Lift Kits We Sell

Lift Kits We Sell

Lift Kits We Sell

Lift Kits

Over the years, we have installed (or replaced) just about every brand of lift kit available for the Wrangler JK. Working with hundreds of JK owners, we have found that the on-road handling characteristics of a lifted Jeep is what determines the perceived quality and overall satisfaction with the lift kit. For most JK owners (being honest), the purpose of the lift is to accommodate tires, not increase off-road capability; since even a stock Wrangler could get them through the terrain they are likely to attempt. For them, the everyday street driving experience and general safety is more important than the vehicle’s extreme off-road prowess.

Most of our shop JK’s use AEV lift kits. We feel they are the best choice for most of our customers. On the street, a Wrangler lifted with an AEV DualSport kit actually handles better than stock! They are the only kits that come with everything necessary to correct the geometry altered by lifting the Jeep. This is not just important for drivability, but also for safety.

Off-road, AEV lift kits take the very capable Wrangler to a whole new level. With 2.5” to 4.5” of lift, they can easily accommodate 35 to 37 inch tires with the factory fenders. However, “accommodating” the tires is just the beginning. With fully corrected steering geometry, progressive rate springs and custom tuned shocks by Bilstein, an AEV DualSport equipped Wrangler’s handling and safety is as impressive off-road as it is on the street.

On the other hand, we also work with many hard core JK owners. These are the guys that aren’t afraid to beat up their new Wranglers, taking them places a stock one might not go. In other words, these are the guys willing to sacrifice on-road manners for off road ability. They tend to bend/break things, like factory control arms and drive shafts. For them, we carry lift kits by Rock Krawler, TeraFlex, Rubicon Express and MetalCloak.


AEV Lift Kits

AEV chose to deviate away from other suspension companies and start with the proven suspension that Chrysler/Jeep designed. With the JK, the factory control arms are plenty strong right out of the box. They are also substantially longer than previous models, which improves geometry and come with very high-quality rubber bushings which outperform the typical aftermarket urethane units in just about every meaningful way. With the addition of AEV’s Geometry Correction Brackets, the control arms are set to factory specs which are ideal for the best on road handling in a lifted JK. Additionally, these brackets help recenter the axle for a better driveline angle as well as reduce nosediving during braking. With OE-style tuning, AEV was able to optimize all of the JK’s control-arm, track-arm and steering geometry to accommodate a lifted ride height. AEV then proceeded to develop custom coil springs and custom-tuned Bilstein shocks to create a fully tuned suspension that would enable a lifted JK to outperform a stock one in all driving environments.

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Rock Krawler

Unlike AEV, Rock Krawler takes a much more aggressive approach to suspension design. Rock Krawler offers kits from 1.5” to 5.5” with the idea that overkill is better. While you can get a 1.5”-3.5” Suspension system without any control arms, it is highly recommended at that point to adjust the geometry, especially when running larger tires. They key to Rock Krawler’s design (even with their mid arm kits) is centering the axles as much as possible, giving you a longer wheel-base and room for bigger tires with less lift. Instead of control arm brackets, Rock Krawler supplies adjustable front lower control arms with the Flex and Overland systems to dial in geometry. When you get to the Max Travel System, lower rear control arms are added for increased adjustability. The Expedition and X-Factor Mid Arm suspension systems include all 8 control arms that do not require modifications to the stock control arm mounts. This gives you the advantage of fully adjustable axle geometry without having to cut or modify your frame. For those who want to use every inch of their suspension, the X Factor Long Arm delivers the ultimate in articulation and travel. All of Rock Krawler’s Mid Arm upper control arms are 1 ¼” solid alloy steel, and lower control arms made of 1 ⅝” alloy steel with Thermo Elastomers that allow for incredible vibration isolation. This translate to a smooth and worry free ride on and off road. Rock Krawler backs their suspensions and components with an Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty.

See Rock Krawler Suspensions Here →


Teraflex is the only current suspension company that works directly with Chrysler/Jeep to design all of the Mopar branded suspensions. Offering kits from a mild 1.5” leveling kit to a 6” Elite Long Arm, Teraflex covers every aspect of suspension needs. Instead of focusing on one type of arm or bushing, Teraflex has designed a wide variety of control arms and bushing as well as coil spring rates so that no matter what your driving style is, you’re covered. Teraflex is also one of the only companies that design and produce their own air bump stops called Speedbumps to absorb bumps and suspension travel smoothly without a sudden jar. This is especially nice for those of you who love to combine speed and off-roading. Recently, Teraflex has also partnered with Fox Shocks and custom tuned Fox 2.0 Reservoir shocks to the 3” Sport S/T3 suspension system to give an incredible ride that can handle even the roughest roads and still continue to give outstanding performance and results on or off-road.

See Teraflex Suspensions Here →


MetalCloak focuses more on travel than anything else. Similarly to Rock Krawler and Teraflex, MetalCloak felt that the stock control arms were not strong enough on hardcore trails and rocks, but did not want to compromise on ride quality. Instead of updating single rate coil springs and failed control arm bushing designs, they created their own. The MetalCloak True Dual Rate Springs get their name from the two sections of the coil spring. The upper section being a softer rate that compresses at ride height, and the lower section that offer more stability than a factory spring. The combination creates a spring that gives a great on road feeling, but allows the spring to travel a greater distance without becoming unseated. With this larger range in travel came the patented Duroflex Joint. With the Duroflex Joint, MetalCloak suspensions are able to achieve more flex then the typical flex joint; create self-centering arms so they never bind; and have the vibration dampening qualities of the stock OEM rubber bushings. MetalCloak’s Spring design focused on being a GREAT daily driver first, which later resulted in patented technology including the first ever vibration dampening high-misalignment joints, and 6Pak shocks. The result is a suspension system that feels like a Cadillac on the road, corners like a sports car and, at 3.5", can outflex most 6" Long Arms, while still loving high speed fire roads. No other bolt-on suspension encompasses so much into a single package.

See MetalCloak Suspensions Here →
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