Maximus-3 Hard Rock, X/10A/75th Rear Bumper End Caps

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  • Works With Hard Rock/X/10a Rear Bumpers
  • Replaces Factory Plastic End Caps
  • Serve As Guards For Mud, Rocks, and Debris
  • Ideal For Flat Fenders And Oversized Tires
  • Uses Factory Mounting and Factory Hardware

Fits: 2013-2018 Rubicon Recon, Hard Rock, X, 10A, and 75th Anniversary

Maximus-3 Rear Bumper End Caps
Maximus-3 Rear Bumper End Cap Installed Maximus-3 Rear Bumper End Caps

Designed to be used for 10A/X/75th and Hard Rock rear bumper as replacements for the factory plastic end caps. The plates serve as mud guards/covers to prevent mud, rocks and snow from getting into the bumper corner/end openings. The product is ideal when used with flat fenders and/or over sized tires.

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