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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • Project: VANDAL, Part 2

    dana-60-axles-on-frame-transmission-progressOn this update, the 2015 Rubicon has had both Spicer Ultimate Dana 60 axles and the Rock Krawler 5.5" Stage II Rock Runner long arm kit installed, and the new brackets have all been added and painted. The transmission has been re-installed, and the new custom HEMI is ready to be dropped in! The wheels and tires shown here are just rollers, but give a nice idea of how the Jeep will sit when complete, in addition to showcasing how wide the 8-lug Dana 60 axles are in comparison to the stock Rubicon Dana 44s.

    rear-axle-installed The 6.4L HEMI engine for this build, below, customized by Arrington Performance, was stroked and bored out to 7.3L. The engine features all new internals, and has an average horse power rating of 649, with a peak of 702 horsepower at 5800 rpms, and provides 655 pounds of torque. To help ensure that the engine receives adequate amounts of fuel on lengthy off road excursions, a 20 gallon GenRight fuel cell will be added. Meanwhile, the 5.38 gears inside the Dana 60 axles will assist the engine in turning the 40" tires, and the factory Rubicon locker switches will hook right up to the new axles, allowing for a no hassle installation! engine-removed-from-crate

    Stay tuned for more in the next update!

  • Project: VANDAL, Part 1

    2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-brackets-coilovers-long-armThis week at RubiTrux, we have a brand new 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon in the shop. This Jeep is getting a number of upgrades, including a long arm lift kit, Rock Krawler coilovers, Dana 60 axles, a HEMI conversion, and 40" tires, in addition to the "regular" goodies, such as bumpers, armor, and skid plates. This is going to be one monster of a Jeep, and built to wheel the toughest trails around!2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-body-removal-frameTo start, the body is removed from the frame, this allows easier access to pull the engine and transmission. The Rock Krawler long arm lift kit and Dana 60 Axles will be installed while the body is removed, in addition to the aforementioned HEMI installation. The Rock Krawler kit also requires the removal of the gas tank in order to install one of the rear long arm brackets; this proves much easier with the vehicle on the ground and the body removed, rather than lowering the gas tank with the entire JKU on the lift. The transmission, while certainly able to handle the power of a HEMI conversion, was removed to allow for the installation of the new crossmember supplied with the Rock Krawler kit.

    2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-engine-removal-frame2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-engine-removal2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-transmission-removal-frameOnce the engine and transmission are pulled, the stock suspension brackets are removed from the frame. Since the Dana 60 axles are designed for a bolt-in application on a stock Jeep Wrangler JK/U, the brackets will be removed from the axles as well, as they are no longer applicable. Afterwards, all new brackets for the long arm and the coilovers are test fitted to the stock frame and D60 axles. In addition, the new crossmember and the connecting long arms are installed, as seen in the background of the center picture below.2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-brackets-coilovers-long-arm

    2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-brackets-grinding-old-brackets 2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-brackets-frame-Dana-60 2015-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-in-progress-custom-bracketsStay tuned for the next update, for final installation pictures of the long arm kit, the new brackets, and Dana 60 axles! Next up, the HEMI will be installed, and the body can be lowered back onto the frame!




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