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ARB Recovery Snatch Straps

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Elasticity Saves Your Vehicle from Damage

  • 30' Long and 100% Nylon Construction
  • 2 3/8" Wide for 17,500 lbs of Breaking Strength
  • 3 1/4" Wide for 24,000 lbs of Breaking Strength
  • 4 1/3" Wide for 33,000 lbs of Breaking Strength

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ARB Recovery Snatch Straps

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  • ARB Recovery Snatch Straps
The ARB Recovery Straps were designed to extract an immobilized 4WD vehicle when another vehicle is present. These Recovery Straps were engineered to stretch under load for maximum performance. The Snatch Strap is elastic when under a load, while tow straps lack the ability to stretch. The benefits of the elasticity are two-fold. Kinetic energy created by the elasticity aids in the recovery itself, and the elasticity greatly reduces the chance of vehicle damage during recovery. Immobilization puts a great deal of pressure on where the straps are attached and without the stretching ability that snatch straps allow, the vehicle has a high risk of being damaged. For vehicle recovery a snatch strap is much more suitable than a tow strap.

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