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Custom 2017 RubiTrux Ram

Here at Rubitrux, Jeeps are our bread 'n butter; but here's something new for you full-size 4x4 enthusiasts out there, a RubiTrux Ram! While a Wrangler JK is a great platform for an off road adventure or grocery run, some buyers just want something a little bigger. If the Brute conversion isn't your thing, our new Ram conversion may be just what you're looking for! A full-size Ram will net you more cargo space, more room, and more refinement than a JK. Looking for a tow 'rig for that rock crawler of yours? Look no further! A RubiTrux Ram features the best accessories you need for all of your off-road adventures!

RubiTrux Ram: Every Detail

While the current truck on our lot has already been outfitted to our specifications, don't hesitate to give us a call to order one just the way you want it! We'll build you a top quality Ram built with only the best from AEV (American Expedition Vehicles), JL Audio, Warn, and more! As you can see below, the thing that sets our Ram trucks apart from the rest is the unique attention to detail on the interior, and the 40" tires with only 3" of lift! Scroll down for more.

This truck has it all, from the AEV Ram 3" Dualsport SC Suspension kit to the 40" Mickey Thompson tires! An AEV Premium Front Bumper protects the front of the truck, while also housing a Warn 16.5ti Winch, should recovery become an issue. The AEV bumper includes a protective hoop for the grille and winch, and features mounting points for D-Rings, should you ever need to be pulled out of a ditch, which is highly unlikely in this monster!

The 40" Mickey Thompson tires are mounted to a set of Fuel Trophy 20x10 wheels. Furthermore, you've got the AEV Highmark Fender Flares, making it possible for the 40's to fit. Lighting is by Vison (Light Bars), and RIgid Industries (Rock Lights and Backup Lights). AMP Research side steps help with entry and exit from this beast, and tuck up nicely when not in use. On the interior, we have several products by JL Audio and Alea Leather.

RubiTrux Ram: Interior

There's just something about a full-sized truck. You just gotta have leather. The Alea leather in this truck is nothing but the top quality, and features our logo stitched into the headrests. We've also replaced the OEM navigation system with one from Alpine. A huge success on our Jeeps, Alpine features a restyle kit that transforms the look of your dash, giving you a large screen and buttons, perfect for those long road trips! For more information on the Dodge Ram product, click HERE.

The truck bed is completely treated in Line-X, meaning that you can throw, haul, and carry just about anything without fear of messing up the finish! To keep cargo dry, a Retrax Roll Up Bed Cover was also installed. AMP Research Bed Steps help you gain access to the bed when loading or unloading. You can bet we've also got a backup camera back here too; you need all the help you can get with this truck at the local parking lot! The backup camera is run through the rear-view mirror. This keeps the camera screen on the same plain as the mirror, letting you keep track of both at once.

If you're looking for something a bit bigger than a Jeep, with a bigger engine, higher load capacity, and the ability to fit 40's on 3" of lift, this truck conversion may be for you. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you want to spec one out. If you're interested, call Reggie Perry at 828-406-3031. Click here to view the entire vehicle listing. Priced at $82,995.00.

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