Maximus-3 Rubicon Hard Rock X/10A/75th Stinger Starred Hoop

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Set Your Bumper Apart from the Rest with Maximus-3

  • Heavy Gauge Tubular Steel Construction
  • 100% Bolt-on Installation
  • No Additional Drilling Required
  • Reinforcement Brackets and Hardware Included
  • Hoop Only, Does Not Include 10th Anniversary Bumper

Fits: 2013-2018 Rubicon Recon, Hard Rock, X, 10A, and 75th Anniversary

Maximus-3 10A/X Stinger
Maximus-3 10A/X Stinger Maximus-3 10A/X Stinger Maximus-3 10A/X Stinger Maximus-3 10A/X Stinger Star Decal Maximus-3 10A/X Stinger Maximus-3 10A/X Stinger Maximus-3 10A/X Stinger

Hoop Specifications:

  • Made of Heavy Gauge Bent Steel Tubing; Stinger Hoops - 2" OD Tubing; Classic, LP, and X-Hoops - 2.5" OD Tubing
  • Does Not Require Removal of the Bumper to Install
  • No Drilling or Cutting Required to Install - 100% Bolt On
  • Reinforcement Brackets Connect the Hoop to the Chassis Frame to Provide Structural Strength
  • Durable Black Textured Powder Coat Paint
  • Made in The United States

The Maximus-3 Stinger hoops are one of the most popular items in their product line. Unlike most "stinger" style bumpers and hoops available, this product isn't quite as large or as angled. The stinger is a much more subtle, yet rugged version of this popular design. This is the result of carefully balancing both styling and function. Like all of the Maximus-3 grille guards the "Stinger" Bar mount brackets reinforce the bumper and tie to the chassis frame to provide structural strength and ensure that this product will protect the front of your Jeep against rocks and brushes. The difference between the Stinger Starred Hoop and Stinger Hoop, is the fact that one has the Maximus-3 "3-Star" logo towards the top of the hoop, and the stinger does not. Otherwise, they are identical in size, shape, and form.

For those that are curious about the dimensions of the hoop after it is installed, we took some basic measurements for you:
Extends 12.5" vertically above the top of the bumper
Extends 6.5" horizontally from the front flat surface of the bumper
Extends 4.5" horizontally from the front of the crush cans

Warranty Information:

  • 1 Year Finish Warranty
  • 3 Year Structural Warranty
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