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  • AMP Research Power Steps

    Do you need steps for your Jeep Wrangler JK or JK Unlimited that won't interfere with your ground clearance? If so, you'll love AMP Research Power Steps. Traditional side rails or tube steps may hang too low and catch rocks and other obstacles on the trail. But AMP Research steps fold out when you need them, and fold up and away when you don't.

    amp-research-7512201a-jeep-wrangler-jk-powerstep-running-boards-jk-unlimited-steps-outEven stock Jeep JK's feature a higher stance than a typical passenger car. You have no choice but to step up on entry and step down on exit. This product gives you that extra wide step to make entry and exit more comfortable, especially for those who are not accustomed to a truck or SUV. These steps are great for those needing that extra foothold to enter or exit the vehicle, such as young children. 

    Amp-Research-Power-Step AMP Research Side Steps Are Fully Retractable

    The ability to fully retract these side steps makes them perfect for the family-oriented Wrangler JKU, where adding a vehicle lift could otherwise be impractical with small children or pets. Many owners also find that family members accustomed to passenger cars dislike high entry and exit points. These steps will mitigate that problem. Upon opening the door, the AMP Research step folds out (pictured above). The wide step provides a sturdy foothold. Once the door is shut, the AMP Research step retracts (pictured below).



    As you can see above, when the steps are fully retracted they fold neatly up to the pinch seam. These steps don't remain fixed, like a traditional tube step. This prevents it from snagging rocks or other obstacles on the trail. If you're looking for rocker protection, the AMP side steps can also hold up to moderate abuse off-road. This provides you with some protection for the pinch seam. However, we would not recommend this product for the dedicated off-road 'rig.' The step just won't hold up to repeated abuse while rock crawling.


    If you're looking for a top quality automatic step for your Wrangler JK or JKU, we recommend AMP research. We install these often here at the shop, and the customer is always happy. If you would like to order a set for your build, you can purchase HERE. Or give us a call at 828-675-8789.

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