Rigid Industries 50" E-Series PRO LED Light Bar

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This is THE Brightest Light Bar We Have Ever Installed!

  • Three Types of Light Patterns: Spot / Flood / Combo
  • Scratch Proof, Unbreakable Lens
  • Has a Lifespan of 50,000+ Hours
  • Produces Zero UV Emissions
  • 100% Optically Clear Lens

Fits 1997-2017 Wrangler TJ & JK with Optional Brackets

Rigid Industries 50" E-Series PRO LED Light Bar
Rigid Industries 50" E-Series PRO LED Light Bar Rigid Industries 50" E-Series Spot Beam LED Light Bar 15021 Rigid Industries 50" E-Series Flood Beam LED Light Bar 15011 Rigid 15031 50" E-Series Spot/Flood Combo Beam LED Light Bar Rigid Industries 50" E-Series LED Light Bar Installed on Wrangler JK Rigid 15031 Installed Using Rigid 40131 Brackets Rigid 15031 Installed Using Rigid 40131 Brackets Rigid 15031 50" LED Light Bar with Combo Pattern

Rigid Industries 50" E Series PRO LED Light Bar

  • Three types of light patterns: Spot / Flood / Combo
  • Scratch Proof, Unbreakable Lens
  • A360 Extruded Aluminum Housing to reduce the amount of heat produced
  • Has a lifespan of 50,000+ hours
  • Produces zero UV Emissions
  • No worry of hot spots
  • There is no bouncing beams or vibrations to worry about
  • 100% Optically Clear Lens
  • There is no warm up period, instantly turns on and off

The Original LED Light Bar

The Rigid Industries produced the E Series line, which is the first projected LED Light Bar. With continuously advancing technology, and superior engineering, the E Series light bar has been setting the standards high in the industry since 2006. Using very little power, the E series was designed to project light at great distances. The 50" E Series light bar has an extruded aluminum housing, containing 100 LED's that produce 38,620 raw lumens, using only 373 watts.

Hybrid Optics

The most powerful and most efficient LED optics system out there is the Hybrid Optics system. Combining lens and reflectors, the patented optics capture the greatest amount of light put off from the LED and projects it in whatever direction you want.

15021 - 10o Spot Pattern

The Spot type of the Hybrid Optic System can project a concentrated beam of light over lengthy distances. This D Series Dually LED Spot light is the strongest spot type LED light out there. This type of light is ideal for any situation of high speed or great distance.

15011 - 20o Flood Pattern

Covering distance and area is easy with the Flood version of the Hybrid Optics System. It covers only half the distance of the Spot Dually LED light, but the Flood Dually LED Light covers twice the area.

15031 - Spot/Flood Combo

Spot can light a great distance in a concentrated beam, and the flood pattern has half the distance of the spot, but can light twice the area. The Spot/Flood combo features both the spot and the flood light patterns, this light bar provides the ideal combination of lighting a great distance as well as a big area.

Quality Construction

Rigid Industries is made to be the most powerful, efficient, product, all while generating less heat. The cast aluminum housing feature, and over sized heat sinks, keep the temperature lower and let the LED's run more brightly. The lens is indestructible and scratch resistant and also has a custom molded rubber seal. Our LED lights are engineered to handle any situation, whether it be from you, the road, or nature itself.

Kit Contents:

  • One (1) E-Series 50" LED Light Bar
  • One (1) Wire Harness w/ Switch
  • One (1) Mount w/ Hardware

Spot-White # 15031, Flood-White # 15011, Combo-White # 15021

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