K40 RD950 Radar Detector

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Filters False Alert K-Band Signals

  • Rejects False Alerts from Other Vehicles
  • Speed Monitor and Fully Programmable Alerts
  • Voice and Text Warning Alerts
  • All Installation Accessories Included
K40 RD950 Radar Detector
K40 RD950 Radar Detector K40 RD950 Radar Detector K40 RD950 Radar Detector

The K40 RD950 portable radar and laser detector, with the new and innovative K40 K-Band Filter, works to eliminate false alerts from OEM radar-based accessories. This removes unneeded alerts from adaptive cruise controls or lane departure warnings that other vehicles may emit on the road.

K40 RD950 Radar Detector Specification

  • K-Band Filter - Deflects alerts from vehicles on the road (including your own) equipped with radar-based safety features, such as collision avoidance, allowing you to concentrate on the real threats.
  • Fully Programmable - Ten customizable menu settings allow you to program your RD950 to fit you and your driving environment.
  • Flexible Mute Options - Offers multiple ways to silence alerts, including automatic volume reduction.
  • Filter - Choose between three sensitivity options based on where and how you drive.
  • Dim - Adjust the intensity of the display depending on the time of day or your visual preference.
  • Accessories Included - Everything you need to install the RD950 is included: Fully-adjustable windshield mounting bracket with suction cups, a standard coiled power cord with 12V outlet adapter, and a straight power cord for a custom hardwired installation.
  • Voice or Tone plus Display - Unique audible and visual warnings alert you to the specific police radar band targeting your vehicle as well as provide a "Geiger" audio alert that accelerates as you near the threat.
  • Vibrant Dot Matrix Display - Great looking and easy to read, day or night. Easily adjust the brightness to suit your driving environment.
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