Maximus-3 Rubicon Hard Rock X/10A/75th Filler Trim Plates

In stock

For Use with the Maximus-3 Winch Mount

  • Fills the Gap Between Grill and Covers Exposed Frame
  • No Drilling or Cutting Required
  • Made of Light Weight Aluminum Plate
  • Durable Black Textured Powder Coat

Fits: 2013-2018 Rubicon Recon, Hard Rock, X, 10A, and 75th Anniversary

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Maximus-3 X/10A Rubicon Filler Trim Plates Installed
Shown WITHOUT Filler Trim Plates Installed as a Comparison Maximus-3 X/10A Rubicon Filler Trim Plates Maximus-3 X/10A Rubicon Filler Trim Plates Installed

The filler trim plates are trim pieces that will fill in the area around the back side of the winch. These will fill the gap between the grille and cover the chassis frame for a more "finished" install. There are two different types of filler trim plates from Maximus-3, one type for the Warn Zeon winch and one type for all other compact winches.

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