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  • Advantages of Exterior LINE-X Coating

    Why Choose LINE-X Exterior Coating?

    If you've ever worried about scratches or dents on your vehicle, you may want to check out LINE-X coating. Commonly used in the beds of pickup trucks, LINE-X is a durable solution for all of your fit and finish concerns. This spray on coating can be color matched to any Jeep factory paint code. More durable than ever, the current generation product will resist cracking, peeling, and color fading, giving it an edge over the competition. A LINE-X treatment also includes UV protection for added defense against the harmful rays of the sun. The innovative protective coating features a long-lasting rich gloss finish that gives your vehicle a constant "just sprayed" look. It permanently bonds at the molecular level to keep your vehicle's outer body fully protected for years to come.

    LINE-X Exterior Coating

    LINE-X vs. Kevlar or Rhino Liner

    The two main products that compete here, not pictured, are Rhino Liner and what are sometimes referred to as "Kevlar" coatings. While these products may give the appearance of a high quality spray on protective coating. They have several shortfalls. The key problem with these so called "Kevlar" coatings is simple. As anyone remotely familiar with Kevlar (used in bulletproof vests, for example) can tell you, Kevlar is vulnerable to UV rays. This means that over time, the Kevlar part of the spray on coating can degrade, especially if the vehicle is kept outside. Rhino Liner has similar issues with UV when it comes to durability and fading. Rhino has a softer rubber based construction than the  LINE-X plastic based construction.  The LINE-X coating is sprayed 10x thicker than the Kevlar but unlike Kevlar does not allow for  details to be added into the coating. We recommend LINE-X exterior coating over both competitor products.

    LINE-X Coating - Wrangler JK

    LINE-X Coating Options And Costs

    If you're looking at giving your vehicle a LINE-X treatment, click HERE to view your options. Prices start at $2795.00. Prices do not include transporting your vehicle. Get your Jeep ready for the great outdoors and give it a durable finish from the best name in protective coatings. Choose Line-X Body Armor™!

    *Prices do not include transportation or the stripping down of the Jeep and re-installation of parts. Strip and re-install typically run 6 to 8 hours labor.

  • Choose Warn Protection And Recovery Gear

    From winches to rocksliders, Warn has some top notch gear for your Wrangler! Their winches are the go-to choice for off-road enthusiasts -- and have been for over 50 years! Since the late 1950's Warn has been the name in off-road ready and reliable winch systems for Jeep vehicles. The company made a name for itself by equipping surplus World War II Jeeps for civilian use, with things like locking hubs and you guessed it -- winches! Be sure to check out the current cash rebate for $200, valid through December 31, 2016!

    Warn Winches

    Warn Winch Zeon 10s

    Pictured Above and offered in 8K, 10K, and 12K ranges, the Zeon platforms are top of the line. Featuring black powdercoating, an aluminum fairlead, a winch controller, and more, this is a must have for any serious off-roader. Furthermore, the Zeon line features a quiet and fast motor, so you can get your Wrangler unstuck in a hurry! If you want to go the extra mile you can check out the Zeon Platinum Wireless. It features 2 auxiliary ports, and is safe under water too!

    Warn Winch VR10

    For those looking for an entry level winch with legendary Warn dependability, the new VR series comes to mind. These winches just hit the market and are available in 8K, 10K, and 12K. Choose a synthetic or traditional steel wire rope. The controller, fairlead, winch hook, and more are included. With a new redesigned look, the Warn VR Series features a convertible control pack for upright or low-profile mounting configurations. For true (as advertised) pulling power, choose the VR Series!

    Skid Plates and Rock Sliders

    Warn makes many different skid plates and rock sliders, for Jeeps to Toyotas! We'll just touch on the Jeep products here. But if you have a Ford, Chevy, or Toyota, check out our Warn section for bumpers, skid plates, and more! Warn's Rock Sliders for CJ and Wrangler vehicles will protect the vulnerable rocker panel while offroad. Many times you'll see a Jeep with the rocker panels bashed in by a rock. With the Warn Rock Sliders, this won't happen! The sliders, pictured below, take the beating so your Jeep doesn't have to!

    They also offer several skid plates, from steering box skids to gas tank skids. The gas tank skid, pictured below, replaces the thin OEM unit, so your gas tank doesn't get punctured on the trail! All their skid plate, rock slider, and bumper products come with a great looking black powdercoat that will last for years to come. This gives your Jeep that offroad look with the protection you need. Again, with the vast amount of armor and protection products that Warn offers, be sure to double check for proper fitment to your vehicle year and model before ordering!

    Warn Gas Tank Skid


    Warn Bumper

    Warn bumpers provide some of the best protection in the industry. In this article, we'll showcase the Wrangler JK/Unlimited versions. If you're looking for a front and rear bumper combo that provides the classic swing-out tire carrier, Warn is a great choice. The rear bumper and tire carrier are pictured above. The bumper features a hitch, tabs for D-rings, and mount for the swing out tire carrier itself. Please note that the tire carrier and rear bumper are sold separately.

    The Elite Series front bumper, pictured below, comes with room for mounting fogs, a winch mounting surface, the stinger hoop, and D-ring tabs! This bumper mounts all Warn mid-frame winches. Furthermore, most Warn bumpers typically will mount a stinger/hoop of sorts, but may not always include this accessory. Check your specific product for more info.

    Warn Winch

    Recovery Kits and Accessories

    From Air Accessory kits to the go-to Winch Accessory Kit, Warn has a product for your protection and recovery. The Air Accessory kit, pictured below, contains 25' of coiled air hose, 4 tire deflators, couplings and an air pressure gauge. It includes everything you need for an easily-accessible on-board inflation/deflation system. The kit stores safely and securely in the pictured Warn tote bag (included)!

    Warn Air Accessory Kit

    The Medium Duty Winching Accessory Kit is a must have for any Jeep with a winch. Pictured below, this kit includes 2 D-rings, a tree trunk protector, a recovery strap, gloves, and more! Rated for 20,000 pounds, this kit is perfect for any Wrangler or off-road truck equipped with a winch. The handy Warn tool bag stores all of the gear together for when you need it the most.

    Warn Winch Accessory Kit

    From winches to bumpers and accessory kits, Warn has a protection and recovery solution for you. If you know RubiTrux Jeeps, you know we believe in Warn. It's a time-tested and proven brand that we know our customers can always rely on.

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