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  • An Extraordinary Brute Double Cab HEMI Conversion

    As we prepare to deliver our popular Project Vandal 7.3L HEMI to its new owner, we thought it only appropriate to launch a new HEMI build in the high horsepower, big tire, unique build section of our RubiTrux shop. When our regular customer, enduring supporter and RubiTrux friend, Mark, heard the chatter, he came up with a brilliant idea. Mark asked us to to build his dream Brute Double Cab. Of course, we were honored and thrilled.


    We spent a few days bouncing ideas back and forth to determine the direction of this custom Jeep build. We knew Mark wanted plenty of power. And we knew his extraordinary taste for premium quality and unique design elements to make his vehicles really stand out. Aside from that, he left all the specific design-build choices up to us. We think it’s safe to say, “We nailed it!”

    Stock Wrangler JKU to Double Cab: What A Stretch!

    The process started at AEV’s conversion shop in Wixom, Michigan. A brand new stock Wrangler JKU is stripped down and ready for the conversion process. The added sections in the frame stretch the wheelbase an astounding 23 inches, from a 116-inch wheelbase to a 139-inch wheelbase. AEV then adds a custom cab enclosure, hard top, and stamped composite bed measuring 61 inches long by 60 inches wide.

    Every Double Cab conversion comes standard with an AEV DC350 build package, meaning a 3.5-inch lift and 35-inches tall tires. The conversion process usually takes around 9 months to complete from order to delivery and starts at $41,589 for the conversion alone, not including the Jeep itself.

    We started with AEV’s DC350 build Package as a base; 3.5” DualSport SC suspension, 35x12.50x17 BFG KM2 Mud Terrain Tires, AEV Pintler Wheels, and AEV Premium front and rear bumpers. While it looks incredible, stretching the wheelbase and adding larger tires does have one downfall... Power.

    The HEMI Swap Unleashed A Monster.

    Even the mighty 3.6L Pentastar engine starts to lose some power with the added upgrades. Mark knew this so our first item on the build sheet was a 6.4L HEMI. Knowing Mark’s taste, we knew it wouldn’t stop there.

    You may remember the 7.3L stroker HEMI from Project Vandal, built by our friends at Arrington Performance in Martinsville, Virginia. Arrington is THE go-to performance shop for all things HEMI.  We were unsuccessful at convincing Mark to go with a 7.3L stroker, but we did plan out an upgrade for the 392.

    Arrington swapped the stock heads for CNC Ported and Polished Heads, replaced the stock valves with EPOC Custom Machined Valves, added a Comp 270 Cam and wrote a custom tune for us.

    What kind of power does this add? Glad you asked. The stock 6.4L HEMI makes around 470 HP at the crank with the AEV HEMI Conversion kit. With the added upgrades, this unleashed monster now makes around 650 HP at the crank and an incredible 590 lb-ft of torque!

    Just listen to the rumble!

    External Upgrades For A Heavenly Highway Experience.

    After the HEMI swap we focused on exterior upgrades. We swapped out the 3.5 inch DualSport SC suspension to the 4.5-inch DualSport SC suspension. This, of course, made more room for a bigger tire. While our normal combination is a 4.5-inch lift paired with a 37-inch tall tire, we wanted to push the limits with a 38-inch tall tire. It doesn’t seem like much, but a one-inch taller tire makes a huge difference.

    We chose a 38x13.50r18 Toyo Open Country MT paired with a Fuel 18 x 9 inch Anza wheel. We feel this combination is a match made in heaven. The tires don’t look too big, nor too small. They fill the wheel well proportionately.

    To help turn the massive tires, we chose a 4.56 gear ratio to make it jump right off the line, even with 38s! We could have considered 4.88s. But with all the highway driving this Jeep will experience, plus the HEMI, the 4.56 ratio fits the bill best for both application and performance.

    Dressed For Success! Small Details Make A Big Difference.

    We always take pride in small details, and this build is no different! We completely outfitted the interiorWe started with custom Alea F-1 leather. Then we added the Alpine X009-WRA Restyle Head Unit.

    For an easy in-and-out experience in a Jeep this tall, we installed Carolina Metal Masters Billet Front Grab Handles, paired with AMP Research Power Steps.

    We upgraded lighting with Vision X Vortex LED Headlights, JW Speaker Fog Lights, and a full Recon lighting package which includes turn signals, fender markers and tail lights -- all in a smoke and black. We installed ARB 32 Intensity LED lights for a tasteful touch of color and more forward projecting light.

    If you didn’t catch it on Facebook, here’s a quick glimpse at Mark's new beastie, but beautiful, custom Double Cab conversion. (Stay tuned for a more detailed video posting soon.)

    Want a custom Double Cab of your own? If you can dream it, we can build it. Give us a call and let’s get started.

    Dial 1-888-357-2999

    Got questions? Need Answers? Join us now on the Go4x4It Forum.


  • Jeep Wrangler JKU Old Man Emu Suspension


    Here at RubiTrux, most of our builds are equipped with an American Expedition Vehicles DualSport suspension system; however, this recently finished build is unique in that we added an Old Man Emu suspension system instead. While this is not a first for us, this JKU certainly stands out from the crowd, especially with the bright yellow shock absorbers and steering stabilizer. Old Man Emu offers a variety of accessories for the Jeep Wrangler, including lift kits, track bar brackets, transfer case lowering kits, and trim spacers, to name a few.


    This 2015 Billet Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited is equipped with an OME (Old Man Emu) 4" suspension system, which includes four Nitrocharger Sport shock absorbers, four coil springs, one steering stabilizer, a forged track bar, brake line relocation kit, sway bar link disconnect kit, rear track bar bracket kit, bump stops, front and rear trim spacers, and a caster & driveline kit. For smaller builds, Old Man Emu also offers a 2.5" kit for the JK that can feature a light or heavy spring rate, depending upon the desired application.

    jeep-wrangler-jk-old-man-emu-front-sideAn OME suspension lift will allow the fitment of larger tires on your Jeep, and will also improve on and offroad performance. Old Man Emu has long been a popular choice among offroad enthusiasts, and for good reason; whether you have an older Wrangler, a Grand Cherokee, or a brand new, off the lot JK, contact RubiTrux for all of your Old Man Emu needs!



  • 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Customer's Build


    This recent project at RubiTrux definitely stands out from the crowd. With 37" Nitto Extreme Terrain Tires, ORFab Stinger, EVO rock sliders, and a Teraflex lift kit, this rig was capable of conquering any type of terrain, save for one, the highway. While this Jeep was well equipped for off-road excursions, on-road performance was lacking, namely in regards to road noise and poor ride quality. Enter RubiTrux, where this customer's build continues, so that off-road prowess can meet on-road functionality, with additions such as Hellwig swaybars, PSC Hydro Steering Assist, a Prodigy Performance Stage 2 Intercooled Turbo,  Poison Spyder armor, bumpers, and a Warn Zeon Winch. Currently, this JKU is receiving a full body matte black vinyl wrap, in addition to countless other upgrades. Stay tuned for more!



  • New Maximus-3 Hard Rock Edition Accessories | Rubicon X &10th Anniversary


    Here at RubiTrux we just recently started carrying a new product line for the Rubicon X & 10th Anniversary Edition called Maximus-3. Maximus-3 is a premier Jeep Wrangler aftermarket product engineering and design company based in Detroit, Michigan. Lucky enough to be located in the Motor City, Maximus-3 has access to automotive suppliers in the Detroit area and work together with these companies to create unique design solutions for the Jeep Wrangler market. Maximus-3 uses the most advanced design software when creating their accessories, this helps them offer some of the highest quality products available on the market today. The product engineering, workmanship, and design are unmatched in the Rubicon market today; Maximus-3 looks to understand the need for high quality customization parts at a fair price. All product components are closely analyzed and evaluated to make sure you get the optimal product reliability and quality you deserve. Max-3 looks to combine creative skill with management and auto experience in order to bring true innovations to the Jeep aftermarket segment. Maximus-3 is always looking to be inspired by their customers, their technical team is constantly engaged in the Jeep community in order to keep an open mind in the design process and to keep in close touch with their customer base and their real needs. Maximus-3 has a philosophy ingrained in creative thinking, problem-solving, styling, function, and an understanding of high quality materials.

    Simply click here to check out the entire Maximus-3 Rubicon X & 10th Anniversary line! We also have free Max-3 Purchasing Guides available so you can make the best decision for your Jeep!

    Maximus-3 offers multiple hoop styles for the Rubicon X & 10A, these bolt-on packages consist of a heavy gauge steel tubular grille and radiator guard with various optional lighting mount brackets available.

    Classic Hoop: With a classic double bend tube style, this option will give your Rubicon
    the front protection it needs along with the classy styling to go along with it.
    X-Hoop: This single bend tube style option gives the front of your Jeep cleaner styling
    lines that complement the general aesthetics of your Jeep, without compromising the
    Low-Profile Hoop: With its low and mean stance, this hoop style will provide some
    protection for the front of your Jeep with an attitude and style.
    Stinger Hoop: Carefully balanced styling and function, this bar design is rather subtle
    with a rugged look to compliment the looks of your Jeep.
    "Starred" Stinger Hoop: Carefully balanced styling and function, this bar design is rather
    subtle with a rugged look to compliment the looks of your Jeep with an added “Starred”
    bar in the stinger for added attitude.

    Maximus-3 also offers a high quality Tire Carrier for the Rubicon X & 10A and is the ultimate gadget for carrying a spare tire and/or all your off-road gear. This carrier system centers the tire over the recess in the rear bumper and comes with an adjustable tire mount and center high mount 3rd brake light.  The carrier is made from 2” OD heavy gauge tubular steel with an articulating hinged design for synchronized opening and closing of the tailgate. Wide hinge bearing points offer better stability and load distribution as well as offer vibration-free running. Low friction and self-lubricating bronze bearings offer easy, everyday use. The Tire Carrier accommodates up to a 40” tire size and is adjustable for different sizes. 100% bolt-on installation with no drilling required, this tire carrier comes in a fine textured black powder coat finish. This tire carrier system also has optional accessories designed for perfect fit and function to go along with your carrier.

    Hi-Lift Jack Mount: A secure and inexpensive way to carry your Hi-Lift jack; easily installs to the right of the tire carrier.
    Shovel Mount: A secure way to bring your shovel on the trail with no worries of loss; easily installs to the right of the tire carrier.
    Side RotoPax Mount: A secure way to bring along your Max-3 RotoPax on the trail. This versatile design allows for different loading requirements and configurations and has interchangeable Jerry can mounts. Packs are installed to the right of the tire carrier.
    High Double RotoPax Mount: A secure way to bring along your Max-3 High Double RotoPax on the trail. This versatile design allows for different loading requirements and configurations and has interchangeable Jerry can mounts. Packs are installed to the right of the tire carrier.
    Side NATO Jerry Can Holder: Allows for the secure use of a Jerry can on the rear bumper, mounts to the right of the tire carrier.
    Center High Mount Work Light Bracket: Allows for the easy install of a light of your choice just above the tire on the tire carrier.
    Backup Camera Bracket:  Allows for the easy install of a backup camera for the rear of your Jeep. The bracket mounts the camera just above the middle of the tire, giving you the vision your camera needs.
    Side LED Backup Light:  Allows for the easy install of an LED backup light. The light is mounted to the right of the tire and just above the optional Jerry cans or Side RotoPax.

    Click here to begin building your custom Maximus-3 Tire Carrier today!

  • 2006 Wrangler Unlimited RubiTrux Conversion

    yellow-tonka-front-flat-705091 yellow-tonka-high-rear-angle-705091 We just finished up a unique custom build here at RubiTrux, this conversion breaks the mold a bit with a ton of modifications. With a 5.5" Rubicon Express long arm lift kit, 20" Fuel wheels equipped with 37" Toyo Open Country M/T Tires, a half-cab conversion and Line-X bed liner this Jeep conversion is ready for whatever the day may bring. On this build the owner also wanted Bushwacker fender flairs, JW Speaker headlights, a complete smoke LED light package, a Poison Spyder tailgate, ARB bumpers, and Rock-Slide Engineering step sliders; and we happily obliged. Click the vehicle images for more information, because there is simply too much to list when it comes to what all went into this Jeep build.

    *Click on Images for Even More Product Information.

  • Poison Spyder Product Line



    This week we have added Poison Spyder to our long line of offered Jeep aftermarket brands. Poison Spyder and RubiTrux share a mutual love and passion for off-road Jeeps and aftermarket products that truly perform on both the road and on the trail. All Poison Spyder products are made to be of the highest quality and are machined to last year after year to keep your Jeep ready for whatever tomorrow may bring.

    Parts Added Include:


    Poison Spyder Front and Rear Crusher Flares  (Steel or Aluminum)


    Poison Spyder RockBrawler II Rear Bumper (w/ Tire Carrier)


    Poison Spyder RockBrawler Front Bumper w/ Brawler Bar


    Poison Spyder Body Armor for JK's

    *Click on Images for Even More Product Information.

  • 2015 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited Tank








    Before and After Photos of the 2015 Wrangler Unlimited Tank

    Here we have another of the 2015 models, fully loaded of course. On this Jeep we have an AEV 3.5" SC DualSport Lift equipped with AEV Black Saverage Rims rolling on 35" BFG KM2 tires. AEV front and rear bumpers can be found on this build with a front mounted Warn Zeon 8s Synthetic Rope Winch and an installed tire carrier on the rear. An AEV Two-Tone Hood that pairs with the interior Katzkin Black Leather Seats with Olive Trim and stitching is also apart of this premium build that includes a Rigid Industries 50" LED Single Row Light Bar, Recon Smoked LED Taillights, JW Speaker Smoked LED Head and Fog Lights, and MyGIG V5 Video Lockpick with Camera.

    *Click on Images for Even More Product Information.

  • 2014 Custom Line-X Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

    custom-line-x-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-rear-angle custom-line-x-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-angleThis 2014 Custom Line-X Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited is the definition of fully loaded when it comes to factory and aftermarket performance options. There isn't much more we could have put on this build! With a complete Line-X Protective Coating, 6.4L 470 HP HEMI Engine, and 4.5" AEV DualSport SC Lift Kit this vehicle is the definition of off-road ready. This build has been outfitted with AEV front and rear bumpers, JW Speaker Head and Fog lights, Recon Smoked LED Signals, Katzkin Two-Tone Red and Black Leather Interior, Mopar Black Step Bars, ARB Intensity LED Lights and much, much more!

    *Click on Images for Even More Product Information.

  • 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport Brute Conversion

    2002-red-brute-high-front-right-angle-7545012002-red-brute-rear-left-angle-754501What's better than a Jeep? A Brute, of course! This custom AEV Conversion has everything you need for off-road performance and a stable and comfortable on-road ride. Loaded with upgrades and only from RubiTrux!


    Check out the specs and modification list below:

    • Brute conversion with Highline Fender Kit
    • Engine: 4.0L Inline 6-cylinder
    • 3-inch Old Man Emu lift
    • 35-inch BFGoodrich KM2
    • 17x9 AEV rims
    • Warn VR8000 Rear Winch
    • Warn 9.5 CTI-S Front Winch
    • Jeep Front Bumper
    • AEV Rock Guard Kit


    *Click on Images for Even More Product Information.

  • 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited Black

    cusrtom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-black-2015 cusrtom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-black-2015-rear-upThis brand new 2015 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited is fully loaded and comes with many aftermarket performance modifications. For starters, this 3.6-Liter V6 is sporting an AEV 4.5" DualSport SC Lift paired with 20" XD Series 811 Rockstar II Wheels and 37" Toyo tires. With AEV front and rear bumpers, this Jeep is built to last; on the road or on the trail. Also on this build, we included the JW Speaker Headlights and Fog lights that you see on most of our builds and included the Recon Smoked LED light package to bring it all together. The fully loaded package also includes AMP Power Steps and the MyGIG Lockpick V5 with Backup Camera.

    *Click on Images for Even More Product Information.

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