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  • Alpine Vendor Spotlight

    This week we're taking a look at Alpine, our number one choice for aftermarket headunits! When upgrading the sound system on a Jeep, many neglect one of the most important pieces, the headunit. The headunit can make or break the "high-end" feel of your vehicle. We use Alpine on all of our builds that are slated for a headunit upgrade, and for good reason. With Alpine, you get top notch quality and dependability coupled with the most advanced tech on the market for your Jeep. Furthermore, you'll gain access to a larger touch screen than OEM, along with nifty features like the ability to monitor engine codes, tire pressure, and more!


    Alpine: History

    Alpine started out in the late 1970's. The company supplies specialized and high quality electronic systems for vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler JK. Apline is a leading manufacturer in multimedia systems and is well known for car headunits, security systems, speakers, and more. Bringing decades of experience to the table, you get nothing but the best with Alpine. With 2017 on the immediate horizon, we're seeing more advanced tech hit the market. Just five years ago, a headunit that interfaced with your smart phone didn't exist. Now, your phone can control auxiliary ports, such as lights, the radio, and more! If you're into the latest and greatest for your Jeep, a headunit upgrade is in your future. To compare the OEM screen to Alpine, scroll down!

     AEV Rear Navigation System


    While not every off-road trail is going to be on a map or GPS, you've gotta get to the trail head first! With a larger screen for navigation than OEM (shown above), the Apline unit (shown below) is great for navigating through city streets or small town America, and provides many features over the OEM model, such as a 9" Anti-Glare Touchscreen, Siri integration, monitoring vehicle codes, and more.

    As you can see from these images, the Restyle Kit completely replaces the OEM headunit. This not only gives you the capabilities of Alpine, but also gives the dashboard on your Jeep a unique, refined look as well. The silver plastic trim pieces can be removed and paint matched along with other interior bezels, so if you've already got a color-matched interior, don't worry.

    Alpine Restyle X109 Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas

    Two Choices for Your Jeep

    If you've got a Wrangler JK, there are two choices for Alpine headunits. You've got the X009 and X109. The main differences are compatibility features. While the X009 features Bluetooth and Sirius Radio, the X109 is also accessory compatible. This means that in addition to Bluetooth and Sirius Radio, the X109 can run accessories like auxiliary lights. Both options feature a 9" Anti-Glare Touch Screen, auxiliary input, connectivity for a rearview camera, and more. For a complete list of specs, click on X009 and X109 links above.

    Other 4x4's

    If you've got a Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, or another ride other than a Jeep, chances are Alpine has something for you. Check out our full selection of Alpine products HERE!

    For road trips or finding that perfect off-road adventure, Alpine lets you make the most out of your Jeep. With the ability to monitor vehicle codes, a larger screen for navigation, and smartphone connectivity (just to name a few features), you'll be ready for the adventure of a lifetime. This is why we upgrade to Alpine headunits in all our high-end rebuilds. If you'd like to order one for your ride, don't hesitate to give us a call!

  • Axles, Gears, and Lockers



    When you add larger tires to your Jeep, it throws off the powerband, transmission shift points, and more. This also translates to lost off-road potential. In short, the Jeep won't pull itself through or over certain obstacles without the proper gearing. To counter this problem without a regear, many drivers usually apply more throttle or slipping of the clutch. This can cause damage on other components, such as premature clutch wear, snapping a driveshaft, axle shaft, etc. When you regear your Jeep, you reset the relationship between the powertrain and the wheels close to OEM spec. This means that the transmission will shift properly, the Jeep will "pull" in between gears as it should, and 4hi/low will work effectively on the trail.

    There are many charts and diagrams on what gears you should get for your Jeep. Regear factors range from engine and transmission type to tire size, and more. With the 2007-present Jeep Wrangler JK/Unlimited, you'll need a programmer for your new gear/tire setup. We recommend the AEV Procal. If you have an older TJ/YJ/CJ, you're good to go with the gears themselves! If you're unsure of what gears to choose for your application, don't hesitate to give us a call, we'll lay out your options and recommend a new gear ratio for you!

    Wrangler JK Gears


    When tricking out your Jeep and venturing offroad, you should also look at your axles, and decide on an upgrade, or alternatively leaving them OEM. You may need to upgrade your axles if your tire size meets or exceeds 37" on all Jeep Wrangler JK/Unlimited models, excluding the Rubicon. On the Rubicon, the HD Dana-44 axles are fine for 37" tires, although we wouldn't recommend anything larger. If you're going larger than a 37, we recommend a set of '60 axles. MOPAR, Dynatrac, and TeraFlex come to mind if you're thinking of an axle swap. Shown below is a Jeep Wrangler TJ Brute Conversion with a set of aftermarket TeraFlex 60 axles.


    On the Non-Rubicon JK models, we suggest an axle shaft upgrade or a truss/gusset set up on the OEM Dana-30. All Non-Rubicon 4WD Wrangler JK's come with a Dana-30 front end. This axle is great for the weekend trail 'rig running 35's, but throw on 37's and hit the rocks, and you could be in for trouble. It's better safe than sorry when it comes to your front end, so give us a call if you're looking at upgrading your Dana-30!


    The Rubicon Wrangler JK comes equipped with factory lockers. Most Non-Rubicon Jeeps will feature open differentials from the factory. The end result in an open differential 4WD system is more like 2WD off-road. If one of your front and one rear wheel is in the air (or in another, low traction substance, like mud), in an off-road scenario, power will go to those wheels. You'll sit there spinning tires and won't go anywhere.


    Lockers, like the ones found on the Rubicon, fix this problem. With a locker, both axle shafts are locked together. This means that even with one wheel in the air, power will go to both sides, not just the one with the less resistance. The end result is that you'll have true 4x4, with all four wheels turning at once, as they should. And you'll be able to climb up, over, and through off-road obstacles more effectively!

    If you don't have lockers and would like to upgrade, there are many aftermarket types and brands, from ARB to OX, electric to air or cable actuated, and more! For most Jeep Wrangler JK owners, we recommend an air or electric actuated locker, such as ARB. ARB has a wide selection of air actuated lockers, which are powered by a small air compressor under the hood. With a flick of a switch, the compressor and lockers activate, giving you the extra capability to get off the beaten path! Turn the compressor and lockers off, and you've got open differentials again.

    Automatic or Lunchbox Lockers

    If you have a dedicated off-road 'rig or locking hubs, you may want to explore other options, such as automatic lockers, which are a cheaper, more basic locker - i.e., as long as power is sent to the axle, the locker is on. To note, this is not optimal in the rear axle, especially on a daily driver. However, an automatic locker may be an option for the front, depending on your build. Again, if you have locking hubs on the front end, or drive an older vehicle, this may be an option to consider. Give us a call if you're having trouble deciding which locker is right for you!


    What You Get Off-Road

    The benefits of a Jeep with the proper gears, lockers and axles while off-road is miles beyond that of an OEM vehicle. With the right setup, your Jeep can take on the toughest trails around! While open differentials mean that you'll be backing up time and again to get momentum or find a new track, lockers and the proper gearing will allow you to approach these obstacles with confidence. Upgrading your axles lets you push your 'rig that extra bit, to get yourself or a friend out of trouble, without the fear of rendering your Jeep inoperable with a broken axle shaft or housing. From the mild to dedicated off-road 'rig, these upgrades will let you get the most out of your Jeep. 

    Got questions? Click on over to the Go4x4It! Forum and post them there to share and get advice from RubiTrux techs and other forum members. Or just give us a call.

  • Aftermarket Lighting Upgrades: Wrangler JK

    When you delve into the list of aftermarket lighting upgrades for the Wrangler JK, it can seem a bit confusing. There’s low, mid and high range budget LEDs, DOT approval, and more. We’ll start with the basics. For starters, we don’t recommend any of the low-budget LEDs you may encounter on the market. More often than not, the housings and lenses on these imported products are subpar. Furthermore, the warranties are usually nonexistent. As such, we only recommend and sell mid to high range LED products. For example, if you’re looking into JW Speaker fog lights (high end), but you’re on a budget, we recommend Morimoto fogs (mid-budget), which provide a high quality fog light for a fraction of the price with a solid warranty.

    Aftermarket Lighting

    Speaking of brands, we carry JW Speaker, Morimoto, Recon, Baja Design, Rigid Industries and more! We use many of these products on our Jeep builds, and these companies stand behind their products 100%. If you’re looking to upgrade OEM lighting or add aftermarket lightbars, fogs or reverse lights, these companies have lighting for you! Read down for some build suggestions below, but check out our lighting section for a complete list of OEM replacement and aftermarket lighting products!

    OEM Upgrades

    Until 2017, all Jeep Wrangler vehicles came with the classic, industry standard headlight. While these lights are reliable and can be replaced at around $10 at local auto parts stores, many owners found that performance was lacking and wished to upgrade, especially for the Wrangler JK models. For headlight upgrades, we recommend JW Speaker. JW Speaker provides a brighter and improved beam pattern over other leading competitors, and is always a go to choice on our builds! When upgrading headlights it is important to aim them, as the bright LEDs can easily blind motorists in the oncoming lanes. Pictured below are a set of JW Speaker Evolution J 8700 LED Headlights.

    JW speaker aftermarket lighting upgrade

    Auxiliary Lighting

    Auxiliary Lighting is popular on Jeep Wranglers, from bumper mounted fog lights to windshield mounted spotlights. When choosing lights, it is important to decide what application is right for you. For example, fog lights should be mounted on the bumper, illuminating the area directly in front of your Jeep. On the other hand, spotlights are great for long range, and benefit from being mounted at or above windshield level. Pictured below is the Baja Designs 50" Lightbar. Spot style beams are perfect for illuminating the area far out in front of the Jeep. Baja Designs and Rigid Industries are just two manufacturers who make great light bars for your Jeep!

    aftermarket lighting wrangler jk brute

    For aftermarket fog lights, we recommend JW Speaker or Morimoto. Pictured below is the Morimoto kit, containing everything you need to mount these fogs inside a 10A/Hard Rock bumper!

    Turn Signals/Fender Lenses

    If you'd like to upgrade your OEM turn signals and fender lenses, we recommend Recon! A direct plug-n-play, these LED lenses are a great upgrade to your Wrangler JK. These turn signals/fender lenses will give your Jeep either a blacked out or subtle aftermarket look, depending on which ones you choose! Available in smoked and clear. Fender Lenses shown below.


    DOT Approval

    In some states, DOT (Department of Transportation) approval is important when it comes to lights. In these states, equipping your Jeep with non-DOT approved lights could result in failing your inspection or a costly ticket! As far as our fog lights go, Baja Designs are not DOT approved, so check your local laws before ordering. State laws also vary in regards to running auxiliary lighting on the street, and some LED bars are marketed for off-road use only - again, check your local rules and regulations, it may save you a ticket!

    So if you like classic 7" round lamps for your TJ or the newest LED technology for that 2017 JKU, RubiTrux carries aftermarket lighting solutions for you. Our support staff is more than happy to answer your questions and recommend products for your build, so don't hesitate to give us a call, today!


  • Choose Warn Protection And Recovery Gear

    From winches to rocksliders, Warn has some top notch gear for your Wrangler! Their winches are the go-to choice for off-road enthusiasts -- and have been for over 50 years! Since the late 1950's Warn has been the name in off-road ready and reliable winch systems for Jeep vehicles. The company made a name for itself by equipping surplus World War II Jeeps for civilian use, with things like locking hubs and you guessed it -- winches! Be sure to check out the current cash rebate for $200, valid through December 31, 2016!

    Warn Winches

    Warn Winch Zeon 10s

    Pictured Above and offered in 8K, 10K, and 12K ranges, the Zeon platforms are top of the line. Featuring black powdercoating, an aluminum fairlead, a winch controller, and more, this is a must have for any serious off-roader. Furthermore, the Zeon line features a quiet and fast motor, so you can get your Wrangler unstuck in a hurry! If you want to go the extra mile you can check out the Zeon Platinum Wireless. It features 2 auxiliary ports, and is safe under water too!

    Warn Winch VR10

    For those looking for an entry level winch with legendary Warn dependability, the new VR series comes to mind. These winches just hit the market and are available in 8K, 10K, and 12K. Choose a synthetic or traditional steel wire rope. The controller, fairlead, winch hook, and more are included. With a new redesigned look, the Warn VR Series features a convertible control pack for upright or low-profile mounting configurations. For true (as advertised) pulling power, choose the VR Series!

    Skid Plates and Rock Sliders

    Warn makes many different skid plates and rock sliders, for Jeeps to Toyotas! We'll just touch on the Jeep products here. But if you have a Ford, Chevy, or Toyota, check out our Warn section for bumpers, skid plates, and more! Warn's Rock Sliders for CJ and Wrangler vehicles will protect the vulnerable rocker panel while offroad. Many times you'll see a Jeep with the rocker panels bashed in by a rock. With the Warn Rock Sliders, this won't happen! The sliders, pictured below, take the beating so your Jeep doesn't have to!

    They also offer several skid plates, from steering box skids to gas tank skids. The gas tank skid, pictured below, replaces the thin OEM unit, so your gas tank doesn't get punctured on the trail! All their skid plate, rock slider, and bumper products come with a great looking black powdercoat that will last for years to come. This gives your Jeep that offroad look with the protection you need. Again, with the vast amount of armor and protection products that Warn offers, be sure to double check for proper fitment to your vehicle year and model before ordering!

    Warn Gas Tank Skid


    Warn Bumper

    Warn bumpers provide some of the best protection in the industry. In this article, we'll showcase the Wrangler JK/Unlimited versions. If you're looking for a front and rear bumper combo that provides the classic swing-out tire carrier, Warn is a great choice. The rear bumper and tire carrier are pictured above. The bumper features a hitch, tabs for D-rings, and mount for the swing out tire carrier itself. Please note that the tire carrier and rear bumper are sold separately.

    The Elite Series front bumper, pictured below, comes with room for mounting fogs, a winch mounting surface, the stinger hoop, and D-ring tabs! This bumper mounts all Warn mid-frame winches. Furthermore, most Warn bumpers typically will mount a stinger/hoop of sorts, but may not always include this accessory. Check your specific product for more info.

    Warn Winch

    Recovery Kits and Accessories

    From Air Accessory kits to the go-to Winch Accessory Kit, Warn has a product for your protection and recovery. The Air Accessory kit, pictured below, contains 25' of coiled air hose, 4 tire deflators, couplings and an air pressure gauge. It includes everything you need for an easily-accessible on-board inflation/deflation system. The kit stores safely and securely in the pictured Warn tote bag (included)!

    Warn Air Accessory Kit

    The Medium Duty Winching Accessory Kit is a must have for any Jeep with a winch. Pictured below, this kit includes 2 D-rings, a tree trunk protector, a recovery strap, gloves, and more! Rated for 20,000 pounds, this kit is perfect for any Wrangler or off-road truck equipped with a winch. The handy Warn tool bag stores all of the gear together for when you need it the most.

    Warn Winch Accessory Kit

    From winches to bumpers and accessory kits, Warn has a protection and recovery solution for you. If you know RubiTrux Jeeps, you know we believe in Warn. It's a time-tested and proven brand that we know our customers can always rely on.


    Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas For The Carefree Budget

    Trying to come up with Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas for the passionate Jeeper on your list? It's no secret most Jeepers have a serious upgrade wish list. So we selected six important upgrades for every serious Jeeper. And there's more! Check out our holiday gift ideas for the moderate budget and conscious budget, too. If you need help, our RubiTrux elves are just a phone call away. Dial 1-828-675-8789Shop away and enjoy your holiday!


    7 Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas For The Carefree Budget

    1. Baja Light Bar Kit - 50"

    The Baja Designs OnX6 50" light bar kit is perfect for the owner looking to add auxiliary lighting to their Wrangler JK. Race-proven and tested in the desert, Baja Designs features nothing but the best in components and construction. Using copper where it counts, this light bar kit optimizes every bit of power from the LED bar, for 100% effectiveness. Priced at $1,867.46. Shop Now!

    Baja 50" Light Bar Kit Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas

    Baja Designs Black Friday Rebate

    Learn More About Baja Designs' Optimum LED Lighting!

    2. Alpine Radio 

    For the Jeep owner looking to add an aftermarket head unit, Alpine shines. Model X009 features Bluetooth and Sirius Radio, while the X109 is accessory compatible. This means that in addition to Bluetooth and Sirius Radio, the X109 can run accessories like auxiliary lights! This makes a perfect holiday gift for the Jeeper looking to upgrade the electronics and computer system in the JK Wrangler. X109 model shown below. Priced From $2,994.99 - 3,494.95. Shop now!

    Alpine Restyle X109 Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas

    Learn More About Stereo and Speaker Upgrades!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas Alpine Rebate Take Advantage Of This Alpine Rebate Now!

    3. Warn Zeon Winches - 8K, 10K, Platinum Wireless

    Warn winches are the go-to choice for the Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited Jeep owner. Since the late 1950's, Warn has been the name in off-road ready and reliable winch systems for Jeep vehicles. Offered in 8K, 10K, and 12K ranges, the Zeon platforms are top of the line. Want to go the extra mile? Check out the Zeon Platinum Wireless with 2 auxiliary ports. It's safe under water too! This is a great gift for the Jeeper who ventures far off the beaten path. Priced from $879.99 -1,749.99. Shop Now!

    Warn Zeon Holiday Jeep Gift Idea

    Learn More About Recovery: Winches, Cables & Hooks!

    Warn Winch Rebate Gift Ideas Jeepers Take Advantage Of This Warn Winch Rebate Now! PLUS 10% Discount Valid on Warn Zeon Line through 11:59 p.m., Monday, November 28, 2016!

    4. Tire carriers: AEV and Maximus-3

    If the Jeep owner on your list is planning to add aftermarket wheels and tires, the stock tailgate just doesn't cut it. The extra weight will ruin the latches and hinges. One of these upgraded tire carriers is the answer. The AEV carrier attaches directly to the AEV and Hard Rock rear bumpers, while the Maximus-3 carrier bolts directly to and reinforces the OEM Jeep tailgate! AEV Model Shown. Priced from $689.99 - $790.00. Shop now!

    Tire Carrier Holiday Jeep Gift Idea

    5. AEV 2.5" Dual Sport Lift Kit

    Give the gift of lift. For the Jeep owner planning a moderate lift for a Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited, AEV offers this 2.5" Dual Sport Lift Kit. It's a perfect fit for 35" tires. AEV offers the best combination in the industry for on and off-road ride quality and performance. This kit Includes everything needed to lift a 2007-2017 Jeep JK or JK Unlimited. Priced from $1,000.00. Shop Now!

    AEV 2.5 Lift Kit Holiday Jeep Gift Idea

    Learn More About How To Choose A Lift Kit!

    6. Roof Rack: Max-3/Rhino Rack

    This Maximus-3 Rhino Rack is a great gift idea for the Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited owner who totes outdoor gear, bikes, boards or extra bags for family and friend excursions. The rack's aerodynamic design is available in both 60"x54" or 76"x54" sizes. The Rhino Rack stores cargo on top of Jeep and still allows the freedom panels to be removed for those awesome topless days and nights. Priced at $924.99. Shop now!

    Maximus-3 Roof Rack Holiday Jeep Gift Idea

    7. Amp Research PowerSteps

    Automatic, power-deployed running boards. It doesn't get any better than this. Amp Research Power Steps provide increased aerodynamics and improved ground clearance. And they make it much easier to climb in and out of a moderate to extreme lifted Jeep. The retractable steps are equipped with low-profile LED lighting to prevent missteps entering and exiting the Jeep. PowerSteps are made of strong aluminum alloy and are Teflon-coated for strength and durability. Priced at $1,199.00. Shop now!

    Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas AMP Research PowerSteps

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas AMP Research Power Steps Take Advantage Of This AMP PowerSteps Rebate Now!

    Learn More About AMP Research Powersteps!

    Didn't find what you're looking for? Click on the links below for more great holiday Jeep gift ideas.






    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas For A Moderate Budget

    Our RubiTrux elves have been hard at work making a list of Jeep holiday gift ideas for every budget. This shopping list for Jeepers is for the moderate budget. But be sure to check out our gift ideas for the conscious budget and the carefree budget, too!  If you need assistance, just call our RubiTrux elves at 1-828-675-8789. You'll make their day.

    With every Jeep owners wish list and your budget top-of-mind, we made shopping for Jeep gifts fast, fun and easy. Merry Shopping! Your Jeeper will love you for it.


    6  Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas For A Moderate Budget

     1. BedRug Bed Tread

    Give your Jeep buddy the ultimate Jeep flooring protection. It's a custom molded spray-in bed liner concept for inside the Jeep. And it not only looks rough and tough, it is rough and tough! This next generation flooring system is designed to reduce road noise and alleviate heat escape. And the extra cool factors? It's 100% removable and waterproof. Why didn't Jeep think of that? Priced at $308.00. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas BedRug BedTred

    2. JW Speaker LED Fog Lights

    Help keep your Jeeper safe by gifting the most advanced LED headlight on the market. These long-lasting LEDs are a direct replacement for the standard 4" round lamp. And they're quick and easy to install. You'll be gifting your Jeeper superior visibility on and off-road. They'll appreciate the advanced lighting quality. And they won't need to replace a bulb for years to come! Priced from $360.00 - $399.99. Shop now!

    JW Speaker Fog Wrangler JK Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas JW Speaker Fog Lights For Wrangler JK

    JW Speaker Fog Hard Rock Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas JW Speaker LED Fog Hard Rock Kit With Plug-N-Play Harness

    3. sPod Wiring Solution

    You can make life simple for the Jeep accessory lover on your list who needs more room for those aftermarket upgrades. Factory Jeep electrical space is limited. But this easy-to-install sPod electrical panel upgrade provides 6 additional pre-installed and wired electrical switches. And, of course, extra add-ons are available. Priced at $435.00. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Idea sPod Power System

    4. AEV Rear Vision System

    For the Jeep Wrangler JK Owner, this AEV Rear Vision System can be a life-saver. Whether it's backing into boulders, stumps, or vehicles and other obstacles in a parking lot, rear visibility can be a real problem for Jeepers. Needless to say, this is a Jeep holiday gift idea that also provides that extra safety guard for the kids and their toys. AEV's rear vision system is a vehicle-specific rear view camera replacement for the factory rear view mirror. It comes with a high-mount camera that mounts on the tire carrier and includes a high-mount stop light for the back of the Jeep. AEV's new rear view camera system provides a superior field of view. Priced at $680.00. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas AEV Rear Navigation System


    5. Dirty Dog Netting

    Dirty Dog Netting is not just for the dirty dog. But it does keep the dirty dog safe and secure. Aside from the dog, it keeps all the cargo safe and secure---the Jeepers, the Christmas presents, the kids and the groceries---whether the tops and doors are on or off. Dirty Dog's five-piece set comes in a variety of colors. This product requires extra shipping time. So order early! Priced at $566.42. Shop now!

    Jeep Gift Ideas Dirty Dog Netting

    6. Superchips Jeep Trail Dash 2 

    Your serious off-road Jeeper will be a happy camper when they open this gift. Trail Dash 2 features a 5" high resolution screen for monitoring tire pressure, operating lights, and calibrating speed with up to a 42" tire. It also shows the angle of the Jeep on the trail, which is a big help for those high-risk driving situations. Trail Dash 2 can tune the Jeep for specific functions such as larger tires, crawl speed, and more. Priced at $495.95. Shop now!

    SuperChips Trail Dash 2 Holiday Gift Idea Jeep

    Shop Our Other Jeep Holiday Gift Idea Lists!

    Take Advantage Of These Special Offers!

    You'll find these rebate products in the Carefree Budget List

    Warn Winch Rebate Gift Ideas Jeepers Take Advantage Of This Warn Winch Rebate Now! PLUS 10% Discount Valid on Warn Zeon Line through 11:59 p.m., Monday, November 28, 2016!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas Alpine Rebate Take Advantage Of This Alpine Rebate Now!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas AMP Research Power Steps Take Advantage Of This AMP PowerSteps Rebate Now!








    Top Jeep Holiday Gifts For Any Budget

    Got a Jeep owner on your list? We know there's only one thing Jeepers love more than a Jeep outing. That's outfitting their Jeeps! Our RubiTrux elves hand-picked these Jeep holiday gifts with every Jeep owner's wish list and your budget top-of-mind. To make your shopping experience fast, fun and easy, we organized our holiday gift lists into three budget categories -- gifts for a conscious budget, moderate budget and carefree budget.

    This list is for the conscious budget. If you need advice, the RubiTrux elves are just a phone call away. They're Jeep experts who are always eager to help! Dial 1-828-675-8789. Happy shopping!



    11 Jeep Holiday Gifts For The Conscious-Budget

    1. Rugged Ridge Hitch Kit

    Every Jeep owner needs a hitch kit. This Rugged Ridge Hitch Kit with wiring harness features a single-piece custom design. It's easy to bolt on, water-resistant and rust-free for extra strength and durability. This makes a great holiday gift for a new Jeep owner, or one with a hitch that's seen better days. Priced from $78.99-$103.99. Shop now!

    Best Gift Idea For Jeepers Hitch Budget Conscious

    2. Grab Handles

    Let's face it. Jeeps are hard to crawl in and out of. And off-road? Forget it. You need something to hang onto in those hairpin curves and steep uphill climbs on the trail. Help a Jeeper out by gifting a set of Grab Handles. These easy-to-install Jeep holiday gifts are super affordable and highly functional.

    GraBars, from GraBars USA, are made of 3/4-inch solid steel, powder-coated and UV protected, with dual-layer rubber grips that come in a variety of colors. Priced from $102.00 - $175.00Shop now!

    Holiday Gift Ideas For Jeepers

    Bartact heavy duty paracord grab handles are soft to the touch, but macho strong as you can imagine. Bartact hand-weaves these handles with heavyweight nylon. They make the handle base with a heavy duty webbing and a hook and loop system with powder-coated steel buckles. Bartact handles come in pairs and are adaptable for use on roll bars and headrests. Colors to match any Jeep. Priced at $25.99 - $49.99. Shop now!

    Bartact Grab Handles Holiday Gift Idea for Jeep Owners

    3. Mag-Lite Mount and Clips

    Flashlights are a Jeepers best friends. The problem is keeping it handy when and where its needed. The easy solution is the Maximus -3 JK Mag-Lite Mount and Clips. This little lifesaver simply mounts to the front seat rail, which stores a flashlight within hands reach and easily accessible from a seated position. Mag-Lite flashlight is not included. Priced at $29.99. Shop now!

    Mag-Lite Mount Holiday Gift Idea for Jeep Owners

    Maglite-Sample-Jeep-Holiday-Gifts Maglite Not Included

    4. AEV ProCal Module

    Things Jeepers can't get enough of are extra features and extra potential. That's why we think this is a value-packed Jeep holiday gift idea. This AEV ProCal Module is an affordable must-have for the serious Jeeper. It's a tuner and programmer that is used to tune the Jeep to idle higher for winching, calibrate the speedometer for tire upgrades, read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, adjust transmission shift points, and more! Priced at $170.00  Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gifts AEV ProCal Module


    5. Lift Kit

    Do you know a true Jeeper who doesn't like the more aggressive look of a lifted Jeep? Okay, maybe not every Jeeper wants a giant boost, but an itty bitty boost so they can explore more without the worry of dents, scratches, or a punctured gas tank! These two mild lift solutions by AEV and Teraflex are both easy on the pocket. Neither requires any additional modifications. Allows for bigger tires up to 33 and 35 inches. Priced $264.05-$285.00. Shop now!

    Budget Lift Kits Holiday Gift Ideas For Jeepers

    6.  Winch Shackle Mount

    Factor 55 ProLink winch shackle mounts are 5x stronger than the standard winch hooks. Needless to say, that's important for an off-road Jeeper that finds himself in a bad spot and needs to recover his rig. It's also important for towing or maneuvering around obstacles. Can be installed and removed quickly. Priced at $142.45. Shop now!

    Holiday Gift Idea For Jeep Owners Factor Pro55 Winch Shackle Mount

    7. Winch Accessory Kit

    This popular Warn 88900 Medium Duty Winch Accessory Kit makes a great gift for the Jeeper whose use is mostly on-road or on non-technical off-road terrain. It's maximum capacity is 20,000 pounds. Priced at $199.00. Shop now!

    Holiday Gift Idea For Jeep Owners Warn Medium Duty Winch Accessory Kit

    8. Morimoto LED Fog Light Kit

    Yes, fog lights on a Jeep give it that "cool-look" factor. But they also have a purpose. To light up the trail ahead for night wheeling is one. And, of course, they're a safety tool for driving in the fog, rain, snow or dust on or off-road. The Morimoto Fog Light Kit is an excellent value in DOT approved LED fog lighting with a 10 year warranty! Priced at 170.00. Shop now!

    Morimoto Fog Lights Jeep Holiday Gifts

    Morimoto XB Hard Rock LED Fog Light Kit Is Also Available. Kit includes brackets for Hard Rock/10A/X model Rubicons. Priced at $209.00. Shop now! 

    Morimoto Fog Lights Hard Rock Jeep Holiday Gifts


    9. Dirty Dog Pet Dividers or Netting 

    Dirty dogs love their Jeepers. And pet-loving Jeep owners are committed to keeping their pets safe and secure on and off the trail. These durable nets keep Rider where you want him and your cargo secure, whether the tops and doors are on or off. Comes in a variety of colors and configurations. This item requires extra shipping time. So order early! Pricing starts at $124.85. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gifts Dirty Dog Netting 3

    10. Floor and Cargo Liners

    Give your Jeeper the gift of clean, unsoiled carpet! Jeeps are made for superior performance in gravel, mud, snow and water. But the stock Jeep carpeting throughout is not. WeatherTech's floor liner design is a notch above other manufacturer's liners in this price range. They feature a digital laser-fit technology that ensures an exact fit. And their advanced surface channeling system routes those damaging elements to a lower channel, to keep feet and clothing dry and prevent water from escaping. Priced at $197.90. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gifts WeatherTech Floor Liner Combo

    For the 2015-2016 Wrangler JK Unlimited Jeeper, Weather Tech's Cargo Liner is a perfect match to the floor liners. It features the same digital laser-fit technology for an exact fit, and the same water channeling system with a raised outer rim to prevent water from escaping. Also, available in black, gray or tan. Priced at $127.99. Shop now!

    Jeep Holiday Gifts WeatherTech Cargo Liner

     11. Recon Fender Markers and Turn Lights

    These Jeep holiday gifts replace original factory-installed lamps and lenses with the latest LED lighting technology for superior lighting and style. They come in smoked, clear or amber and are plug-and-play for easy and quick install. Priced at $119.00. Shop now!

    Recon Fender and Turn Lights Jeep Holiday Gifts


    Browse Our Moderate Budget Shopping List Next! 

    Take advantage of these rebates in our Carefree Budget List.

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas AMP Research Power Steps Take Advantage Of This AMP PowerSteps Rebate Now!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas Alpine Rebate Take Advantage Of This Alpine Rebate Now!

    Warn Winch Rebate Gift Ideas Jeepers Take Advantage Of This Warn Winch Rebate! PLUS 10% Discount Valid on Warn Zeon Line through 11:59 p.m., Monday, November 28, 2016!





  • Stereo and Speaker Upgrades

    When Jeep redesigned the Wrangler for 2007, they replaced the beloved but dated "heritage" models with a new vehicle. This new Wrangler was larger and much more refined than it's predecessors. Furthermore, the entire vehicle is now modeled after a modern SUV, rather than that of an off-road truck. While this may have dissuaded some fans, it clearly opened the Wrangler up as an option to the mainstream market. As the Wrangler became more mainstream, one upgrade that quickly rose in prominence was a stereo and speaker upgrade.

    Old vs. New

    The Jeeps of old were noisy, slow, and in general, unrefined. This is fine for the off-road crowd, but for the Wrangler to be profitable in the current market, Jeep had to depart from this niche vehicle to something more akin to an SUV than the traditional workhorse. On an old Wrangler or CJ, the sound systems had to be cranked up just to be heard at highway speeds, and you were lucky if a random rain shower didn't drench the headunit or other audio equipment. However, with the current Wrangler JK, the soft and hard tops are quieter than ever, and leak far less than the old models, so owners are now putting some serious dough into audio upgrades.


    Stereo and Speaker Upgrades

    Jeep Wrangler JK JL Audio Speaker Upgrade

    The OEM speakers that the Jeep Wrangler JK has are decent, especially the OEM "premium" sound option. However, this factory equipment still leaves much to be desired. If you're looking to upgrade, we recommend JL Audio. We offer two packages, but if you like, you can order individual components separately. The first package is the JL Audio Stealth 1000 Upgrade. This package, pictured above, includes a JL Audio XD1000/5v2 1,000 Watt Amp, a JL Audio Wrangler JK Stealthbox 13" Subwoofer, JL Audio C5-650 6.5" Front and Rear Speakers, and all applicable JL Audio power/audio connections with copper cables, and more!


    Jeep Wrangler JK JL Audio 1350 Sound Stereo Upgrade

    Pictured above, the next level upgrade is the JL Audio 1350 Stealth package. This includes a JL Audio 750 Watt Sub Amplifier, a 600 Watt Mid-Highs Amplifier, a Stealthbox and JL Audio Subwoofer, and front/rear ZR Series Speakers. This package is for the owner looking to add a little more to the Jeep. The 1350 will give you more tuning options and an overall high end sound over the JL Audio 1000 package. These high quality products by JL Audio are a great choice for upgrading your Jeep, and will last for many years to come. JL Audio gives you the crisp sound quality that's perfect for your Jeep. Remember that pricing for these packages includes install!


    While the above audio upgrades will work with your OEM headunit, we recommend an upgrade by Alpine! The Apline X009 and X109 will give your Wrangler JK that large touchscreen you've always wanted, and will let you make the most out of your Jeep! The X109, pictured at the top of this article, is the option to choose if you want to sync accessory outputs to your Jeep. These outputs can include auxiliary lights or the winch, for example! If you're looking for an Alpine unit without the accessory input, the X009 may be for you, pictured below. Featuring many of the same abilities that make the X109 so popular, the X009 is a solid choice. Looking to add a larger 9" screen for navigation, or even smartphone integration? The X009 fits the bill. Check out the X009 page for more info.

    So if you're looking at upgrading your sound system, headunit, or both - give us a call! Here at RubiTrux, we can help you build the Jeep you've always wanted. From lift kits to stereo upgrades, we've got you covered!


  • Recovery: Winches, Cables & Hooks

    Recovery: A Must Have for Any Jeep!

    We've covered lift kits and tires, getting you off the beaten path. What happens when you get stuck? If you don't have a Rubicon, you're likely spinning your tires, and if you're stuck really bad, even that Rubicon sticker may not get you out of trouble! When this happens, there's no other alternative, you've gotta get out and use your recovery gear! Recovery gear can include, but is not limited to, winches, cables, and hooks.



    A winch is essential off-road equipment for any Jeep. The Warn Zeon line is a favorite here at the shop. It is available in 8, 10, and 12k load versions  with traditional steel cable or synthetic rope. For most Jeep Wrangler JK/U builds, the Warn Zeon 8s is more than adequate. Furthermore, some versions (Warn 10s Platinum) sport a wireless remote to fit your build style. In addition to the winch functions, the wireless remote version can also control a pair of aftermarket lights, provided they're hooked into the winch. Warn is currently running a mail in rebate where you can save up to $200! Click HERE for details. Hurry, this deal ends December 31st, 2016!

    Warn Zeon Winch Recovery


    As with anything aftermarket, there's always an argument somewhere. The debate between steel and synthetic line is ongoing. It will be debated for years to come. Both have their ups and downs. For example, some brands of synthetic line may become damaged over time by UV rays, unlike a steel cable. However, synthetic is lighter and easier to handle than steel cable. For most Jeep builds, we recommend synthetic rope. Wire ropes hold energy and whip when broken, a synthetic line simply drops to the ground. But if you are a hardcore wheeler and dragging that cable directly over rocks, the steel line may be for you. When you order a Warn synthetic winch, the lines are already durable and UV resistant! Don't buy a steel cable winch and try to save money by buying cheap synthetic line, go with Warn, and do it right, the first time!

    Factor Pro55 Winch Shackle Mount RecoveryHooks

    Most winches will come with a standard steel hook, which has served 4x4'ers well for decades. But we recommend something a little different. If you've never heard of Factor 55, we recommend you check them out! The unique closed winching system with the Factor 55 ProLink (pictured above) is more secure and safe than the conventional hooks. The ProLink allows you to securely fasten your winch cable to a D-ring. The D-ring is then fixed, in turn to the tow strap. This eliminates the chance of the tow strap slipping off the hook during recovery. This can result in damage to your Jeep or can cause injury on the trail! This is why we recommend Factor 55, for safer, more secure recovery!

    2008-Jeep-Commander-wheeling-in-the-mud- Recovery

    So if you're looking at winches, cables, or hooks, don't wait until you're stranded off-road. Equip your Jeep with the proper recovery gear today at

  • Which Lift Kit is Right for You?

    A Lift Kit for Every Jeep!

    From the weekend wheeler to the daily driver, most Jeep owners will lift their 'rig' at some point. The purpose of a lift kit is to fit larger tires. These tires, in addition to the lift kit, will increase the ground clearance and off-road capabilities of the vehicle. Some off-road savvy owners will advocate piecing together a kit of your own. But for the typical buyer, this just isn't practical. Some owners don't have the time, luxury or know-how to swap out suspension components on a whim. So for this article, we're taking a look at complete lift kits. These kits are a one-stop shop for your Jeep Wrangler JK. Of course, you can add on to the kit later, but for all end user purposes, one of these suspension kits gives you a complete package, without all the guesswork or headache!

    Lift Kit Mojave Sand Stock

    Take your basic stock JK Unlimited. Any mall parking lot or suburban neighborhood will be full of them. However, unlike the older models, the JKU is just too long, making the OEM tires look out of proportion to the vehicle. Furthermore, the large plastic fenders and bumpers dwarf the tires. The body is also much larger than the original Wrangler, contributing to this odd look. How can we correct this, add larger tires, and turn a stocker into a trail-ready 'rig?' With a lift-kit, of course!

    The Daily Driver

    Lift Kit Daily DriverMost new Jeep owners drive their JK daily. This daily driver category includes those who want an off-road look without sacrificing ride quality. For this section, we chose the suspension kits by AEV. American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) has been in the Jeep business since the 1990's. The experience AEV has gained by modifying past generations of Wranglers ensures you a top quality product that will perform well for years to come. Specially tuned shocks, dual-rate springs, and a unique relocation bracket system give you the best in ride quality for your lifted Jeep. NOTE: This category still does very well off-road, see below.

    The Weekend Warrior

    AEV wins in this category as well. If you're taking that occasional trip to MOAB or your favorite off-road spot, but still want your JK to ride well on-road, AEV is for you. The unique relocation bracket system mentioned above, in addition to the tuned shocks and progressive rate springs, is the reason AEV is our #1 selling lift kit! From a 2" to the 4.5" kit, AEV has something for every type Jeep. This gives you a tire size in the 33-37 range, depending on the 'kit. There's a reason that 95% of the Jeeps that leave our shop sport AEV suspensions. If you want the best all-round performance, AEV is the way to go!

    Lift Kit Weekend Warrior

    The Ultimate Off-Road 'Rig'

    Lift Kit Ultimate Off Road Rig

    For those that want the benefits of a long-arm kit, but don't want to modify the frame, we chose Metal Cloak (top) and Tera Flex (bottom)! These kits ride well on-road, but are really geared towards off-the-pavement fun. They'll shine off-road in the rocks or fording a deep creek. The long arms provide increased articulation over factory mid-arms, meaning that your wheels will maintain contact with the ground in off-camber turn situations. In addition, the MetalCloak kit gives you the ability to run 40" tires when paired with MetalCloak fenders! Perfect for that top end build. If your Jeep will see some serious trails, or you'll be hitting places like MOAB on a regular basis, we recommend these kits for you!

    Lift Kit Long Arm

    Ultimate Off-Road : Frame Modification Required

    Lift Kit Ultimate Off-Road

    The previous suspension kits all share one thing in common. If you wish, you can reinstall the stock suspension. Hey, some owners do that from time to time, believe it or not! With this kit, there's no going back, the frame will need to be modified. If you're in it for the long haul for that serious off-road build, Rock Krawler is for you. The kit pictured above is the X factor kit; builds like VANDAL (below), sport a "Rock Runner" kit. From mild to wild, Rock Krawler has a bit of everything. For serious off-road use and to get the most out of your Jeep, the X-Factor or Rock Runner is a must. Don't worry. These kits will still ride well on-road. It'll just feel more like a lifted Jeep instead of an SUV. These kits will outshine everything else on the trail. Long arms give you the articulation you need to get over the toughest obstacles. As a result, you get full use of the off-road capabilities of the Jeep Wrangler. With a firm base and legendary Jeep 4x4, this kit will get you anywhere!

    Lift Kit Vandal Rock Krawler

    If you've got a build you're trying to spec out, or if you have a question about one of the kits that we didn't discuss above, give us a call, we're happy to assist! 'Till next time!

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