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The Best Lift Kit for a Wrangler JK

I have been in the Jeep industry for many years. There is still one thing that I find unbelievable. Why would someone purchase a $35K to $45K vehicle and then put a $500 lift kit on it?

Let's see, after rims and tires, your total vehicle investment went from $50,000 to $49,500. was that 1% savings worth the crappy ride quality? There is a reason that all our "shop" vehicles have AEV lift kits. They are simply the best.

Please don't take this the wrong way. If you want the ultimate off-road machine, there are other lift kits to consider. However, if your Jeep will spend 95% of its time on-road, your should consider an AEV kit. With their scientifically tuned, progressive rate springs and Bilstein shocks, the ride quality is second to none.

Do yourself a favor, at least drive a Jeep with an AEV lift kit before making your final decision. If you can't find one, come by our shop, we have several...

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