darren-build-doorless-fenders-bumpers-windshield-on-front-passenger-angleFor this update, Project: VANDAL is entering into the final stages. The 40" Interco SS-M16 Tires have been added, along with the MetalCloak Tube Fenders, windshield glass (from the last update, where the windshield and lights were simply fitted into place), and the Rock Hard Ultimate Bolt-In Sport Cage. The Rock Krawler coilovers can be adjusted to allow for 3" higher ride height, and the MetalCloak Tube Fenders ensure that there is enough wheel-well to flex out the 40's. The tops of the tube fenders have been painted to match the body, while the undersides and tubing itself has been left black.

darren-build-doorless-fenders-bumpers-windshield-on-front-driver-side-angleThe Rock Hard Ultimate Bolt-In Sport Cage (seen above, through the windshield, and below), provides protection for the driver and front seat passenger in the event of a rollover, eliminating the structural weak-point in the factory roll bar system at the windshield and spreader bars. The area where the spreader bars and windshield bolt together is an inherent weak-point, and is present on all Wrangler models; while an improvement over the old CJ system (which utilized no spreader bars), the factory system still leaves much to be desired; enter the Rock Hard Ultimate Bolt-In Sport Cage.


Above, the heavy duty tubing and strong bolt-in design of the Rock Hard sport cage, featuring proprietary locking collars, allows the driver and occupants peace of mind when wheeling over even the toughest terrain! This sport cage, coupled with the MetalCloak fenders and body armor (painted to match), means that VANDAL will be more than adequately protected from rocks, trees, or other obstacles, while on the trail.darren-vandal-build-40s-fenders-windshield-in-place-rear-passenger-side-angleAbove, the Rugged Ridge half doors are a great option for both on and off-road use. While off-road, the factory full doors may obstruct the field of view from inside the vehicle, or become damaged on the trail, proving an expensive fix. With these half doors, visibility is greatly increased, and the classic design allows for the open air experience of the Wrangler while retaining the lower doors, protecting and keeping children, pets, or cargo inside the vehicle!darren-build-doorless-fenders-bumpers-windshield-on-front-passenger-angle-highStill to come, the top, doors, minor interior work, and more! As Project: VANDAL nears completion, keep an eye out on the blog for future updates!