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Maximus-3 Rubicon Hard Rock X/10A/75th Sport Modular Rear Tire Carrier

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This Tire Carrier was Made Specifically for Your Rubicon X

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  • Accessories Mast
  • Modular Hi-Lift Jack & Shovel Mounts
  • Fully Adjustable Tire Mount
  • Up to 40" Tire Size Load Capacity
  • Low and Centered Tire Mount for Low Center of Weight
  • Unique One-Piece Heavy Gauge Steel Tubular Construction
  • 100% Bolt-On Installation - No Drilling or Cutting Required
  • Fine Textured Black Powder Coat Paint Finish

Fits: 2013-2018 Rubicon Recon, Hard Rock, X, 10A, and 75th Anniversary

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MAXIMUS 3 10A/X/75th Rubicon Sport Modular Rear Tire Carrier

Accessories Mast Included, used for attaching CB antennas, LED work lights, etc.

Shovel Mount not available in conjunction with Side RotoPax Mount.
  • Versatile design to allow for different loading requirements and configurations
  • Stylish and unique one-piece heavy gauge steel tubular construction - 2"OD tube
  • Articulating hinged design for synchronized opening and closing of the tailgate
  • Integrated pre-tension mechanism for vibration-free running
  • Wide hinge bearing points for better stability and load distribution
  • Effortless door opening due to low friction self-lubricating bronze bearings
  • Does not require getting ride of the Right Rear Tow Hook Loop
  • Up to 40" tire size load capacity
  • Low and centered tire mount for low center of weight
  • Adjustable tire mount for different tire sizes
  • Minimalistic robust design with built-in quality control features
  • 100% bolt-on installation with no drilling or cutting required
  • Fine textured black powder coat paint finish
  • Hinge design is completely independent of the factory door hinge
  • Spare Tire makes contact at multiple points on the rubber for more stability and even load distribution on the carrier

If using factory wheels with bigger tires, a wheel spacer will be needed for fitment to the tire carrier.

Warranty Information:

  • 1 Year Finish Warranty
  • 3 Year Structural Warranty
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