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It’s Summer Time…Are You Ready?

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The weather is getting warmer and people are venturing outside to enjoy a bike ride, a hike, a little paddling, or a ride on a trail. With the warmer weather, there are a few vehicle maintenance steps you should take to ensure optimal performance.

First, you should check your tire pressure. Proper tire pressure will help your gas mileage. In warmer weather, the air in your tire expands, so you may have more pressure than you think. Make sure to look at the recommended pressure on your tires and modify if needed.

If you own a Jeep Wrangler, it’s time to check your tops. Are they in good shape, need cleaning or repair? When changing from your hard top to your soft top, it’s easier to do on a warm day because it will stretch over the bows without as much effort. Bestop makes a kit to help with maintenance – a cleaner for the top, a cleaner for the windows, and a protectant to extend the top’s lifespan.

For those of you that enjoy a more open cab, you may want to consider a bikini or a safari top. Bikinis cover the front to passengers, and safaris cover the entire cab. High Country 4×4 Center has these in stock or can get one in just a day if the inventory is running a bit low. To protect your gear, a duster deck cover comes in handy to keep the back seat and storage areas dry during those pop-up summer showers.

To truly enjoy the summer, you need a convenient way to carry all of your gear. Stop by for systems to help you take along your bikes, kayaks, canoes, and even extra “stuff” in a tray that fits right into your hitch. You’ll also want to take along a cooler filled with water, snacks, and your other favorite beverages to help you cool off – a Yeti cooler will help with that, and it’s as tough as the trail.

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