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ARB Snatch Block 9000

ARB Snatch Block 9000
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Retrieve Loads Double the Capacity of Your Winch

  • Cable Size: 8-13mm
  • Working Load: 9000 kg
  • Breaking Strength: 17,500 kg
  • Reduces the Load on the Winch by Half
  • Allows for Winching from Various Angles
  • Grease Not Required
ARB Snatch Blocks are useful when needing to recover a vehicle. A Snatch Block increases the versatility of a vehicle mounted or a portable winch. This allows retrieval of loads that are double the winch's capacity. The Snatch Block also allows winching from a variety of angles, instead of just straight ahead.


  • Side Plates, removing the possibility of a winch cable becoming trapped made out of 6mm cold rolled steel.
  • A Groove on the Pulley that tapers down to the center, allowing for various sizes of winch cables, while still being secure and minimizing lateral movement. Made out of specialized polymer