Banks Ram-Air Intake System

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Gain Up to +8 Horsepower and +11 ft-lb Torque

  • "Helmholtz" Resonator Reduces Engine Drone
  • Outflows Stock Intake By 64%
  • Improves Your Jeep's Fuel Economy and Power
  • Long and Reliable Service Life
  • Available With Dry or Oiled Filter!

Fits: 2012-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK and JK Unlimited

Banks Ram-Air Intake System 3.6L Oiled Filter
Banks Ram-Air Intake System 3.6L Oiled Filter Banks Ram-Air Intake System 3.6L Dry Filter  Banks Ram-Air Intake System 3.6L Installed
The Ram-Air Intake System for 3.6L engines replaces the factory's flat panel filter with a large conical lifetime filter which provides maximum filtration. It's opening dwarfs the factory version's inlet and forgoes the 90-degree detours that normally would chok airflow and kill power.

The Ram-Air reduces restriction through its huge inlet, enclosed housing, and much larger tubing, which drastically improves airflow to the cylinders. The tuned "Helmholtz" resonator is a key element that eliminates the drone of the engine while maintaining a throaty sound. The volume of air is turned by the geometry of the resonator and acts as a shock absorber, which dampens the offending frequency -- an exclusive feature of the Banks Ram-Air intake system.

This intake outflows the stock intake by 64%, which improves the Jeep's fuel economy and power with gains of +8 horsepower and +11 lb-ft. The intake is also designed to accommodate for engine movement which prevents damage to the air intake components for a long and reliable service life.
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