehicle, you may want to check out LINE-X coating. Commonly used in the beds of pickup trucks, LINE-X is a durable solution for all of your fit and finish concerns. This spray on coating can be color matched to any Jeep factory paint code. More durable than ever, the current generation product will resist cracking, peeling, and color fading, giving it an edge over the competition. A LINE-X treatment also includes UV protection for added defense against the harmful rays of the sun. The innovative protective coating features a long-lasting rich gloss finish that gives your vehicle a constant "just sprayed" look. It permanently bonds at the molecular level to keep your vehicle's outer body fully protected for years to come.

    LINE-X Exterior Coating

    LINE-X vs. Kevlar or Rhino Liner

    The two main products that compete here, not pictured, are Rhino Liner and what are sometimes referred to as "Kevlar" coatings. While these products may give the appearance of a high quality spray on protective coating. They have several shortfalls. The key problem with these so called "Kevlar" coatings is simple. As anyone remotely familiar with Kevlar (used in bulletproof vests, for example) can tell you, Kevlar is vulnerable to UV rays. This means that over time, the Kevlar part of the spray on coating can degrade, especially if the vehicle is kept outside. Rhino Liner has similar issues with UV when it comes to durability and fading. Rhino has a softer rubber based construction than the  LINE-X plastic based construction.  The LINE-X coating is sprayed 10x thicker than the Kevlar but unlike Kevlar does not allow for  details to be added into the coating. We recommend LINE-X exterior coating over both competitor products.

    LINE-X Coating - Wrangler JK

    LINE-X Coating Options And Costs

    If you're looking at giving your vehicle a LINE-X treatment, click HERE to view your options. Prices start at $2795.00. Prices do not include transporting your vehicle. Get your Jeep ready for the great outdoors and give it a durable finish from the best name in protective coatings. Choose Line-X Body Armor™!

    *Prices do not include transportation or the stripping down of the Jeep and re-installation of parts. Strip and re-install typically run 6 to 8 hours labor.

  • Wrangler Off-Road Driving Tips

    So you just bought a Wrangler JK. What's the first thing that comes to mind? Taking it off-road, of course! However, there's a few things you should know before starting out on your next adventure. Here are a few basic off-road driving tips.

    Off-road driving tips

    Never Go Off-Road Alone!

    When venturing off the beaten path, always take a friend! The more the merrier. When using and modifying your vehicle for off-road excursions, breaking down or getting stuck can and does happen. But if you follow these off-road driving tips, you can turn aggravation into fun.

    Having a friend (or a few) with tow straps, a winch, or even some shovels, can make the difference between driving out or walking home. There are several ways your vehicle can become immobilized. From puncturing a tire, improperly or hastily installed aftermarket parts (that bolt you forgot to torque down), or the classic, getting stuck in a deep mud pit, off-road problems can ruin your day of fun. But don't let this discourage you. Changing a tire or winching out is much easier with friends, and you'll have a cool story to boot. It's much more enjoyable than having to walk out to call help or a tow truck. We guarantee it!

    Off-Road Driving Tips

    Go Prepared!

    You can ride with a whole convoy of Jeeps, from the oldest CJ to the newest Wrangler JK with electronic lockers, but it'll all be moot if no one has a tow strap! Go prepared with things like tow straps, snatch-blocks, shovels, and extra D-rings. You may want to consider something like this ARB Essentials Recovery Kit, or the Warn Medium Duty Epic Recovery Kit. Both companies also offer Heavy Duty Recovery Kits.


    A winch can be your best friend here, too. With your winch, you should carry a good set of gloves, an extra tree/tow strap, and extra batteries for your controller (if applicable). A high-lift jack and equipment to change your tire is invaluable if you pop a bead or tear a sidewall. It's always a good idea to carry extra water and a good first aid kit too. 

    Shop Warn Winches!

    Off-Road Driving Tips

    Off-Road Driving Tips For 4x4 Wheelin'

    Most Jeep Wrangler vehicles come factory equipped with 4x--and lockers if you've got a Rubicon. Unless you're planning a big swap, you're out of luck with the few older 2-wheel drive Wrangler JK's, so double check for 4x4 before you buy a used Jeep. With open differentials, 4-Hi is fine for dirt trails or light mud, but get into a deep bog or rocks, and you may want to use 4-low. Remember to engage the 4x4 before you actually need it. You may need to move your vehicle forward a bit before 4x4 engages. Needless to say, this does you no good if you're already stuck and can't get the 4x4 to engage.

    Driving Techniques for Off-Road 4x4

    If mud is your thing, keep up your momentum. If you bog down and start spinning tires, back up and try again or pick a different route. For rocks, engage those lockers and go slow. Speed translates to breakage and dented sheet metal, especially around those big boulders at the local off-road park. Follow this off-road driving tip for a smoother off-roading experience.

    Off-Road Driving Tips for Tire Pressure

    Also, don't forget to air down your tires. Ratings vary by tire and wheel size. but an aired down tire will have a larger footprint than one with street psi. This translates to a larger gripping surface for your vehicle, and it'll usually help you climb up, over, or out of even the toughest obstacles. Beadlocks, seen below, will let you air down your tire even further, for the greatest amount of traction. A simple tire inflator with gauge makes it easy to deflate and inflate your tires. Watch this expert video for more information on tire pressure ratings for off-road driving conditions. 

    Basic Off-Road Driving Tips

    Follow Leave No Trace Principals!

    Take a trash bag. On your way out, be sure to pick up your trash. If you see any debris left behind by others, lend a hand and help keep our trails clean for the next group. Off-road trips with a properly equipped Jeep can be an unforgettable adventure for Jeep friends and family!

    Be a good steward. Visit for more Leave No Trace principals.

  • Basic Spotting Rules for the Trail

    It's important you know basic spotting rules before you go off-road with friends. Imagine yourself out having a great time off-road when your buddy gets his Jeep into a jam. He's stuck at an odd angle and he's having a hard time seeing the trail. There's a large rock that's just off to the side and out of his view. You know he's in a predicament, but you're not sure how to help. 

    The Spotter's Role

    Your friend needs a spotter. Spotting for someone involves getting to a vantage point and helping them through an obstacle or hard-to-see portion of the trail. The spotter gives the driver basic directions through loud voice commands or hand signals. The driver must trust the spotter, especially if the going gets tough. Trail damage to body panels or drivetrain equipment is costly, and can ruin even the most perfect day, so it's imperative you know the basic rules of spotting and take it seriously.

    Basic Spotting Rules 

    Off-Road ObstaclesSpotting is one of the fundamentals of any off-road trip. When off-road, there can be hazards and obstacles all around you. They can be to the sides, front, or rear of your vehicle--and yes, beneath or above you as well. The driver must be constantly scanning the environment, not only for the best path (or "line"), but also for the potential hazards. As you can see from the picture below, full doors and interior add-ons such as a roll-cage can clutter or obscure your view from the driver's seat. In this case, Jeeping with a spotter you can trust is crucial.

    Obstacles Obstruct View From Inside The Vehicle - Basic Spotting Rules

    How To Use Words And Gestures

    First and foremost, use basic words or gestures. Complex sentences can confuse the situation. Couple words and gestures together for the best results. Simple words as "STOP" (palm out) and "GO" (a beckoning or thumbs up gesture) work better than "hold up" and "come on", for example. But you may not be able to yell over the sound of a straight piped V-8 engine. Discuss this beforehand and figure out what works best for both the spotter and driver. While the spotter remotely guides the 4x4 through a hazardous obstacle, the driver and spotter must be on the same page.

    Use terms such as "driver" and "passenger" for sides of the vehicle. This removes the directional "right" and "left", which can be confusing, especially if the driver and spotter are facing one another. Doing so reduces the opportunity for situations that can cause bodily injury and vehicle damage, such as a typical rollover, seen below.

    Rubicon Rollover

    Keep It Simple!

    Alway designate a spotter and one assistant spotter per obstacle, especially if they're familiar with the trail. It doesn't help to have everybody along for the ride pile out and start shouting directions. Just remember the golden rule. Keep It Simple! Simple always works best, especially when you've got a large expensive vehicle feet or inches away from trees or boulders.

    Generally the more experienced "off-roaders" on the trip will volunteer to spot. Experienced spotters can predict how the vehicle will behave. Variables like rain, mud, tire type, center of gravity, and more, all come into play here. "When in doubt, throttle out" sometimes works. But there will be just as many times where "slow and steady" wins the race, especially on the rocks.

    Jeeps Off-Road Obstacles

    How To Be An Effective Spotter

    Spotting is just as important while off-road as having the appropriate recovery equipment. Don't forget to learn the ins and outs of your vehicle, as well as others you Jeep with. Knowing how a given vehicle will or may behave on the trail is the first step in becoming an effective spotter. If you have an experienced spotter in the group, watch how they guide a 4x4 through the trail. Always remember, keep it simple, be safe, and have fun out there. Follow the basic spotting rules. 

  • 22 Jeep Accessory Gifts For Dad

    There are no better Father's Day gifts for a Jeep Dad than Jeep accessories. That's why we put together this guide to 22 Jeep Accessory Gifts For Dad. You'll find Jeep accessories from top brands, including AEV, Teraflex, Bartact, Grabar, Rugged Ridge, and more.

    If you don't have a clue what Dad needs or wants, you can always give him a RubiTrux Gift Card. Look for Code JWDAD and FREE SHIPPING offers below. Let's go shopping!

    Jeep Accessory Gifts For Dad Happy Father's Day To All Jeep Dads!

    Jeep Accessory Gifts For Dad - Under $200

    1. Bartact Paracord Grab Handles. Sold in pairs. Seven-strand Nylon 550 LB Paracord provides sturdy and easy Jeep entry assistance. Priced at $25.99Shop Now!

    Bartact Grab Handles Gift Idea Jeepers

    2. Maximus-3 Maglite Mount and clips. Attaches to front seat to keep Dad's flashlight easily accessible. Maglite not included. FREE SHIPPING. $29.99Shop Now! 

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    3. Rugged Ridge Hitch Kit. One-piece construction for extra strength and a perfect fit. $78.99-103.99. Shop Now!

    Rugged Ridge Standard Budget Conscious

    4. SpiderWebShade. One-piece TrailMesh sun shade. Blocks up to 90% UV rays. Available for 2-door, 4-door and sides. Starting at $89.99. Shop Now!

    Jeep Accessory Gifts

    5. Grabar Steel Grab Handle Set. Offered in multiple grip colors. FREE SHIPPING. $102.00. Shop Now! 

    6. Recon LED Fender Markers & Turns. Smoked or clear. FREE SHIPPING. $119.00. Shop Now!       

    Jeep Accessory Gifts

    7. Dirty Dog Cargo Netting. Keeps cargo safe when the top is off. Available in many color options. FREE SHIPPING. $124.85. Shop Now!

    Dirty Dog Netting Gift Ideas Jeepers

    8. Factor 55 ProLink screw pin winch shackle mount that's five times stronger than winch hooks. Available in 5 colors. FREE SHIPPING. $142.45. Shop Now! 

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    9. AEV ProCal Programmer. Calibrate speedometer, adjust transmission shift point, clear engine codes, and more. FREE SHIPPING. $170.00. Shop Now!   

    Jeep Accessory Gifts

    10. Weather Tech Floor Liner Combo. The most advanced floor carpet protection on the market. Available in 3 colors. FREE SHIPPING. $197.90. Shop Now!  

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    11. Bestop Seat Covers. Two layers of water repellent protection. Fade resistant. Available in 3 colors. FREE SHIPPING. $199.00Shop Now! 

    Jeep Accessory Gifts

    Jeep Accessory Gifts For Dad - Under $500

    12. Morimoto LED Fog Light Kit. Bright, quality fog lights for the HardRock/10A/X Rubicons. Powered by three Philips Luxeon-T 5000K LEDs. FREE SHIPPING. $209.99. Shop Now!

    Jeep Accessory Gifts

    13. BrandMotion Backup Camera. High-mounted camera system for Wrangler. Fully adjustable camera bracket and spare tire hub mounting bracket. Starting at $249.99. Shop Now!   

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    14. Bartact Wrangler JK Seat Covers. Available for models 2007-2017. Waterproof polyester with 3-year minimum fade guarantee. FREE SHIPPING. Starting at $309.99. Shop Now!

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    15. N-Fab Nerf Steps. Solid one-piece construction bolts on. Provides wheel to wheel coverage for protection against road debris. Easy step design. $366.99. Shop Now! 

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    16. Generation 3 Body Armor TrailDoors. Adjustable pins ensure an exact fit for Wrangler JK. Heavy-duty nylon panels provide comfort and functionality. FREE SHIPPING. $385.99/pair. Shop Now! 

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    17. Teraflex Leveling Kit. Spacer leveling kit provides 2-inch front lift and     1-inch rear lift. Levels and slightly lifts for better highway and off-road handling. FREE SHIPPING. $398.99. Shop Now! 

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    18. JW Speaker LED Fog Light Kit. For Hard Rock/10A/X Model Rubicons. Most advanced LED direct replacement light on the market for true high performance. $399.99. Shop Now! 

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    19. S-Pod Wiring Solution. Panel includes six pre-wired switches. Low voltage cutoff to idle electronics. Bluetooth and Smartphone control available. FREE SHIPPING. Starting at $435.00. Shop Now!

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    20. New Model 8700 Evolution J LED Headlamps. True high performance LED headlight is a direct replacement for Jeep JK Headlights. Superior visibility, safety and durability. The most advanced LED Jeep-specific headlight. FREE SHIPPING. Normally $639.00. Now $470.00 with code "JWDAD." Shop Now! 

    Read the article: JW Speaker Shines In Aftermarket Lighting

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    Premium Jeep Accessory Gifts For Dad

    21. BrandMotion 360-Vision System. Full surround cameras for 360-degree view on and off-road. Includes dash-mounted control pad. Watch the demonstration video. FREE SHIPPING. $899.95. Shop Now! 

    Jeep Accessory Gift

    22. Bestop NX Glide Soft Top. Easy Slide-In/Out Operation, Sunrider panel stores back like a convertible top. Windows slide out. FREE SHIPPING. $1399.99. Shop now!

    Jeep Accessory Gifts


    Jeep Gift

    If you didn't find what you're looking for here, purchase a RubiTrux Gift Card for your Jeep Dad. Minimum amount $50. Purchase Now! 

    Shop! And call us at 828-675-8789 if you need assistance.




  • Wrangler JK - Half Door Options

    Half door options are not available from the factory for most current generation Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited models. But, during the warmer months, and in warmer climates, many seasoned Wrangler owners prefer them. Half doors allow you the flexibility to detach the soft upper windows, leaving the metal door and side view mirror in place. Riders can still experience the open-air freedom, yet have some protection. In years past, the only option for full-door JK owners who wanted half doors was to order a complete set from MOPAR. As you can imagine, this was rather expensive. But thanks to companies like Body Armor, Rugged Ridge and Bestop, you can now add half doors to your JK for a fraction of the cost!

    Body Armor TrailDoors

    body-armor-white-jeep-wrangler-jk-unlimited-generation-3-trail-doors-half-doorBody Armor offers a set of half-doors for the Wrangler JK and JK-Unlimited, known as the Gen 3 TrailDoors. These doors are tube-doors, but with a unique twist; they feature cargo nets! These TrailDoors are ideal for the JK owner who wants prefers more open-air freedom than a standard half-door, but not as wide-open as a traditional tube-door. The Gen 3 TrailDoors also feature adjustable door pins, for that perfect fit on your JK. Available in a textured black powder coat.

    Rugged Ridge Half Doors or Tube Doors

    rugged-ridge-half-door-steelRugged Ridge offers two options for half doors. The true half door features a steel frame with an impact and UV resistant thermoplastic housing. If you're looking for OEM style, fit, and finish, you'll be happy with Rugged Ridge Half Doors with the steel frame and thermoplastic housing. You can paint the matte black thermoplastic to match your factory color. These doors also feature weather seals for protection against moisture and road noise. Soft upper door frames (not included) will install in a snap, and these half-doors work with either the OEM mirrors, or aftermarket mirrors by Rugged Ridge. The steel half doors also feature a locking mechanism and a storage area.rugged-ridge-half-door-tube-doors-wrangler-jk-11509The Rugged Ridge tube doors, however, take a more bare-bones approach to the half door market. Constructed from 1.5" mandrel bent steel and powdercoated in a flat, textured black finish, these doors are great for the Jeep owner who wants to maintain a full open-air experience. On the trail these tube doors increase the field of view from that of the standard full doors or solid half doors. The tube doors feature OEM style hinges and a locking mechanism, and they'll work with aftermarket Rugged Ridge or OEM side-view mirrors.

    Bestop Half Doors

    bestop-half-door-jeep-wrangler-jk-jkuBestop manufactures two types of half doors for the Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU. For those looking for soft doors, the Bestop Half Doors are a great choice. The doors feature a steel frame construction, durable fabric covering, and they mount right into the factory door hinges. These half doors include paddle handles, and are available in front, rear, and combo (both front and rear) sets. These doors do not fit soft uppers.bestop-half-door-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-unlimitedThe Bestop 2-piece doors are for the JK owner looking to mount soft-uppers to a lower soft-door. These two-piece doors resemble the soft doors that were popular on older CJ models, such as the CJ-5 and CJ-7. This option is perfect for spring and summer, when your full doors are stored. The soft doors are light, so taking them on and off during the warmer months is a breeze. Since the 2-piece doors also feature zip-up soft windows, these doors can protect the interior of the JK during rain showers and highway excursions.body-armor-traildoors-half-door

    Which Half Door Option Is Right For You?

    We've featured half doors on several of our builds, like Project: VANDAL, which can be seen here. Have a look around to find the half-door that's best for you. You can view all your half door options at If you have any questions, just give us a call. 

  • Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers

    Whether you need to replace your faded and torn factory seats or protect your new ones, seat covers are a good investment. You can order seat covers in many configurations. From waterproof covers to modular seat covers with cargo pockets, they're highly functional. We turn to quality brands like Bestop and Bartact for our custom builds. But, here are several options for you to consider.

    Bartact Best Premium Fit

    Bartact Seat Covers

    Bartact, shown above, manufactures their seat covers from waterproof-backed polyester. You can purchase these in a solid or two-tone color scheme. These covers feature a modular system to attach your favorite accessory pouches and gear. And they're backed by a 3-year minimum fade guarantee. Bartact guarantees a premium precise fit your Wrangler OEM seats. Pricing starts at $309.99.

    Bestop Bang For Your Buck

    If you're looking for a simple, yet durable, seat cover. Bestop (shown above) features a UV and water resistant construction and a strap and buckle fastening system. You can choose from black, tan, and gray. Priced at $199.99.
    Bestop Seat Covers

    AEV Covers For A Complete AEV Build

    Below, the AEV Cordura covers complement your AEV build. Made from waterproof Cordura, these machine-washable covers are more durable than others made of neoprene. Also featuring a strap and buckle fastening system, these covers are available in black. Priced at $310.00.

    AEV Seat Covers

    Rugged Ridge Rocks Simple Modular Seat Covers

     Rugged Ridge produces Wrangler seat covers with a modular pouch system, pictured below. They manufacture these covers with Heavy Duty 600 Denier Polyester Fabric and feature five multi-purpose pouches. You'll like these covers if you're an organizer who likees to travel with extra tools and accessories. You can also purchase one at a time. Priced at $138.99 each.


    Rugged Ridge Seat Covers

    Seat Armour Towel Covers For Fun In The Sun

    Seat Armour Seat Towels are a great option for your days at the river, the pool or the beach. You can easily throw them on or off between you topless, doorless days of frolicking in the sun. Enjoy these fun towels for a variety of other scenarios, like guarding against daily pet dander, or food and drink spills that threaten your seats' longevity. Priced at $29.99 each.


    Seat Armour Seat Towels


    We've Got You Covered!

    If you're looking for full fitted seat covers or just a towel cover, check out our full selection of seat covers and towels HERE!

  • AMP Research Power Steps

    Do you need steps for your Jeep Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited that won't interfere with your ground clearance? If so, you'll love AMP Research Power Steps. Traditional side rails or tube steps may hang too low and catch rocks and other obstacles on the trail. But AMP Research steps fold out when you need them, and fold up and away when you don't.

    amp-research-7512201a-jeep-wrangler-jk-powerstep-running-boards-jk-unlimited-steps-outEven stock Jeep JK's feature a higher stance than a typical passenger car. You have no choice but to step up on entry and step down on exit. This product gives you that extra wide step to make entry and exit more comfortable, especially for those who are not accustomed to a truck or SUV. These steps are great for those needing that extra foothold to enter or exit the vehicle, such as young children. 

    Amp-Research-Power-Step AMP Research Side Steps Are Fully Retractable

    The ability to fully retract these side steps makes them perfect for the family-oriented Wrangler JKU, where adding a vehicle lift could otherwise be impractical with small children or pets. Many owners also find that family members accustomed to passenger cars dislike high entry and exit points. These steps will mitigate that problem. Upon opening the door, the AMP Research step folds out (pictured above). The wide step provides a sturdy foothold. Once the door is shut, the AMP Research step retracts (pictured below).



    As you can see above, when the steps are fully retracted they fold neatly up to the pinch seam. These steps don't remain fixed, like a traditional tube step. This prevents it from snagging rocks or other obstacles on the trail. If you're looking for rocker protection, the AMP side steps can also hold up to moderate abuse off-road. This provides you with some protection for the pinch seam. However, we would not recommend this product for the dedicated off-road 'rig.' The step just won't hold up to repeated abuse while rock crawling.


    If you're looking for a top quality automatic step for your Wrangler JK or JKU, we recommend AMP research. We install these often here at the shop, and the customer is always happy. If you would like to order a set for your build, you can purchase HERE. Or give us a call at 828-675-8789.

  • Wrangler JK - Grab Handles

    Are you tired of busting your gut entering and exiting your lifted Jeep? Let's face it, the roll-bar and steering wheel provide awkward support at best. That's why grab handles are a popular aftermarket accessory. They simply make getting in and out of your ride a breeze.

    Grabars Made Of Steel

    Grabars bolt on to the top corners of the windshield frame, and to the factory roll bar in front of the rear seat. This product yields a strong steady assist for entering and exiting the lifted vehicle. Grabars also provide a solid hold while you navigate rough terrain off road.


    Easy Bolt Installation

    Grabars are available for both YJ and TJ Wranglers, as well as Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited 4-door models. You simply mount them to existing OEM bolt holes, with no drilling. However, if you have plastic trim around the sides of the windshield, found on current generation JKs, you may need to make a slight modification. Grabar offers both front and rear handles for the JK and JKU. You can order all Grabars' variants, including those for the older generation Wranglers, with dual layered rubber grips in variety of colors. Check them out here.


    Grabars are made right here in the USA with 3/4-inch solid steel. The product features a lifetime warranty from defects and workmanship. Your package includes 12.9 Strength Black Oxide Steel Bolts (for the OEM mounting points). Grabars powder coating includes UV protection, so your finish will not be damaged by long-term sun exposure. 


    Bartact Grab Handles Made Of Paracord

    Bartact hand weaves their paracord handles with true American-Made 7-strand 550-pound nylon. The high-quality handle base is heavyweight webbing with a hook and loop system. And it's offered in a variety of colors. This solution is a great option if you desire a flexible hand hold for entering or exiting your Jeep. 

    Bartact Paracord Grab Handles

    Rugged Ridge Grab Handles Of Nylon And Plastic

    On a tight budget? Rugged Ridge grab handles are simple and reliable with a great price tag. You simply strap the durable nylon webbing to your roll bar. And you can rely on the molded plastic grab handles to provide a firm assist. Rugged Ridge sells their grab handles for ANY Wrangler or CJ in pairs. 

    Rugged Ridge Grab Handles

    Grab Your Handles And Go!

    If you've lifted your Jeep Wrangler and don't have grab handles, you really don't know what you're missing. Aftermarket grab handles greatly help climbing in and out of your lifted Jeep. Of course, they work just as well with a stock vehicle. Shop now!


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