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  • Wrangler JK - Mirror Options

    Worried about the lack of mirrors when you take the doors off your Wrangler JK? Check out these mirror options. They're ideal for summertime use around town or on the trail. These mirrors will let you maintain visibility and safety while making the most of your Jeep!

    4 Mirror Options For Safe Summer Fun!

    On older Jeep vehicles like the CJ-7, the mirrors are usually seen mounted on the windshield brackets. However, the JK features large plastic mirrors. The JK is much larger than an early Wrangler or CJ-7. Thus, mirrors are helpful on the highway or parking around town. Also, some states are very strict about mirror laws. So if you're running doorless or with aftermarket half doors, here are four options you should consider. 

    Rugged Ridge - Quick Release

    The true "door off" mirror option are the Rugged Ridge Quick Release mirrors. These mirrors are similar to the old CJ mirrors. Affixed to the windshield frame, these mirrors will work with doors on or off. Installation is a snap, and you can use the quick release feature if you want to remove these in a hurry! Comes in a satin black finish. Priced at $62.99.

    Rugged Ridge Door Mirror Kit

    These mirrors are the Rugged Ridge OEM "replica" mirror kit. These mirrors are nearly identical to the OEM Jeep mirrors. If you're running Rugged Ridge or MOPAR half doors for the summer, these mirrors are a great option. UV protected black plastic housing. Note that doors are required. This kit DOES NOT fit to your windshield frame. Priced at $180.99.

    Body Armor Trail Door Mirrors

    These mirrors are designed for the Body Armor trail doors. Trail doors are an aftermarket half door, great for the summer, but lacking in an OEM Jeep mirror mount. If you like the classic YJ/TJ Wrangler mirrors, check these out. Simplified design for easy storage, folds flush to the door. Furthermore, they're easily adjustable! Priced at $147.78.

    Body Armor Mirror Options

    Oracle Mirrors With Illumination

    These mirrors by Oracle are great for replacing the mirrors on your full doors, or if you're running half doors for the summer and want more illumination. Producing 2200 Lumens, these mirrors are great for lighting up peripheral areas beyond your headlights' reach. Check out the range of illumination and our Project VANDAL pictures at! $420.75.

    Oracle Mirrors

    Go Fully Equipped!

    Don't go ill-equipped without mirrors for your half-doors or doorless rides this summer. Whether it's to comply with your state law or just for added safety, these aftermarket mirror options can save you and your Jeep. Got questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 828-675-8789. 


    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas For A Moderate Budget

    Our RubiTrux elves have been hard at work making a list of Jeep holiday gift ideas for every budget. This shopping list for Jeepers is for the moderate budget. But be sure to check out our gift ideas for the conscious budget and the carefree budget, too!  If you need assistance, just call our RubiTrux elves at 1-828-675-8789. You'll make their day.

    With every Jeep owners wish list and your budget top-of-mind, we made shopping for Jeep gifts fast, fun and easy. Merry Shopping! Your Jeeper will love you for it.


    6  Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas For A Moderate Budget

     1. BedRug Bed Tread

    Give your Jeep buddy the ultimate Jeep flooring protection. It's a custom molded spray-in bed liner concept for inside the Jeep. And it not only looks rough and tough, it is rough and tough! This next generation flooring system is designed to reduce road noise and alleviate heat escape. And the extra cool factors? It's 100% removable and waterproof. Why didn't Jeep think of that? Priced at $308.00. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas BedRug BedTred

    2. JW Speaker LED Fog Lights

    Help keep your Jeeper safe by gifting the most advanced LED headlight on the market. These long-lasting LEDs are a direct replacement for the standard 4" round lamp. And they're quick and easy to install. You'll be gifting your Jeeper superior visibility on and off-road. They'll appreciate the advanced lighting quality. And they won't need to replace a bulb for years to come! Priced from $360.00 - $399.99. Shop now!

    JW Speaker Fog Wrangler JK Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas JW Speaker Fog Lights For Wrangler JK

    JW Speaker Fog Hard Rock Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas JW Speaker LED Fog Hard Rock Kit With Plug-N-Play Harness

    3. sPod Wiring Solution

    You can make life simple for the Jeep accessory lover on your list who needs more room for those aftermarket upgrades. Factory Jeep electrical space is limited. But this easy-to-install sPod electrical panel upgrade provides 6 additional pre-installed and wired electrical switches. And, of course, extra add-ons are available. Priced at $435.00. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Idea sPod Power System

    4. AEV Rear Vision System

    For the Jeep Wrangler JK Owner, this AEV Rear Vision System can be a life-saver. Whether it's backing into boulders, stumps, or vehicles and other obstacles in a parking lot, rear visibility can be a real problem for Jeepers. Needless to say, this is a Jeep holiday gift idea that also provides that extra safety guard for the kids and their toys. AEV's rear vision system is a vehicle-specific rear view camera replacement for the factory rear view mirror. It comes with a high-mount camera that mounts on the tire carrier and includes a high-mount stop light for the back of the Jeep. AEV's new rear view camera system provides a superior field of view. Priced at $680.00. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas AEV Rear Navigation System


    5. Dirty Dog Netting

    Dirty Dog Netting is not just for the dirty dog. But it does keep the dirty dog safe and secure. Aside from the dog, it keeps all the cargo safe and secure---the Jeepers, the Christmas presents, the kids and the groceries---whether the tops and doors are on or off. Dirty Dog's five-piece set comes in a variety of colors. This product requires extra shipping time. So order early! Priced at $566.42. Shop now!

    Jeep Gift Ideas Dirty Dog Netting

    6. Superchips Jeep Trail Dash 2 

    Your serious off-road Jeeper will be a happy camper when they open this gift. Trail Dash 2 features a 5" high resolution screen for monitoring tire pressure, operating lights, and calibrating speed with up to a 42" tire. It also shows the angle of the Jeep on the trail, which is a big help for those high-risk driving situations. Trail Dash 2 can tune the Jeep for specific functions such as larger tires, crawl speed, and more. Priced at $495.95. Shop now!

    SuperChips Trail Dash 2 Holiday Gift Idea Jeep

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    Top Jeep Holiday Gifts For Any Budget

    Got a Jeep owner on your list? We know there's only one thing Jeepers love more than a Jeep outing. That's outfitting their Jeeps! Our RubiTrux elves hand-picked these Jeep holiday gifts with every Jeep owner's wish list and your budget top-of-mind. To make your shopping experience fast, fun and easy, we organized our holiday gift lists into three budget categories -- gifts for a conscious budget, moderate budget and carefree budget.

    This list is for the conscious budget. If you need advice, the RubiTrux elves are just a phone call away. They're Jeep experts who are always eager to help! Dial 1-828-675-8789. Happy shopping!



    11 Jeep Holiday Gifts For The Conscious-Budget

    1. Rugged Ridge Hitch Kit

    Every Jeep owner needs a hitch kit. This Rugged Ridge Hitch Kit with wiring harness features a single-piece custom design. It's easy to bolt on, water-resistant and rust-free for extra strength and durability. This makes a great holiday gift for a new Jeep owner, or one with a hitch that's seen better days. Priced from $78.99-$103.99. Shop now!

    Best Gift Idea For Jeepers Hitch Budget Conscious

    2. Grab Handles

    Let's face it. Jeeps are hard to crawl in and out of. And off-road? Forget it. You need something to hang onto in those hairpin curves and steep uphill climbs on the trail. Help a Jeeper out by gifting a set of Grab Handles. These easy-to-install Jeep holiday gifts are super affordable and highly functional.

    GraBars, from GraBars USA, are made of 3/4-inch solid steel, powder-coated and UV protected, with dual-layer rubber grips that come in a variety of colors. Priced from $102.00 - $175.00Shop now!

    Holiday Gift Ideas For Jeepers

    Bartact heavy duty paracord grab handles are soft to the touch, but macho strong as you can imagine. Bartact hand-weaves these handles with heavyweight nylon. They make the handle base with a heavy duty webbing and a hook and loop system with powder-coated steel buckles. Bartact handles come in pairs and are adaptable for use on roll bars and headrests. Colors to match any Jeep. Priced at $25.99 - $49.99. Shop now!

    Bartact Grab Handles Holiday Gift Idea for Jeep Owners

    3. Mag-Lite Mount and Clips

    Flashlights are a Jeepers best friends. The problem is keeping it handy when and where its needed. The easy solution is the Maximus -3 JK Mag-Lite Mount and Clips. This little lifesaver simply mounts to the front seat rail, which stores a flashlight within hands reach and easily accessible from a seated position. Mag-Lite flashlight is not included. Priced at $29.99. Shop now!

    Mag-Lite Mount Holiday Gift Idea for Jeep Owners

    Maglite-Sample-Jeep-Holiday-Gifts Maglite Not Included

    4. AEV ProCal Module

    Things Jeepers can't get enough of are extra features and extra potential. That's why we think this is a value-packed Jeep holiday gift idea. This AEV ProCal Module is an affordable must-have for the serious Jeeper. It's a tuner and programmer that is used to tune the Jeep to idle higher for winching, calibrate the speedometer for tire upgrades, read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, adjust transmission shift points, and more! Priced at $170.00  Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gifts AEV ProCal Module


    5. Lift Kit

    Do you know a true Jeeper who doesn't like the more aggressive look of a lifted Jeep? Okay, maybe not every Jeeper wants a giant boost, but an itty bitty boost so they can explore more without the worry of dents, scratches, or a punctured gas tank! These two mild lift solutions by AEV and Teraflex are both easy on the pocket. Neither requires any additional modifications. Allows for bigger tires up to 33 and 35 inches. Priced $264.05-$285.00. Shop now!

    Budget Lift Kits Holiday Gift Ideas For Jeepers

    6.  Winch Shackle Mount

    Factor 55 ProLink winch shackle mounts are 5x stronger than the standard winch hooks. Needless to say, that's important for an off-road Jeeper that finds himself in a bad spot and needs to recover his rig. It's also important for towing or maneuvering around obstacles. Can be installed and removed quickly. Priced at $142.45. Shop now!

    Holiday Gift Idea For Jeep Owners Factor Pro55 Winch Shackle Mount

    7. Winch Accessory Kit

    This popular Warn 88900 Medium Duty Winch Accessory Kit makes a great gift for the Jeeper whose use is mostly on-road or on non-technical off-road terrain. It's maximum capacity is 20,000 pounds. Priced at $199.00. Shop now!

    Holiday Gift Idea For Jeep Owners Warn Medium Duty Winch Accessory Kit

    8. Morimoto LED Fog Light Kit

    Yes, fog lights on a Jeep give it that "cool-look" factor. But they also have a purpose. To light up the trail ahead for night wheeling is one. And, of course, they're a safety tool for driving in the fog, rain, snow or dust on or off-road. The Morimoto Fog Light Kit is an excellent value in DOT approved LED fog lighting with a 10 year warranty! Priced at 170.00. Shop now!

    Morimoto Fog Lights Jeep Holiday Gifts

    Morimoto XB Hard Rock LED Fog Light Kit Is Also Available. Kit includes brackets for Hard Rock/10A/X model Rubicons. Priced at $209.00. Shop now! 

    Morimoto Fog Lights Hard Rock Jeep Holiday Gifts


    9. Dirty Dog Pet Dividers or Netting 

    Dirty dogs love their Jeepers. And pet-loving Jeep owners are committed to keeping their pets safe and secure on and off the trail. These durable nets keep Rider where you want him and your cargo secure, whether the tops and doors are on or off. Comes in a variety of colors and configurations. This item requires extra shipping time. So order early! Pricing starts at $124.85. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gifts Dirty Dog Netting 3

    10. Floor and Cargo Liners

    Give your Jeeper the gift of clean, unsoiled carpet! Jeeps are made for superior performance in gravel, mud, snow and water. But the stock Jeep carpeting throughout is not. WeatherTech's floor liner design is a notch above other manufacturer's liners in this price range. They feature a digital laser-fit technology that ensures an exact fit. And their advanced surface channeling system routes those damaging elements to a lower channel, to keep feet and clothing dry and prevent water from escaping. Priced at $197.90. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gifts WeatherTech Floor Liner Combo

    For the 2015-2016 Wrangler JK Unlimited Jeeper, Weather Tech's Cargo Liner is a perfect match to the floor liners. It features the same digital laser-fit technology for an exact fit, and the same water channeling system with a raised outer rim to prevent water from escaping. Also, available in black, gray or tan. Priced at $127.99. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gifts WeatherTech Cargo Liner

     11. Recon Fender Markers and Turn Lights

    These Jeep holiday gifts replace original factory-installed lamps and lenses with the latest LED lighting technology for superior lighting and style. They come in smoked, clear or amber and are plug-and-play for easy and quick install. Priced at $119.00. Shop now!

    Recon Fender and Turn Lights Jeep Holiday Gifts


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