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  • Maximus-3 Accessories

    Maximus-3 manufactures its first-class accessories for the current Wrangler JK platform at their U.S. factory in Detroit, Michigan. From bumper hoops to tire carriers, lighting brackets and roof racks, we're impressed with Maximus-3 products' eye-catching style and sturdy off-road qualities.

    Maximus-3 Bumper Stinger Hoop

    Striking Style With Rugged Off-Road Ability

    Above you'll see a MOPAR 10A Hard Rock bumper. This bumper has been outfitted with Maximus-3 (M-3) accessories. These parts retain the OEM feel of the bumper while giving the Jeep that perfect, off-road capable look. First up, the bumper hoop. Offered in a variety of styles, a bumper hoop will protect your grille and winch. Pictured is the Stinger Hoop variant. Also shown, a Red Winch Hook Anchor and Fairlead perfectly match the factory tow hooks. This keeps the hook from the Warn Zeon winch secure when not in use.

    If a stinger isn't for your build style, check out these two options. The M3 Classic Hoop, pictured above, is a lower profile hoop designed to protect your fog lights and grille while off-road. The sturdy design and sleek powdercoating match the factory bumper, much like the M3 Stinger! Want a hoop with a slightly different bend? Check out the X-Style Hoop, pictured below. The X-Style features a more rounded bend in the hoop, if the sharper angles of the Classic Hoop aren't for you.

    Aftermarket Lighting Brackets

    Interested in mounting aftermarket lights? Check out the fog light brackets or auxiliary light brackets. These and other brackets allow you to mount a wide variety of aftermarket lighting on your Jeep, while keeping that clean, factory look. If you look at the hoops listed above, the auxiliary lights mounted inside and outside of the OEM bumper are Maximus-3! Check out the auxiliary light bracket links above to find the right one for your aftermarket lighting.  To build your very own M-3 bumper combo, click HERE!

    Maximus-3 Rear Bumper And Tire Carrier

    The most modular tire carrier on the market, the M-3 tire carrier steals the show. With the ability to mount spare RotoPax, a HighLift Jack, Shovel, and more, this products makes the most out of your tailgate. 100% bolt on, and able to accommodate up to a 40" tire, this high quality aftermarket tire carrier is perfect for your build, especially where larger-than-stock tires are concerned. The possibilities are endless with the modular mounting system, click the here for more information.

    Maximus-3/Rhino Rack Roof Rack

    This cargo rack is another one of the many popular products carried by Maximus-3. Utilizing the Rhino Rack Pioneer platform, this product combines the best of both worlds. You get a sturdy roof rack with an aerodynamic design and side access via an overland-style ladder. Put your hardtop to work now with the Maximus-3/Rhino Rack Roof Rack.

    75th Anniversary Products

    With the introduction of the 75th Anniversary Wrangler, Maximus-3 is offering bronze accessories. If your Jeep Wrangler has the bronze 75th package, click here to check out our selection of these special accessories for your Jeep. What better way to make your ride stand out than with these stylish products from Detroit City!

    When you're ready to start your Jeep build, choose Maximus-3 accessories if good-looks and solid off-road quality is important to you. We use many of these products on our shop builds. Take our word for it, they turn heads. Browse our full selection of Maximus-3 products here. Order now while shipping is FREE on Maximus-3 accessories. 

    As always, if you have any questions, just give us a call. We're happy to help!


    Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas For The Carefree Budget

    Trying to come up with Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas for the passionate Jeeper on your list? It's no secret most Jeepers have a serious upgrade wish list. So we selected six important upgrades for every serious Jeeper. And there's more! Check out our holiday gift ideas for the moderate budget and conscious budget, too. If you need help, our RubiTrux elves are just a phone call away. Dial 1-828-675-8789Shop away and enjoy your holiday!


    7 Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas For The Carefree Budget

    1. Baja Light Bar Kit - 50"

    The Baja Designs OnX6 50" light bar kit is perfect for the owner looking to add auxiliary lighting to their Wrangler JK. Race-proven and tested in the desert, Baja Designs features nothing but the best in components and construction. Using copper where it counts, this light bar kit optimizes every bit of power from the LED bar, for 100% effectiveness. Priced at $1,867.46. Shop Now!

    Baja 50" Light Bar Kit Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas

    Baja Designs Black Friday Rebate

    Learn More About Baja Designs' Optimum LED Lighting!

    2. Alpine Radio 

    For the Jeep owner looking to add an aftermarket head unit, Alpine shines. Model X009 features Bluetooth and Sirius Radio, while the X109 is accessory compatible. This means that in addition to Bluetooth and Sirius Radio, the X109 can run accessories like auxiliary lights! This makes a perfect holiday gift for the Jeeper looking to upgrade the electronics and computer system in the JK Wrangler. X109 model shown below. Priced From $2,994.99 - 3,494.95. Shop now!

    Alpine Restyle X109 Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas

    Learn More About Stereo and Speaker Upgrades!

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas Alpine Rebate Take Advantage Of This Alpine Rebate Now!

    3. Warn Zeon Winches - 8K, 10K, Platinum Wireless

    Warn winches are the go-to choice for the Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited Jeep owner. Since the late 1950's, Warn has been the name in off-road ready and reliable winch systems for Jeep vehicles. Offered in 8K, 10K, and 12K ranges, the Zeon platforms are top of the line. Want to go the extra mile? Check out the Zeon Platinum Wireless with 2 auxiliary ports. It's safe under water too! This is a great gift for the Jeeper who ventures far off the beaten path. Priced from $879.99 -1,749.99. Shop Now!

    Warn Zeon Holiday Jeep Gift Idea

    Learn More About Recovery: Winches, Cables & Hooks!

    Warn Winch Rebate Gift Ideas Jeepers Take Advantage Of This Warn Winch Rebate Now! PLUS 10% Discount Valid on Warn Zeon Line through 11:59 p.m., Monday, November 28, 2016!

    4. Tire carriers: AEV and Maximus-3

    If the Jeep owner on your list is planning to add aftermarket wheels and tires, the stock tailgate just doesn't cut it. The extra weight will ruin the latches and hinges. One of these upgraded tire carriers is the answer. The AEV carrier attaches directly to the AEV and Hard Rock rear bumpers, while the Maximus-3 carrier bolts directly to and reinforces the OEM Jeep tailgate! AEV Model Shown. Priced from $689.99 - $790.00. Shop now!

    Tire Carrier Holiday Jeep Gift Idea

    5. AEV 2.5" Dual Sport Lift Kit

    Give the gift of lift. For the Jeep owner planning a moderate lift for a Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited, AEV offers this 2.5" Dual Sport Lift Kit. It's a perfect fit for 35" tires. AEV offers the best combination in the industry for on and off-road ride quality and performance. This kit Includes everything needed to lift a 2007-2017 Jeep JK or JK Unlimited. Priced from $1,000.00. Shop Now!

    AEV 2.5 Lift Kit Holiday Jeep Gift Idea

    Learn More About How To Choose A Lift Kit!

    6. Roof Rack: Max-3/Rhino Rack

    This Maximus-3 Rhino Rack is a great gift idea for the Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited owner who totes outdoor gear, bikes, boards or extra bags for family and friend excursions. The rack's aerodynamic design is available in both 60"x54" or 76"x54" sizes. The Rhino Rack stores cargo on top of Jeep and still allows the freedom panels to be removed for those awesome topless days and nights. Priced at $924.99. Shop now!

    Maximus-3 Roof Rack Holiday Jeep Gift Idea

    7. Amp Research PowerSteps

    Automatic, power-deployed running boards. It doesn't get any better than this. Amp Research Power Steps provide increased aerodynamics and improved ground clearance. And they make it much easier to climb in and out of a moderate to extreme lifted Jeep. The retractable steps are equipped with low-profile LED lighting to prevent missteps entering and exiting the Jeep. PowerSteps are made of strong aluminum alloy and are Teflon-coated for strength and durability. Priced at $1,199.00. Shop now!

    Holiday Jeep Gift Ideas AMP Research PowerSteps

    Jeep Holiday Gift Ideas AMP Research Power Steps Take Advantage Of This AMP PowerSteps Rebate Now!

    Learn More About AMP Research Powersteps!

    Didn't find what you're looking for? Click on the links below for more great holiday Jeep gift ideas.





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