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  • Wrangler JK - Mirror Options

    Worried about the lack of mirrors when you take the doors off your Wrangler JK? Check out these mirror options. They're ideal for summertime use around town or on the trail. These mirrors will let you maintain visibility and safety while making the most of your Jeep!

    4 Mirror Options For Safe Summer Fun!

    On older Jeep vehicles like the CJ-7, the mirrors are usually seen mounted on the windshield brackets. However, the JK features large plastic mirrors. The JK is much larger than an early Wrangler or CJ-7. Thus, mirrors are helpful on the highway or parking around town. Also, some states are very strict about mirror laws. So if you're running doorless or with aftermarket half doors, here are four options you should consider. 

    Rugged Ridge - Quick Release

    The true "door off" mirror option are the Rugged Ridge Quick Release mirrors. These mirrors are similar to the old CJ mirrors. Affixed to the windshield frame, these mirrors will work with doors on or off. Installation is a snap, and you can use the quick release feature if you want to remove these in a hurry! Comes in a satin black finish. Priced at $62.99.

    Rugged Ridge Door Mirror Kit

    These mirrors are the Rugged Ridge OEM "replica" mirror kit. These mirrors are nearly identical to the OEM Jeep mirrors. If you're running Rugged Ridge or MOPAR half doors for the summer, these mirrors are a great option. UV protected black plastic housing. Note that doors are required. This kit DOES NOT fit to your windshield frame. Priced at $180.99.

    Body Armor Trail Door Mirrors

    These mirrors are designed for the Body Armor trail doors. Trail doors are an aftermarket half door, great for the summer, but lacking in an OEM Jeep mirror mount. If you like the classic YJ/TJ Wrangler mirrors, check these out. Simplified design for easy storage, folds flush to the door. Furthermore, they're easily adjustable! Priced at $147.78.

    Body Armor Mirror Options

    Oracle Mirrors With Illumination

    These mirrors by Oracle are great for replacing the mirrors on your full doors, or if you're running half doors for the summer and want more illumination. Producing 2200 Lumens, these mirrors are great for lighting up peripheral areas beyond your headlights' reach. Check out the range of illumination and our Project VANDAL pictures at! $420.75.

    Oracle Mirrors

    Go Fully Equipped!

    Don't go ill-equipped without mirrors for your half-doors or doorless rides this summer. Whether it's to comply with your state law or just for added safety, these aftermarket mirror options can save you and your Jeep. Got questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 828-675-8789. 

  • Wrangler JK Hoist A Top

    Most Wrangler JK's come from the factory with a hard top. Consumerism demands production of a more refined vehicle, so that's what Chrysler/Fiat offers in a hard top. But Lange Originals Hoist A Top offers us outdoorsy, adventurous Jeepers refinement in a different way. We don't always choose to have the hard top on. When the summer months roll around, we like to feel the wind in our hair and the warmth of the sun on our shoulders. 

    OEM and aftermarket hardtops are bulky to handle, difficult to store, and yes, costly. If we leave the hard top lying on the ground or in the garage, it's bound to get damaged or even destroyed. That's why Lange Originals brought us Hoist A Top in three models that make it easy to remove and store our hard top securely out of the way. What better place than the ceiling?

    Which Hoist A Top Is Right For You?

    Hoist A Top Manual by Lange Originals

    All three Hoist A Top products essentially do the same thing. The difference is found in the mechanism. In the bottom left of each image, you can see the mechanism. The Manual Lange ($199.00) shown above simply requires a hearty pull to lift the hardtop up and out of the way.

    The Power Lange ($419.99) shown below, requires just a push of a button, to hoist the hardtop up and away. 

    Hoist A Top Power by Lange Originals

    The Crank Lange ($319.99) shown below is the perfect balance between the two products above. You simply turn a crank. The crank is a bit easier to manage than the Manual Lange, but doesn't carry the price tag of the Power Lange.

    Hoist A Top Crank by Lange Originals

    All three models feature a steel powder-coated frame that you can attach to your hardtop without any drilling. And you can remove your hardtop using the Hoist A Top without having to open your rear window. Because it mounts to the ceiling, the system stows out of the way, with or without the hard top in tow. Each Hoist A Top model comes with instructions for an easy install. 

    You don't have to call a whole crew of friends over, or throw your back out to remove and store your hardtop. You can do it all by yourself with ease. It's perfect for the warm summer days ahead when the impulse strikes you to go topless, or when you want to change out to a soft top. So what are you waiting for? Shop now for your Hoist A Top at

  • Wrangler JK - Roll Cages

    As rough and tough as your Jeep Wrangler JK performs, its factory sport cage design is a mighty point of failure. The OEM sport cage weakness lies where the spreader bars meet the windshield. In the event of a rollover, the OEM spreader bars may buckle, and the windshield also may fold inwards. Yet, the Wrangler JK OEM sport bar system meets current crash test standards for new stock Wrangler vehicles.

    Aftermarket Roll Cages Reduce Your Risk

    Let's face it, the OEM Wrangler was never designed to withstand the rigorous demands for on and off highway use once heavy modification and lifting begins. As you modify your Wrangler for a more aggressive highway stance, and a more aggressive handling style for risky off-road adventures, you most likely understand that you also increase your probability for a roll over.

    Spreader Bars Buckle - Windshields Fold Inward

    For example, when you add a lift kit and larger tires, you raise the center of gravity on your 'rig. This in turn increases your chance for a costly accident on the highway or on the trail. Once substantial modification begins, we absolutely recommend an aftermarket 'cage. If you don't upgrade to an aftermarket roll cage, you risk that your spreader bars may buckle, and your windshield may fold inwards, if you roll over. 

    jeep-jku-rollover-windshield-failure-png Photo Courtesy JK Forum

    These aftermarket roll cages can altogether remove this dangerous failure point in the OEM sport cage system. Rock Hard, Poison Spyder and GenRight make three aftermarket safety cages, at various price points, that we regularly recommend to our customers. Check them out below.

    Rock Hard 4x4 Sport Cage

    Rock Hard Roll Cage

    Rock Hard 4x4 offers a complete, bolt-in kit for those looking to beef up the factory setup without extensive modifications. The Rock Hard roll cage features a fully bolt-in, easy installation cage with 1/2" thick CNC machined steel locking collars. Grade 8 hardware is included, and grab handles are built into the kit. As you can see, there are cross bars that go across the dash, floor A-pillar bars, and overhead spreader bars. Additional options include front and rear seat harness bars, and an overhead center bar section. Rock Hard 4x4 offers the strongest bolt-in/reinforcement 'cage in the market. Pricing starts at $649.95.

    Poison Spyder Trail Cage

    Poison Spyder Roll Cage

    Poison Spyder offers a roll cage similar to Rock Hard. But whereas Rock Hard builds upon the stock spreader bars, Poison Spyder removes and replaces them. Its use of heavy duty DOM tube structure and optional grab handles make Poison Spyder a top-notch option. This cage also features front A-pillars (with floor tie-ins), a dash and overhead spreader bar, and more. The trusted Poison Spyder craftsmanship and laser cut, brake-formed 3/16" plate steel components ensure you a proper fit. Pricing starts at $944.00

    GenRight Roll Cage Kit - A Superior Upgrade Choice!

    GenRight Roll Cage Kit

    If you're looking to replace the entire OEM sport cage setup, as in removing all components and starting from scratch, GenRight has a product for you. GenRight offers roll cages for both the four door JKU and two door JK. These cages are designed for maximum visibility over the dash. They work with factory hard and soft tops, and include mounting brackets for the factory seat belts. Made from 2" heavy DOM tubing, this cage will stand up to the challenge, either on the trail or around town, in a rollover.

    The GenRight kit is laser cut and notched for that perfect fit. However, it will need to be welded together inside your Jeep. Yes, you can remove the roll cage to powder coat it once it's been custom fit. Note, the GenRight roll cage kit does require a cut to your dash; but it's very minor and well worth it. Pricing starts at $2,649.99 for the JK; and $2,749.99 for the JKU.

    jeep-jk-rollover-windshield-failure-png Photo Courtesy JK Forum

    Invest In Roll Cage Protection!

    Without a doubt, we recommend an aftermarket roll cage to increase driver and passenger safety, especially if you ever plan to take your vehicle off road. You can simply eliminate the life-threatening concern that your windshield may crumple inward if you roll over. You can also add other safety accessories, like CB radio/equipment mounting points, grab bars, fire extinguishers, and more to these roll cages.

    Why not play it safe? Make it a priority to replace your factory sport cage system to give your roof and windshield the same rugged protection and dependability you expect from aftermarket bumpers, winches, skid plates and other body armor?

    Each of these aftermarket roll cages is designed to protect your life and your Jeep from more severe body damage in the event of a rollover. If you haven't already invested in rollover protection, or you're simply ready to upgrade to a superior roll cage system, shop now

    As always, we're here to help our fellow Jeepers out. Give us a call if you have any questions.

  • Jeep Wrangler JK - Aftermarket Hard Tops

    Are you considering aftermarket hard tops to replace your OEM hard top? Or do you simply want to upgrade your soft top for more warmth and better protection from the cold weather elements? From squared-off aftermarket hard tops to the fastback model, we only represent the best quality brands.

    For comparison, the hard top we show below is a standard OEM hard top. You can order it in a flat black, or color match it with the OEM paint code. 

    Aftermarket Hardtops

    Jeep Wrangler JK: Aftermarket Hard Tops

    Today, you have many aftermarket hard tops available for your Wrangler JK. We've all heard the frustrating stories of tops that leak and fit poorly. So it can be can be mind-boggling to choose the right aftermarket hard top. But, based on years of experience with every hard top on the market, we can make your decision easier. Here are two top brands we confidently recommend.

    DV8 Ranger and Ranger Fastback Hard Tops

    DV8 Ranger Offroad Fastback - 2dr - Standard

    The standard squared-off Ranger top shown above is currently the only 2-door Wrangler JK top DV8 offers The four-door Wrangler JKU version is shown below. Both models feature a removable Targa style front panel, and a carpeted interior with tinted windows.

    DV8 relies on high quality seals and fiberglass for a quiet, secure ride. This hard top closely resembles the OEM hard top. It's ideally suited for the owner looking to upgrade from a soft top to a high quality hard top, without the MOPAR price tag. All models feature an optional rear window wiper. The standard Ranger 2-door starts at $2,233.25. The 4-door model starts at $2,199.99. Click here for all the details.

    The DV8 Offroad Ranger Fastback top seen below gives you the popular slant-back or fastback design, with the high-quality craftsmanship from DV8 Offroad. This top also features a Targa style removable front panel and a carpeted interior with tinted windows. The 4-door Ranger Fastback starts at $2,649.99. Click here for full details.

    Aftermarket Hard Tops - DV8 Ranger Fastback

    American Fastbacks Hard Top

    Aftermarket Hard Tops American Fastbacks Freedom Top

    Shown above is The Freedom Fastback top from  American Fastbacks. It is currently the only JK/U top from this company, and we are highly impressed. This top comes in a textured black finish;or it can be painted to match your vehicle. You can choose to add one or two electric sunroofs.

    The Freedom hard top comes standard with an insulated interior, a rear window defroster, and a wiper. American Fastbacks offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty against defects, and they make all their products in America. The base price is $3,351.00. Click here for complete details and options.

    To upgrade your factory soft top, hard top, or to trick out your Jeep with the newest fastback look, you can't beat DV8 Offroad and American Fastbacks' aftermarket hard tops. If you're not sure which top to order, or you're just starting to plan your build, give us a call. We'll be glad to walk you through the ordering process and recommend the right top for you. 

  • New 2017 Jeep Wrangler

    A First, LED Headlights for the 2017 Jeep Wrangler!

    There are a couple upgrades for the 2017 Jeep Wrangler, making its debut soon! Factory LED Headlights and Fog Lights are a first for the Wrangler in 2017. This lighting upgrade is offered as standard for the Sahara and Rubicon, and is optional on the Sport model. With the JL slated for 2018, Jeep didn't change much from the 2015 model, but the LED headlights are a welcome change. Most automakers have offered LED headlights for the past couple years. However, Jeep owners have had to upgrade to aftermarket products, until now. With 2017, Jeep Wrangler enters the list of vehicles to include these lighting upgrades. Shown below is our first 2017 JKU Wrangler, complete with factory LED Headlights!


    2016-jeep-wrangler-mojave-sand-front-passenger-cornerWhile some may still prefer the aftermarket, the OEM LED's are certainly an improvement over the old headlamps, shown above. The new OEM LED's, shown below, bring the Wrangler up to par with other modern automobiles. LEDs are more energy efficient and offer higher light output than the old bulbs. As such, growing automotive trends in lighting over the past couple of years indicates that LEDs are fast becoming popular on mainstream vehicles, both in auxiliary lighting and headlights themselves.

    14543943_967280790085344_4162486736210564705_oOther Options: Cold Weather Group

    The 2017 Jeep Wrangler has a few other new features, such as an optional cold weather group. This package couples previous options such as slush mats and an engine block heater with BFGoodrich KO2 tires, for those living in colder climates. Other options may vary for the cold weather group, depending on model. Shown on an upgraded JK-Unlimited, the BFGoodrich KO2 tires provide exceptional traction and control in snow and sand. The long tread life associated with BFGoodrich tires also applies to these All-Terrain KO2's. If you're looking for a great all season tire, the cold weather group may be worth consideration.


    An upgraded 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited, shown below, with aftermarket upgrades. While upgrades like a lift kit and tires will enhance off-road capabilities, it's not a bad idea to order some factory upgrades with your Jeep. Accessories like the engine block heater may be easier and cheaper to order from the factory, rather than to source an aftermarket model, for example. An engine block heater is perfect in the mountains. This accessory really comes in handy during winter storms, like the ones we get in Boone!


    Are you excited about the new options for 2017? Let us know by leaving a comment. If you need help or suggestions for upgrading your Jeep Wrangler, our specialists are on the line, just give us a call! Stay tuned for more 2017 news and builds, coming soon!

  • Product of the Week - AMP Research Steps

    This week we’re taking a look at these side steps from AMP Research. If you need steps for your Jeep Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited, but you don’t want to sacrifice ground clearance, these are for you! AMP Research has been around for several years and provides top notch products for the modern four-wheel drive market. Traditional side rails or tube steps may hang low and catch on rocks or other obstacles on the trail. The AMP Research steps fold out when you need them, and fold up, out of the way, when you don't.





    This product is perfect for stock and lifted Jeeps alike. Even stock, a Jeep JK features a higher stance than a typical passenger car. This requires a step up, rather than a step down, to enter the vehicle. The same holds true in reverse. To exit a Jeep, you climb down. On a car, you would simply stand up upon exit. This product provides that extra step to make entry and exit more comfortable for all, especially those who are not accustomed to a truck or SUV. The AMP Research step is great for those needing that extra foothold to enter or exit the vehicle, such as young children.



    AMP Research Side Steps Are Fully Retractable

    This makes the AMP Research side steps great for the family-oriented Wrangler JKU, where lifting a vehicle could make it impractical with small children or pets. Many owners find that family members accustomed to passenger cars also dislike high entry and exit points. These steps will mitigate that problem: upon opening the door, the AMP Research step will fold out (pictured above). The wide step provides a sturdy foothold, everyone climbs in, and the doors shut. Once the door is shut, the AMP Research step retracts (pictured below).





    As you can see above, when the steps are fully retracted they fold neatly up to the pinch seam. These steps don't remain fixed, like a traditional tube step, becoming caught up on rocks or other obstacles on the trail. If you're looking for rocker protection, the AMP side steps can also hold up to moderate abuse off-road. This provides you with some protection for the pinch seam. However, we would not recommend this product for the dedicated off-road 'rig.' For example, the step simply won't hold up to repeated abuse while rock crawling.



    Added Protection: Pair with Poison Spyder Body Armor

    However, if you have a Jeep Wrangler JK that sees occasional off-road use, you could try the above setup. On this Jeep, we paired the AMP steps with Poison Spyder body armor, giving this JK Unlimited additional protection for the rocker panel! If you are interested in the AMP side steps for your Jeep build, check out this promotion. For a limited time, with a purchase of AMP side steps, receive a free set of Lund floor liners! Built from a strong aluminum-alloy and Teflon coated, AMP steps feature a 5-year/60,000 mile warranty. If you're looking for a durable and retractable side step, this product is for you. Order today, from!



  • Product of the Week - Rockhard 4x4 Sport Cage

    rockhard-4x4-sport-cage-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-silver-blueThe first thing that a Wrangler owner may notice about the factory “roll-bar” is that while the rearmost portion is secured to the body, the front section is connected to the windshield by small “spreader bars”. The hinged windshield is an obvious weak point, and can fold inward in a rollover. Couple this with the higher center of gravity found on SUV’s like the Jeep Wrangler, where the vehicle is more likely to roll over when turning a corner or swerving at speed, and you can see where an upgrade to your OEM roll-bar would be beneficial.rockhard-4x4-sport-cage-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-blackWhile the Jeep Wrangler JK features many modern amenities, it still inherits this weak point at the windshield from previous models. The Wrangler YJ and TJ also feature these small spreader bars, and while an improvement over the CJ-7, which did not feature spreader bars, are still found lacking in a vehicle rollover. During one of these rollover type accidents, the windshield can fold inwards, into the passenger compartment of the Jeep. While the extent of the rollover and the forces present dictate how far the windshield may crumple inwards, the OEM design still leaves much to be desired. If you’ve ever driven a Jeep, you’ll know just how much (or how little) room there is inside the cab, even in the much larger current production JK models. This leaves very little room for error when the windshield crumples inwards, especially when you factor the space taken up by the driver and passenger.rockhard-4x4-sport-cage-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-silverSo how do you fix this? Some may advocate full weld-in cage kits, kits that completely replace the OEM hardware, or more. The possibilities are many, with several aftermarket companies producing sport or roll cages, but if your Jeep is a DD (Daily Driver) that sees moderate to light trail use on the weekends, you may not want to drop the coin or effort on installing a complete replacement ‘cage in your brand new Jeep. After all, the OEM cage was engineered by Jeep and did pass multiple crash tests before production, so the factory design is not wholly inadequate. If you’re looking for a product to reinforce the factory roll-bar system, Rockhard 4x4 makes an upgrade for you!rockhard-4x4-sport-cage-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-componentsRockhard 4x4 has been around for several years, and has become a trusted name in the Jeep aftermarket. Rockhard offers a complete bolt-in sport cage for the 2007-present Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited that reinforces the weak point in the OEM roll-bar design. This Sport Cage features durable ½” thick CNC machined steel locking collars and Grade 8 hardware, so you know it’ll hold up to any abuse on the highway or on the trail. For those DIY-ers out there, this kit is fully bolt-in, so no welding is required. The cage can be paint matched to your vehicle to provide that perfect, finished look, and also incorporates grab handles, to help in entering or exiting the vehicle.rockhard-4x4-sport-cage-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-locking-collarIn addition to the front kit, featuring the Overhead Cage Streamer, the top windshield bar, the dash bar, and the A-Pillar supports, Rockhard 4x4 also offers additional options for the rear portion of the factory roll-bar, if you’d like to reinforce this area also (seen below). To conclude, If you’ve got a trail ‘rig or that DD that you’re building up to take off-road for the first time, the Rockhard Sport Cage is for you. This product features a sturdy and dependable design, and we’ve added this ‘cage to many builds here at the shop. Call or order online today, at!rockhard-4x4-sport-cage-jeep-wrangler-jk-jku-rear-section

  • Vehicle of the Week - 2016 Granite JKUR

    custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-aev-heat-reduction-hoodToday we’re looking at another one of our Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Rubicon conversions. This Jeep is sporting our standard 4500 build kit, making it one of the larger builds on the lot, but what really catches the eye is the color. Granite is a Jeep factory color that was discontinued after a production run of a couple years. However, the color was so popular that Jeep brought it back! Granite has not been confirmed for the JL production, nor the final JK units that will be produced alongside the JL for the first year. In other words, you better get ‘em while you can! Granite will probably go the way of Chili Pepper Red and make the list of short lived but popular color options.custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-aev-4-5-inch-dualsport-sc-suspensionStarting with the OEM color, Granite goes well with silver, chrome, gray or black accents.  The Fuel wheels and AEV bumper combination give just the right amount of contrast, while also complimenting the hues of the factory paintjob. The Recon smoked turn signals, fender markers, and taillights look great, and along with the JW speaker smoked LED headlights, give this Jeep a sleek, modern look. Even the LED lights and brackets blend well with the Granite color. For comparison, these black brackets would be highly noticeable on a red or yellow JKU. Here, they may as well be part of the windshield frame!custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-toyo-open-country-mt-37-13-50-18Moving on from the color, we've upgraded the suspension, tires, and armor. Starting with the AEV 4.5” lift kit. The AEV lift kit allows this Jeep to fit 37” tires while retaining the factory feel and comfort of the stock suspension. The 37” Toyo Open Country M/T tires give this ‘rig extra ground clearance and provide both excellent offroad traction and superb durability. The Fuel D534 Boost 18x9 Wheels give this Jeep a touch of the 2010’s, and go well with the other high end add-ons, such as the AMP side steps and Alea Custom F-1 Leather Interior.custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-amp-research-power-stepscustom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-amp-research-power-steps-openFor off-road recovery, there’s a Warn Zeon 8s Synthetic Rope Winch up front, encased in the AEV bumper. As this is a Rubicon, factory electric lockers are standard front and rear, along with the heavy duty Dana-44 axles. The winch and locker combination ensure that this Jeep can climb up, over, and through any obstacles on the trail, and recover other ‘rigs to boot! The aforementioned AEV front and rear bumpers protect this Granite JKUR front and back, as well as carrying the large 37” spare tire (below). To see over the spare tire, a MyGig V5 Video Lockpick with Camera was added. This backup camera can help out around town or on the trail, especially in those tight spaces where the extra length of the JKUR may get you into a pinch.custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-aev-premium-front-bumper_1custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-aev-rear-bumper-tire-carrier_1Aftermarket lighting on any modified Jeep is a must. After all, what good is your 4x4 if you can’t see at night? As we mentioned above, all OEM lighting was replaced with top-of-the-line aftermarket products by JW Speaker and Recon. The auxiliary lighting, both in the form of a windshield mounted 50” bar and the dually LED lights at the windshield support pillar, are all Rigid Industries Midnight Edition lights. Rigid Industries produces some of the best LED lights on the market today, and the Midnight Edition line is no exception. Giving the LED lights a dark, smoky look, these lights are great for builds like this Granite Jeep, where subdued colors compliment the OEM paint. Giving the front bumper a bit of a throwback are a pair of IPF 900XS Series Driving Lights, great for on-road driving at night or during inclement weather.custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-alpine-restyle-x009-wraOn the interior, we’ve completely replaced the OEM seat fabric and the OEM radio/navigation system. This Granite JKUR sports the previously mentioned Alea Custom F-1 Leather Interior. Coupled with the Alpine X009-WRA Restyle Head Unit, this Jeep JKUR has a luxurious, high-end feel that you won’t get from the factory equipment. If you’re looking to ride in comfort and style, the Alea Leather and Alpine head unit are a must for your Jeep!custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-alea-custom-leather-headrestcustom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-alea-custom-f-1-leatherThis Jeep is currently for sale at our shop for $69,995.00, but hurry, it’s sure to go fast! If you’d like this Jeep, or you want to special order a Granite build of your very own, call Reggie Perry at (828)406-3031!custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-granite-on-37s

  • Product of the Week - AEV Heat Reduction Hood

    custom-2015-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-rubicon-baja-yellow-HEMI-6-4--pass-three-quarterIf you’ve swapped in a larger engine, have cooling issues offroad, or simply want a matching hood to go with your AEV build, this product is for you! The Heat Reduction Hood by AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) provides a stylish and functional replacement for the OEM hood on your Jeep Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited. An internal combustion engine generates large amounts of heat during operation, and the V-6 found in the modern day Jeep Wrangler is no exception. An internal combustion engine utilizes both coolant and air to keep the engine within operating temperatures. If the engine gets too hot for too long, catastrophic failure can occur.custom-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-mojave-sand-aev-premium-front-bumper-outside-As the cooling system on a stock JK stands, air is pulled through the radiator by the fan, lowering the temperature of the coolant inside. This coolant is then recycled back through the system (engine block, heater core, etc). Thus, the combination of air and coolant keeps the engine from overheating. This is a very basic description, but you get the point. What we’re going to focus on here is the direction of air flow. Once the air enters the engine compartment through the radiator, the only place left for it to go is downwards. Of course, this leads out of the engine compartment. With the stock hood in place, there is a solid ceiling preventing the air from escaping up top. While this may not be an issue off-road with the stock motor, with a bigger engine, or while idling for long periods of time, heat can build up. Remember, heat rises; with the solid OEM hood, there’s nowhere for the hot air to go!aev-40303001aj-heat-reduction-hoodThe AEV Heat Reduction Hood solves this problem. Namely, by providing multiple ports for hot air to exit the engine compartment. These openings have mesh guards in place to prevent debris from getting under the hood, but still allow plenty of room for the air to circulate. If you’ve ever driven a Wrangler equipped with a heat reduction hood, you’ll notice these vents in action, especially at a stop light. When at speed, the AEV Head Reduction Hood exploits the Jeep’s front end low-pressure area, allowing the outside air to be pulled through the radiator and up and over the engine, giving your motor the fresh air it needs!aev-heat-reduction-hood-40303001af-undersideThe Heat Reduction Hood goes well with other AEV accessories, and will give your Jeep JK or JKU an aggressive look, both around town and on the trail! The AEV Head Reduction Hood features OEM-style crumple zones and comes in an e-coated finish and ready for paint. Side mesh inserts are removable if you’d like to install an AEV snorkel kit. Hoods must be shipped to a commercial address, call for an exact shipping quote. Don't buy a sub-par aftermarket hood or rely on the OEM unit, order an AEV Heat Reduction Hood for your build, today!aev-heat-reduction-hood

  • Double Cab HEMI Conversion - Part 1

    2014-custom-jeep-wrangler-aev-brute-double-cab-white-left-side-viewThis week we’re taking a look at another one of our builds. While you may remember reading about some of our first generation Brute conversions based on the TJ, this time, we’re taking a look at the modern predecessor, the Brute Double Cab. Designed and produced by AEV (American Expedition Vehicles), the Brute Double Cab turns any 4-door Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited into a crew cab pickup truck. In short, the modification consists of chopping the vehicle in two, lengthening the frame, closing off the cab via a new hardtop and body panels, and adding the Brute pickup bed. Once this is done, you now have a vehicle that couples both the open air freedom of the Jeep Wrangler (as the hard-top is still removable), and the utility of the pickup truck. Great for carrying five passengers and cargo!custom-jeep-wrangler-brute-double-cab-aev-snorkelThe Brute vehicle is the ultimate conversion kit for any present-day four-door Wrangler. The downside is the longer frame and pickup bed, in addition to the AEV bumpers, does add some weight to the vehicle. This means more weight for the V6 engine to lug around. While some owners may choose to regear or supercharger, sometimes the V6 just doesn’t cut it. Our answer; swapping in a HEMI!custom-jeep-wrangler-brute-double-cab-black-jw-speaker-evo-2-headlightsWith the Jeep CJ, buyers usually had the choice of four, six, or even eight cylinder engines; the latter of which was a great factory option if you wanted something with a bit more power and punch around town, especially in the small bodied CJ’s. Since the early days of the Jeep Wrangler, there have usually been two engine choices, an inline four or six cylinder. Again, these engines were great for the small body Wranglers, and offered plenty of power around town or on the trail, depending on gear ratio and tire size. However, once the Jeep JK came about, it was much larger than previous Wranglers, and is only offered with a V-6, the early models of which (2007-2011) are sub-par. Couple that engine with a much larger Wrangler, and it isn’t surprising when some owners complain of sluggish throttle response or acceleration, especially when adding a lift kit, larger tires, or a Double Cab conversion.darr-hemi-brute-double-cab-jeep-wrangler-conversion-engine-swap-v-6-removalSo what do you do to a high-end Jeep Wrangler when a regear won’t cut it? Not a fan of superchargers or turbos? A V-8 conversion may be for you! While LS1’s or Chevy 350s are the go-to choice for TJ/YJ/CJ owners, and with good reason, you just can’t beat an AEV HEMI Kit with the present day Jeep Wrangler JK/U. This kit, supplied by AEV, simplifies the engine swap exponentially; coupled with the fact that the Jeep JK/U can retain the factory automatic transmission and heavy-duty Dana-44 axles found with the Rubicon package, and all you’ve gotta do is ditch the V-6!darr-hemi-brute-double-cab-jeep-wrangler-conversion-engine-swap-bay-motor-mounts-prepdarr-hemi-brute-double-cab-jeep-wrangler-conversion-engine-swap-motor-prepFor this build, we’re going to follow the HEMI conversion on a brand new 2016 Brute Double Cab, starting with the removal of the stock V-6. The motor mounts are cut off and ground down, as you can see in the image below. Directly above, the new HEMI is prepped on an engine stand prior to installation. As you can see, we’ve also removed the body from the frame of the Jeep to make this swap much easier. This gives us plenty of room to work and also makes lining up the engine and transmission a breeze!darr-hemi-brute-double-cab-jeep-wrangler-conversion-engine-swap-bay-motor-mountsOnce the new motor mounts for the HEMI are in place, the engine can be lined up with the transmission and bolted to the frame. Note the Brute Double Cab bed in the rear of the image below. While this Brute will resemble the ones pictured at the top of this article very soon, for now, we’ll leave it here. During the next update, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the AEV HEMI conversion kit, and why you may want one of these kits for your V-8 conversion, along with the next steps on this build, so stay tuned!darr-hemi-brute-double-cab-jeep-wrangler-conversion-engine-swapIn the meantime, if you have any thoughts on this build or any ideas on how to build your own Brute Double Cab, let us know! From mild to wild, we can build the Jeep of your dreams, from the daily driver to a dedicated trail 'rig, so give us a call today!

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