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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • Product of the Week - Half-Doors, Pt. 2

    body-armor-white-jeep-wrangler-jk-unlimited-generation-3-trail-doors-half-doorsThis week, we're taking a look at half doors by Body Armor and Bestop; you may have read the last blog post on Rugged Ridge half doors, and if you're in the market for a set, you might want to check out these products as well! Half doors are a nice compromise between the factory full-doors common on Jeep Wrangler JKs, and riding with no doors. The plus side is that the side-view mirrors remain in place when you remove the soft uppers, so mirror-relocation kits are not necessary, and the half-door provides some degree of protection from the elements.body-armor-gen-3-trail-doors-tube-cargo-netBody Armor offers a set of half-doors for the 2007-2016 Jeep Wrangler JK and JK-Unlimited, known as the Gen 3 TrailDoors. These doors are tube-doors, but with a unique twist; they feature cargo nets! These TrailDoors are perfect for the JK owner wanting something with a little more open-air freedom than a standard half-door, but not as wide-open as a traditional tube-door. The Gen 3 TrailDoors also feature adjustable door pins, for that perfect fit on your JK, and a textured black powder coat.

    body-armor-jeep-wrangler-jk-mirror-set-traildoors-5126Body Armor also offers a set of side-mirrors for the Gen 3 TrailDoors. These side-mirrors easily bolt to the TrailDoors, which come pre-drilled, and feature a black finish. These mirrors resemble the factory OEM mirrors from late-model YJs and the 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ. As such, the mirror arm and head are adjustable, so the mirrors can easily fold for storage in tight places.bestop-half-doors-jeep-wrangler-jk-jkuBestop manufactures two types of half doors for the Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU. For those looking for soft doors, the Bestop Half Doors are a great choice. The doors feature a steel frame construction, durable fabric covering, and mount right into the factory door hinges. These half doors include paddle handles, and are available in front, rear, and combo (both front and rear) sets. These doors do not fit soft uppers.bestop-half-doors-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-unlimited-The Bestop 2-piece doors are for the JK owner looking to mount soft-uppers to a lower soft-door. These two-piece doors resemble the soft-doors that were popular on older CJ models, such as the CJ-5 and CJ-7. This option is great for spring and summer, when the full-doors can remain safe in storage; the soft-doors are light, so taking them on and off during the warmer months is a breeze. Since the 2-piece doors also feature zip up soft windows, these doors can protect the interior of the JK during on-road excursions or that unexpected summertime rain shower.body-armor-white-jeep-wrangler-jk-unlimited-generation-3-trail-doors-half-doors-openSo if you're looking for half doors strictly for the trail, or a set of half-doors for running in all-weather conditions with zip-up soft-uppers, we carry something for you! Give your Jeep Wrangler JK or JK-Unlimited that classic look, and order a set of half or soft doors today!

  • Vehicle of the Week - FJ-40 Land Cruiser

    IMG_1971This week, we're going to stray from the Jeep a little, and give some attention to another classic 4x4, the Toyota FJ-40 (or J40). This vehicle shares certain similarities with the Jeep CJ line, due to Japan manufacturing a number of Jeeps for the US Army during the Korean War (1950-1953). Toyota began producing and modifying the basic "jeep" design throughout the 1950s and into the 1960s, when the FJ-40 was born. The FJ-40, produced from 1960 until 1984, is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Jeep, mostly due to the removable doors, top, and fold-down windshield, present on the Jeep CJ series and Wrangler models of today.IMG_1976The FJ-40 went through several revisions through the years; this model is a recently restored 1978 FJ-40. For the '78 model year, the FJ had front disk brakes, but air conditioning and power steering did not come until the 1979 model year. Under the hood, this Toyota sports a 4.2L Inline-6 mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. The 6-cylinder has plenty of power, with the 4.10 gear ratio in the axles, and has a nice factory look, with period correct wheels, and factory-size tires. The FJ does feature half doors, and a brand new Bestop bikini top (not pictured). It is also worth noting the jump seats and rear tire storage in the bed, as well as the pristine badges and Warn locking hubs.IMG_1975This 1978 Toyota FJ-40 is $19,500.00, and if you are interested in purchasing this beautifully restored classic four-wheel drive, give us a call at 828-406-3031 today! This FJ-40 is ready for any adventure that comes it's way, and looks like it could have just rolled off the showroom floor in 1978. If you want to leave it stock, or add some wagon-wheels with white walled off-road tires and a mild lift, for that period correct 4x4, this vehicle will be at home at the beach, in the mountains, or driving around town!IMG_1972The classic FJ-40 Land Cruiser was phased out in 1984, although 1983 was the last model year available in the US. The FJ-40 was succeeded by the J70 series abroad, and some models still feature the soft top and jump seats; however, there's just something about the earlier FJ-40, the Jeep-like appearance, rugged styling and simplistic design, that beckons the road less traveled, adventures past, and dependability for the future. So check out the following gallery of images, and let us know if you're interested! This FJ will certainly make a great addition to any garage, be it a collector, or the owner looking for that special weekend or sunny-day 'Cruiser!IMG_1977





  • Product of the Week - Rugged Ridge Half Doors

    The majority of current generation Jeep Wranglers, the JK (2007-Present), come ordered or equipped from the factory with full-doors. Whether this is a result of changing trends in the automotive world, due to the base model Wranglers now featuring full doors, or just the consumer, with full doors being preferred over the older half doors, is up for debate. However, the fact remains, more current model JKs feature factory full doors than the older Jeep Wrangler models.2006-blue-jeep-wrangler-tj-half-doors-frameless-topFull doors are great for winter and fall, but during the warmer months, many new Jeep owners may notice the older Wranglers with half doors, which allow the soft upper windows to detach, leaving the metal door and side view mirror in place. This lets the occupants still experience the open-air freedom of the Jeep, along with some protection afforded by the door. Previously, the only option for full-door JK owners who wanted half doors was to order a complete set from MOPAR, and as one may imagine, this would be rather expensive. Now, from Rugged Ridge, you can add half doors to your JK for a fraction of the cost!rugged-ridge-half-doors-front-2007-2015-wrangler-jk-side-view-11509Rugged Ridge offers two options for those looking into half doors. The true half door features a steel frame with an impact and UV resistant thermoplastic housing, and the tube doors offer a more spartan approach. First, the half-doors. If you're looking for OEM style, fit, and finish, the Rugged Ridge Half Doors are for you. These half doors, as previously mentioned, have a steel frame, and the thermoplastic features a matte black finish, which can be painted to match your factory color. These doors also feature weather seals, for protection against moisture and road noise. Soft upper door frames (not included) will install in a snap, and these half-doors work with either the OEM mirrors, or aftermarket mirrors by Rugged Ridge. The half doors also feature a locking mechanism and a storage area.rugged-ridge-half-doors-tube-doors-wrangler-jk-11509The Rugged Ridge tube doors take a more bare-bones approach to the half door market; constructed from 1.5" mandrel bent steel and powdercoated in a flat, textured black finish, these doors are great for the Jeep owner who wants a more open-air experience than a standard half-door. These tube doors are great for the trail, increasing the field of view from that of the standard full-doors, or even factory or aftermarket solid half doors. The tube doors also feature OEM style hinges and a locking mechanism, and will work with aftermarket Rugged Ridge or OEM side-view mirrors.rugged-ridge-door-mirror-kit-jeep-wrangler-jk-11002-21For those readers unfamiliar with aftermarket side-view mirror options, as mentioned above, Rugged Ridge offers OEM replica side-mirrors, for half and tube doors, or as a replacement, if your OEM mirrors have been damaged. These mirrors mount to existing factory locations, and require no modification to fit your JK, or your half doors. These side-mirrors also feature a UV protected black plastic housing, so they won't fade from the sun.darren-vandal-build-40s-fenders-windshield-in-place-rear-passenger-side-angleSo next time you're looking for half doors, tube doors, or side-view mirrors, check out the line of Rugged Ridge products we carry; we've featured the half doors on some of our builds, such as Project: VANDAL, which can be seen here. Whether you want half doors or tube doors, we've got something for you! Check back next week for more half-door options from Bestop and Body Armor!

  • Products of the Week - Rollbar Accessories

    rugged-ridge-jeep-wrangler-jk-accessory-kitThis week, we're taking a look at some interior accessories for your Jeep Wrangler. These products are unique in that they're usually a low-cost upgrade, and will fit most anything with a roll-bar. We're talking about roll-bar accessories. While the new Jeep owner may be thinking primarily about lift kits and tires at first, roll-bar accessories are a great way to add your own personal touch to your vehicle. From sunglasses holders to general storage pouches, there are many different options to choose from. Did you buy an older Wrangler that has a busted dome light, or are you looking for that extra handle for getting into and out of your lifted Wrangler? Chances are, there is a rollbar accessory for you!bartact-paracord-grab-handles-red-black-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-front-centerBartact and Rugged Ridge are just two of the companies that come to mind when dealing with roll-bar add-ons; Paracord Grab Handles and the Overhead Storage Console are two products, respectively, that work great in the Jeep Wrangler, whether you have a YJ, TJ, or JK. If you're concerned with safety and fire prevention, Bartact also makes two models of fire extinguisher holders, that provide a secure mounting point to your factory roll bar or aftermarket roll cage.rugged-ridge-jeep-wrangler-jk-overhead-storage-console-13551-14Rugged Ridge also provides a full Interior Sport Bar Accessory Kit, that fits the Wrangler JK, perfect for the Jeep owner that wants to order everything in one go! The kit comes with four grab handles, a fire extinguisher holder, two cup holders, a flashlight holder, and a sunglasses holder. This is a nice addition to any trail rig, weekend-warrior, or daily driver, and lets any JK or JKU carry additional drinks, or extra equipment, such as a flashlight or fire extinguisher, both of which can prove invaluable on the trail or about town.rugged-ridge-rollbar-accessory-sunglasses-holderAnother cool thing about these rollbar accessories is that they can be fastened to any standard roll-bar or roll-cage system, and that includes our new line of electric 4x4 vehicles, the Bad Boy Buggies! Much like the Jeep Wrangler, the Bad Boy Buggies feature a roll bar system, known as ROPS (Roll Over Protection System), so possibilities are endless! If you have a Jeep Wrangler, Rock Crawler, or Bad Boy Buggy, be sure to check out the line of roll-bar accessories we carry; we're constantly updating our product database, so stay tuned for more!

  • Vehicle of the Week - 1979 Jeep CJ-7

    1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-three-quarterFor those AMC-era purists out there, there's nothing like a CJ-5 or 7; sure, the older model Wranglers featured AMC parts and the famous AMC designed 4.0L Inline-6 and 2.5L 4-banger, but there's still that Chrysler emblem on the mirrors, reminding those traditionalists among us that AMC is a thing of the past. With the newest model Jeep, the Wrangler JK, completely doing away with the AMC Inline engines and parts for good, as well as the tried and true frame and tub layout present since the Second World War, there's some among us that prefer the old way of doing things. There's just something about that classic shape of the front clip, the narrow and trim body lines of the CJ-series, and some may assert the early Wranglers as well, that hark back to an earlier, more basic time. In this age, leather seats, abundant electronics, and air conditioning were rare or unheard of, 15-inch wheels and straight-drive transmissions came standard, and the Jeep still resembled something from the original 1954 revision, modeled after the military Willys M38A1.1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-frontFor those of you who enjoy classic vehicles, who miss the stamped raised "Jeep" lettering on the side of the tub, or with whom words such as Mopar and Chrysler still don't sit quite right next to Jeep, this one is for you. This 1979 Jeep CJ-7, restored a few years back, is in beautiful condition, rolling on factory 15-inch wheels and 31x10.50r15lt tires, it has a clean, stock appearance, and could have just rolled off the showroom floor. There are a few minor blemishes here and there, but this Jeep is in great shape for a 36-year old classic. This '7 spent it's life after restoration in a garage, being driven as a sunny-day weekend vehicle, and never taken out in the rain or snow.1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-interior

    1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-factory-radioThis CJ-7 features the 4.2L Inline-6 mated to a 3-Speed manual transmission, and has a flawless factory hardtop and full doors. There are a few unique factory options, such as a tilt steering wheel, tachometer, and dash-mounted clock. The CJ also features factory front disk and rear drum brakes. A rare Cobra 47XLR is mounted to the uncut dashboard, and features AM/FM, as well as being a CB radio, with the mic being stored in the glove compartment. A modern Kenwood radio is present underneath the dash, and the factory roll bar has aftermarket padding installed.cj7-1The engine compartment is in immaculate condition, and the 4.2L Inline-6 is painted a nice aqua-blue color; it features a Weber 2-Barrel carburetor, Motorcraft ignition system, and power steering. The narrow-track axles are the factory AMC-20 in the rear, and the front Dana-30. The Dana-30 has Mile-Marker locking hubs and an aftermarket steering stabilizer, ensuring that wear and tear on the front end 4-Wheel Drive components is kept to a minimum, and road impacts felt through the 31-inch tires are absorbed, respectively. This CJ also has the factory swing out tire carrier and fold down tailgate, perfect for a small fold out work area or tailgating.1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-side-interior

    1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc-tailgateIf you're interested in this one-of-a-kind classic Jeep CJ-7, give us a call at 828-406-3031, it is currently on consignment for $11,500.00, and would make a great addition to any collection, or for the owner that is looking for that unique and beautifully restored classic. This CJ-7 would be at home in the mountains, cruising around the beach, or around town. For additional images, check out the gallery below. This Jeep is certainly a head turner, and it'll go fast; call RubiTrux today!1979-cj7-inline-6-mopar-amc



  • Product of the Week - Alpine X009-WRA

    alpine-audio-x009-wra-restyle-kit-installed-wrangler-jk-unlimited-side-shotThis week, we're taking a look at the Alpine X009-WRA Jeep Wrangler JK In-Dash Restyling System. This new product from Alpine fits the 2012 to present Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited models, and will give your factory dash a unique look, by completely replacing the factory head unit with a 9" touch screen and custom surround. This unit seamlessly integrates with the dashboard on your Jeep Wrangler JK, giving it a nice factory look; you'll wonder why this wasn't OEM!alpine-audio-x009-wra-restyle-kit-installed-wrangler-jk-unlimited-zoom-outThe X009-WRA provides navigation and bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ability to monitor certain vehicle functions, such as tire pressure and engine codes. This new head unit also works with all of the factory options, in addition to adding new features, such as the ability to connect your smartphone to the stereo system in your Jeep; tune your stereo and more, from the Alpine TuneIt App, integrated into this system for ease-of-use. Simply download the app on your smartphone, and you're ready to go!alpine-audio-x009-wra-restyle-kit-installed-wrangler-jk-unlimited-navigationThe Alpine nav unit also features customizable shortcuts, making quick navigation a breeze, as well as a built-in digital HD radio tuner; the X009-WRA also comes ready for satellite radio and a variety of Drive Assist camera systems, sold separately. The Alpine X009-WRA has top-of-the-line audio through featuring a 24-bit DAC and optical digital output for the best sound quality from all of your digital media collections.alpine-audio-x009-wra-restyle-kit-installed-wrangler-jk-unlimited-navigation-radio-split-screenIf a larger screen for your navigation unit is what you're after, the X009-WRA comes preloaded with NAVTEQ 3D map data for both the United States and Canada, and the 9" screen and 3D navigation gives you plenty of room to navigate by, or to run both touch-screen radio and navigation on the same screen at once. So what are you waiting for, upgrade your stock head unit to an Alpine X009-WRA In-Dash Restyling System today, and give your Jeep the top-of-the-line navigation system it deserves!

  • Product of the Week – Jeep JK BootBars

    Grabar-BootBars-black-app -04From the makers of the popular GraBars, check out these new BootBars! On older model Jeep CJs and Wranglers, the outer edge of the tub provided the perfect surface for the driver and front passenger to brace their outside foot while on the road. However, on the newest generation, the Jeep Wrangler JK and 4-door JK Unlimited, this lip has been removed for ergonomic reasons, which means that the body of the new Jeep Wrangler does not extend up past the floor, save for the smallest lip.Grabar-BootBars-blackThis complete redesign posed a unique problem; for some, this means an uncomfortable leg angle and footrest when compared to the older Jeeps. For others, a more outbound footrest is desirable; for example, like the ones found on a motorcycle. If this is you, and you want a new foothold, or if you simply want a footrest to complement the handhold provided by your set of GraBars, look no further!Grabar-BootBars-pinkThese BootBars are for the newest generation Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited, and feature the same durable dual layer rubber grips found on the GraBars, and come with a lifetime warranty. Nuts and bolts are included, and the BootBars come powder-coated; they even feature a drawstring carry bag, perfect for storing the BootBars in your center console or glove compartment when you put the doors back on your JK. Just like the GraBars, BootBars can be ordered with black, red, and pink colored grips!Grabars-BootBar_101Check out our selection of BootBars here, as well as the ever-popular GraBars product line. Order yours today, from!

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