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  • Wrangler JK - Leather Upgrade Options

    We get a lot of questions about leather upgrade options for the 2007-2017 Wrangler JK. New Wranglers purchased off the lot often come with cloth seats. And used Jeeps come with cloth seats or worn factory leather. So we recommend Alea and Katzkin high-quality aftermarket leather upgrades. Both brands offer superior lasting performance and a more luxurious, timeless appeal.

    Alea: The Exceptional Leather Upgrade!

    Alea is our first brand choice in aftermarket leather upgrades. The name stands for Automotive Leather Eleganza Atelier. And it refers to the production methods and quality of leather supplied to the automotive aftermarket.

    Alea leather is Grade A Italian automotive leather featuring German OEM-approved Serafil airbag threading. Naturally, it is airbag tested and approved. Alea uses the PFAFF Docuseam Sewing System that ensures the airbags deploy unhindered in an accident.

    We believe Alea's quality and craftsmanship are exceptional. You can purchase two grades in Alea leather--Verona or Nappa. And these fully-customizable kits feature a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

    Alea Factory Style Leather

    Alea Factory Style Leather Seats with custom logo

    Alea offers a factory-style interior leather set pictured above. You can match several factory colors, including khaki, slate grey and dark saddle. You also have the option to add Official Jeep logos to this package. The sleek factory style leather kit starts at $1,099.00. 

    Alea Prestige Leather Upgrade

    Alea Leather Upgrade - Prestige Front Seats

    If you like a more traditional style, consider the Alea OEM color-matched Prestige. The diamond-tufted pattern front seats are shown above. And rear JKU diamond-tufted seats are pictured below. The Prestige leather set adds--well--a prestigious touch to any build. You can choose a two-tone or single color, and add headrest logos to both front and rear seats. The Prestige line starts at $1,849.00. 

    Alea Leather Upgrade - Prestige

    Alea F-1 Leather

    If you gravitate toward a modern style, we recommend the Alea F-1 cross-bar design, shown below.  You can select from a variety of contemporary colors for a two-tone splash, or a striking single color. The Alea F-1 set is airbag compliant, and warranty specifications apply. Add custom logos to truly personalize your interior. Pricing starts at $2,950.00.

    Alea F-1 Leather Upgrade

    How About A Katzkin Leather Upgrade?

    Katzkin Two-Tone Leather Upgrade

    Katzkin has been around for over 30 years. They produce high-quality aftermarket leather interiors for a variety of popular brands, like Chevrolet, Honda and Ford. Katzkin also exclusively supplies leather to Shelby American, Inc., of performance car fame.

    You can choose from OEM patterns pictured above, and the distinguished Ostrich pattern pictured below. Select two-tone colors and colored stitch options with custom logos for a distinct pop.

    Katzkin Ostrich Custom Leather Upgrade

    Bonus Add-on

    While upgrading, we recommend you consider adding seat heaters. You can turn them on to extend your topless season. And you can enjoy topless nights and cold winter drives much more.

    Showtime Envy

    Regardless of whether you choose an Alea or Katzkin aftermarket leather set, Jeepers you will envy you everywhere you go.

    Call us for a FREE leather upgrade consultation. We'll help you pick the best leather set for your Wrangler and your budget. And we'll make sure you get a superior leather upgrade and install. Alea and Katzkin ship FREE from RubiTrux.

    If you're in town, stop by and we can show you several aftermarket leather upgrades on our lot.



  • JW Speaker Shines In Aftermarket Lighting

    We find that many new Jeep owners typically want to upgrade their OEM lighting. We have to agree that stock headlights and fog lights on the Wrangler JK are not up to our standards either. So we often recommend JW Speaker. JW Speaker produces high quality headlights, taillights, fog lights, and auxiliary lights for the Wrangler JK. If you're looking to bring your Jeep into 2017 with style this is a great place to start.

    Choose JWS: Outshines. Outlasts. Outstanding!


    JWS Headlights: Evolution 8700

    JW Speaker Headlights: Evolution 8700

    The Wrangler JK finally released in 2017 with an OEM headlight option. We encourage owners of older Wranglers--and new 2017 owners that find the 2017 LEDs inadequate--to consider JW Speaker. JWS outshines other competitor's LED headlight upgrades, as you can see below. With 1,350-1,770 Raw Lumens, these headlights will outshine and outlast (50+ times longer!) the OEM versions. There are no breakable bulbs, fragile filaments, or sensitive electrodes. And the headlights are plug-n-play with a simple adapter. These headlights are available in Bold Black (left) or Muscle Chrome (right). JW Speaker Evolution 8700 headlights are sold for $702.00 a pair. Get them HERE!

    JWS Headlights: 8700 Evolution J 

    JW Speaker Headlights: 8700 Evolution J

    The 8700 Evolution J LED Headlamps are a true high performance LED headlight. A complete plug-n-play for your Jeep JK Headlights, the Evolution J is JWS's newest headlights model. With 1,770 - 2,610 Raw Lumens, you'll have no trouble lighting up the road or the trail. Die-cast aluminum housing provides maximum protection while doubling as a heat sink. Featuring a unique half-halo (seen below), the Evolution J lights will give your Jeep a unique look that is sure to turn heads! These headlights are priced at $639.00 a pair.

    JW Speaker 8700 Headlights

    JWS Taillights: Model 279 LED

    JW Speaker Taillights: Model 279 LED

    If you're upgrading the headlights in your Wrangler JK, why not go ahead and upgrade the taillights too? These Model 279 LED taillights from JW Speaker are a higher quality upgrade to the OEM units. They'll give your Jeep a unique look too. These taillights sport a state-of-the-art light blade design and a blacked out look that will make your Jeep stand apart from the crowd. Model 279 is a plug-n-play LED with a mating connector and is DOT-Compliant. These 279 LEDs sell for $299.00 a pair.

    JWS Fog Lights For Younger and Older Wranglers

    JW Speaker Fog Lights

    Fog Lights by JW Speaker are high quality as well, with direct Plug 'n Play for 2007-2010 models making installation a snap. Don't have an early model? Don't worry, we also carry the adapter for the 2011-present models. Upgrade your OEM fog lights to a set of JW Speaker 6145 fogs today. You'll definitely see a difference. Available in black/smoked or clear lenses, these lights will give you illumination when you need it the most. Also fits 10th Anniversary Bumpers using the Maximus-3 Fog Light Brackets! Keep your Jeep looking up to date and fully functional with a set of 6145 fogs. The 6145 JW Speaker Fogs sell for $360.00. Get them HERE!

    If you have a Hard Rock bumper, check out our JW Speaker 6145 J Series Hard Rock LED Fog Light Kit! For $399.99, you get everything you need to add JW Speaker fog lights to your Hard Rock bumper! Morimoto harnesses give an easy plug-n-play, while the Maximus-3 brackets ensure the right fit and function from your new JW Speaker 6145 series fog lights!

    JW Speaker 6145 LED Hard Rock Fog Light Kit

    Choose JW Speaker For Quality And Reliability!

    If you're looking to upgrade your OEM hardware, be sure to check out these options and more, HERE. We're proud to use JW Speaker on 99% of our shop builds, and with good reason. We're sure you'll love the quality and reliability of these fine aftermarket lighting products. If you're ready to order, or if you have a question, contact Ben or Jonathan today! They're always happy to help.

    custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-JW Speaker

  • 2017 Hypergreen JKUR Build Review

    We built one of the first 2017 Hypergreen Jeep Wrangler JK HEMI conversions right here in Boone, North Carolina in late 2016! Not only did we grab a four door JKU, we also chose the Rubicon package. This Jeep is a truly unique build, and one that showcases just how wild your build can be. With a 6.4L HEMI and 38's, this JKU will turn heads around town or on the trail!

    2017 Hypergreen JK Unlimited Rubicon: Gone Wild!

    Stock 2017 Hypergreen JKUR

    This Jeep started life as an OEM JKUR, seen above. Since this was our first 2017 Hypergreen HEMI conversion, we knew it couldn't stay stock for long. So we chose a standard RubiTrux LCOG build as our starting point, and the build took off from there. In case you're a new reader, an LCOG build features a short lift (usually around 2-3" or so) with large tires, normally 35-37's. And with a lower center of gravity, the Jeep is less likely to roll over on the street or trail. With high clearance fenders, the Jeep can run tires a size or two larger than those typically recommended for that given lift height.

    So for the lift kit, we chose an AEV 3.5" lift. The tires are 38" Toyo Open Country M/T's mounted to custom painted Spyderlock Wheels. We added Poison Spyder Fender Flares to allow the 38's to flex on just 3.5" of lift. They also protect the sheetmetal and wheel wells of the Wrangler.  Since the Jeep is closer to the ground, we chose to install Poison Spyder front and rear bumpers with Line-X coating. The front features a Poison Spyder Brawler Lite Bumper. Housed within the Bumper is a Warn Zeon 10s Winch for recovery. The rear features a Poison Spyder rear bumper and tire carrier, shown below.

    2017 Hypergreen JKUR Tire Carrier

    For those finding the Jeep just a bit tall, we also installed a set of RSE Rock Step Sliders, which go well with the Poison Spyder bumpers and tire carrier. These steps are handy in that they fold out when the door opens, and tuck back inside the rock slider when the door closes. This is an ideal upgrade for owners more used to a low car or CUV than a Jeep.

    2017 Hypergreen JKUR Rock Slider Steps

    Lighting Upgrades

    For lighting we chose a 50" Rigid Industries Midnight Edition LED light bar, coupled with a pair of Rigid Midnight Dually Pods. These blacked out LED lights accent the Hypergreen body color very well. And they also go well with the black fender flare accents, bumpers and tire carrier on this build. As for headlights, we chose JW Speaker Evolution 2 Series LED Headlights and paired them up with a complete set of Recon Smoked LED Taillights and Turn Signals. A set of Baja Designs Squadron XL Pro lights are also fixed to the front bumper, for additional off-road lighting options.

    2017 Hypergreen JKUR Lighting Upgrades

    Interior Upgrades

    The OEM dash, door panels and accents remained OEM for this build. However, we did add an Alea F-1 Leather upgrade for the seats, and an Alpine X009-WRA Restyle Headunit. The new headunit not only gives this Jeep a larger touch-screen for navigation. But it also displays useful information like tire pressure and engine codes. 

    2017 Hypergreen JKUR Alea Leather Upgrades

    2017 Hypergreen JKUR Alpine Restyle HeadUnit

    It's A Hemi With Tactical Tops Hard Top!

    2017 Hypergreen JKUR Hemi Conversion

    Last but not least, we've got the 6.4L HEMI conversion and Tactical Tops Hardtop! The Hardtop, with full Line-X coating, gives this Jeep a unique, fastback look, matching the Line-X covered bumpers and rock sliders. The 6.4L HEMI Conversion puts out 470-500 horsepower, and up to 500 lb/ft torque! The HEMI fits this Jeep much better than the OEM 3.6L V6, and turns the 38's with ease!

    2017 Hypergreen JKUR Tactical Hard Top

    This Jeep is currently for sale. For a full list of all aftermarket additions and modifications on this custom build, click HERE!

    Mild or wild in color and style, we can build it!  Which color and style would you choose? Give us a call if you need help deciding which upgrade options make the most sense for your lifestyle.

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