Frequently Asked Questions

Who/What is RubiTrux?

In a nutshell, RubiTrux is the Jeep specialty division of High Country 4x4 in Boone, NC. We have been customizing Jeep Wranglers with the highest quality parts and accessories since 1997. Over the years, RubiTrux has developed a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy Jeep shops in the United States.

What is a “RubiTrux?”

For the 2004 model year, Jeep introduced the Wrangler TJ Unlimited. With a wheelbase a full 10 inches longer than a standard Wrangler, it was a bit odd looking, especially with the full top on. However, with the top off, it was a modern day CJ8 Scrambler! This gave Reggie Perry an interesting idea.

High Country 4x4 was already performing “Brute” conversions, using the complete AEV package. Like all their Jeep products, the AEV half-top was (and still is) the finest available. Combining the AEV half-top, a custom designed bulkhead and expert craftsmanship, the High Country team perfected a Scrambler-like, half-cab conversion for Wrangler TJ’s at a fraction of the Brute’s cost.

Jeep soon released the Unlimited Rubicon, which was their ultimate off-road machine. What could be better than the ultimate Wrangler with the classic looks of a Scrambler? Reggie’s team was soon turning out these new “Rubicon trucks” for customers all over the world.Rubicon Trucks, Rubi-Trucks, RubiTrux…

What is a “RubiTrux Conversion” today?

Since the Wrangler TJ hasn’t been built since 2006, demand for a classic RubiTrux has slowed down. However, RubiTrux’s reputation for building high quality, custom Jeep Wranglers continues to grow. Although we do radical builds like JK-8’s and HEMI’s, most of our “conversions” now involve the much more practical 4 door Wrangler JK Unlimited.

All RubiTrux conversions are built with the highest quality components available, parts and accessories we believe in. From AEV bumpers and lift kits to Warn winches and Borla exhaust, we use what works best and last the longest. We have a reputation to keep up and we will not let inferior products tarnish it.

The best products are only as good as the install. Our shop has built 1000’s of Jeeps. Our shop manager, Chris, has personally lifted over 300 Wrangler JK’s using AEV kits! When it comes to the Wrangler JK, no other shop has the knowledge and experience of RubiTrux, period.

A RubiTrux Conversion is a custom Jeep Wrangler done right.

Can we do a RubiTRux Half-Cab conversion on a Wrangler JK?

No. However, we can do the Mopar JK-8 conversion from a Wrangler JK Unlimited.

Can we do the AEV Quad Cab Brute conversion?

No. AEV performs all the Quad-Cab Brute conversions at their facility in Wixom, Michigan. If you are interested in one, we can make all the arrangements.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes, on many products. Simply register an account and provide the requested details and we will give you access to the special pricing. This process usually takes one business day. Wholesale orders must be shipped to a commercial address. Business license and/or resale tax certificate (in North Carolina) required for discount. To speed up the process, email the documents to [email protected]

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