Rubicon Express TJ Wrangler Standard Coil System Lift Kit

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Rubicon Express Makes a Quality Lift Kit for an Affordable Price

  • Provides 3.5" of Lift
  • Includes New Coil Springs, Extended Sway Bar End Links, and Bump Stops
  • High Quality and Afforadable
  • Fits 33" Tall Tires

Fits 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler and Unlimited

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Rubicon Express provides quality performance suspension system kits for affordable prices. They designed this lift kit to give your TJ Wrangler 3.5" of lift. It is recommended for a entry level vehicle. This kit includes extended sway bar end links, bump stops, and coil springs. Retaining the stock control arms, track bar and other components, this suspension system will give a smooth performance on or off road. This system will fit 33" tall tires.

Twin Tube Shock Absorbers

Twin Tube Shock Absorbers use a low pressure gas inside a bag to create pressure and volume of oil in the shocks, this pressure and volume must be constant. When the shock occurs, the shaft adds or reduces volume in the bag, reducing the force of the shock.

Mono Tube Shock Absorbers

Monotube Shock Absorbers use gas pressure on the other side of a floating piston. Due to the size of their pistons, Mono Tubes have more control. Larger pistons displace more oil and the more oil that is moving through a shock's piston, the easier it is to regulate the flow, giving more dampening control, reducing force of the shock. Mono Tube shocks generally last longer because heat has less of a damaging effect on them as well as they have fewer moving parts to wear out.

Part Numbers Include: RE1145, RE1155, RE1172, RE1363, RE1365, RE1380, RE1385, RE1603, RE2100

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